What if?

Hi, I hope you are all safe and well. Things will be getting darker, but the full force of the Light is coming.

What happens if the 3GorgesDam breaks early? Say, in the next day or two? What would that do to my timetable?

It would kick off all of the changes sooner. When the dam breaks, it will be catastrophic; think a 600 foot tsunami rolling downstream to Shanghai. Bye bye China’s Navy and their only Financial Center left (Hong Kong is gone). That will kick off the rolling earthquakes that will culminate in the collapse of Mainland China/Hainan Island.

This will also trigger the collapse of much of Indonesia. This will also trigger the events in California, Mexico, Central America, the Amazon Sea and the Pole Shift (Magnetic). Not sure whether the Northern and Central Africa happen before, or after the Pole Shift.l Same for the collapse of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.

All of these events are “in-play” now and are interconnected. The base of the 3GorgesDam has just moved and the breaking point is coming fast.

China is experiencing one disaster after another. Massive flooding and related earthquakes. The fields are mostly flooded and the harvests will be largely wiped out. Then there is the Locusts. There is great unrest in China now; the Chinese believe that Comets are an Evil Omen and yes, we have a comet in the skies. The Chinese Communist Party is losing/has lost the “Mandate from Heaven.”

Not sure of the order, but all of these Earth Changes can happen is the next few weeks. The collapse of China will be a huge energy shift that will trigger all of these other changes.

Isn’t it interesting, the entire world is now focused on China. We are all finding out how “Evil” the CCP is; think mass killing for organ harvesting, suppressing religious belief and political expediency. China is the center of Darkness on our planet and it is about to swept away.

Light/Right-Spin has taken over. Otherwise, none of this would be happening. This means that our world will be moving in directions that bring more freedom, choices, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and, generally, doing more of the Right Thing.

China was being set up as the new Super Power by the Banksters and the Deep State types. All of the manufacturing from the US and Europe was moved to China. All of the Financial Centers were set up in Hong Kong and Shanghai to take over. The Banksters/Deep Staters had to do this to destroy all opposition to their Global Takeover or One World Government where they had the only military and tax power. The EU with the UN was the prototype or training wheels. Yes, they have been planning this for 100 years.

Oops. They did not plan on trying to complete their “Plan” during a major Energetic Shift. We entered Aquarius in 2013 and it has taken this long, 2020, for the transition period from everything Pisces. These Dark forces had 80% of the power in the world and could do whatever they pleased. Not true anymore; the powre has shifted to 80% against them.

Problem for them; they are clueless about what has happened. They know that, unexpectedly, they are losing battles on many fronts. They still think that they will win the “war.”

The Banksters/Deepstaters coordinated the release of the CCPVirus with the Chinese. It was sent out to the world on purpose; it was supposed to suppress all opposition to their increasing limits on freedoms. It worked for a while, but then they played their second event, the BLM movement. Both of these events were meant to be the catalyst for bringing down the entire idea of Western Civilization in the United States and Europe.

Remember, Pelosi held the Impeachment Articles until January 15th, the same day that the first Covid19 carrier arrived from China. That was also the date of signing the Trade Deal with China. Akin to the Japanese doing peace talks during Pearl Harbor.

Actually, it goes back to Hillary and her emails. She sold many military secrets to the Chinese. She was supposed to win and there would have been a war. She would have made sure that the US lost to China. Then, the US Government and “America” would have ceased to exist. They would have finally gotten rid of the US Constitution and its protection of individual rights.

Somehow, something intervened, and this did not happen, That same something intervened in the Brexit votes, Trump, Brazil, Australia, India and, even, in many European elections. You can call that “something” Right-Spin or Aquarian Energies.

We can all see the direction that this energy is taking us. It is away from the collective or hive mentality. It is back to customs and traditions that have served us for 1000s of years. These will be updated in the new energies, but in acceptable ways. Think more freedom and choices and more truth/integrity.

But, it is also bringing many new ways to do things. Think no more commuting to work; work from home. Think robotic tractors to do the farming; that is coming. The big cities are becoming “Ghost” Towns; everyone is leaving as they are too expensive (rent, taxes and cost of living), not safe anymore and under the control of the Lunatic Left (Darkness/Left-Spinners). Now, the suburbs, exurbs and small cities are the new destinations.

Yes, London and Paris will continue to be cultural centers and we will visit, but not as Londoners and Parisians. All of the big cities are losing their vitality now; in a year, they will collapse with no tax base, no people and far too many empty commercial offices/warehouses and residential housing. The CCPVirus is causing most restaurants to close and shut down. The fleeing people are doing the rest.

So, yes, we are having massive social and physical changes in our world. It is meant to be like this. Think 85% of the people on the planet will be leaving. This is going to be a series of shocking changes all over the place.

The survivors will get through it all and will inherit a very different, much better world with energy that will be described as “Golden;” we are, just now, entering the new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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