When does a New Day begin?

Followers of this Blog know about the number 14 as the Creation Number. This applies to Creation Days which add up to 14 or 5.

Something that I have not shared, on the Blog, is the start of each new day. Traditionally, the new day starts at midnight and all of our calendars use this convention.

But… the entire notion of Creation Number and Creation Days is information from Spirit. The closest conventional linkage to this Creation Number is a Fortnight or two-weeks which is the traditional vacation period in the United States. But…Fortnight is a British expression not commonly used in the US.

OK. The start of each new day is 14:00 hours; that is 2pm, but using the 24-hour clock nomenclature that is commonly used by the military.  Why 2pm? It is all about the number 14.

Every day, at 14:00, a new day begins in terms of Creation Days . Think about it. You are wide awake and have been functioning for much of your day already. Within hours you will be home and able to think of other things besides “work”.  You can plan out your creations, go to bed and dream/process them and then re-focus on them in the morning during your commute or weekend routine.

Of course, you can also go out and have fun; have drinks, dance and mingle; that is a wonderful time to create more good times. It kind of depends on what you are trying to create.

Anyway, it is now 14:00 in my time zone and it is December 22nd, 2015 (even though the calendar says it is still the 21st). What does that mean?

Now, it is three-years since the Earth moved into Aquarian Light. I had no idea that it would take this long for Light/Right-Spin to take over, but now, it is finally happening.  By taking over, I mean that Darkness has NO MORE residual or momentum power left. All of those things that it set in motion during our growing up years and all of those limitations that it imposed on us are no longer valid.

Why 3-years? We left Pisces after 2,160 years and entered Aquarius on 12/22/2012. We are a 3-dimensional world; height, depth and width and, essentially, we had a year of transition for each of those dimensions. Three years out of 2,160 is not much unless you have been waiting all of your life for it.

So…Now, Light is totally unencumbered by Darkness; there are no more tangled webs to overcome. All of those webs have evaporated into nothingness, but it has taken this long to do so.

Now, today, Light can blaize its own path forward and break with the past (all of the past is Darkness).

Remember, Darkness is all about Fear, Force and Control and most things of the past are all about those. Having said that, there are things that will be kept, but they will all be changed to make them more about Freedom, Truth, Choice and Doing-the-Right (Light)-Thing

Health and Insurance will be changed to Cooperatives; Banking will be changed to BitCoin or the like; Education will be self-directed by/thru the Internet; Government will be LESS or FAR LESS; Courts and Police will tend to disappear; People will be far more empowred to be who they are in confidence and positive outlook; Fear will take a back seat and will no longer drive us.

Things will get more simple or more direct; Fear tends us toward complexity (what about all of those things that could go wrong and that we must plan for?). Majik will come back into the world and it will be wonderful.

All of this, and more, will start to manifest itself in 2016,

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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