Why do “They” Keep Lying to Me?

Many of us strong in the Light know about the constant lies from our “Spiritual” voices within. It doesn’t matter whether it is the still, small voice within or we use muscle testing; we get lied to a lot. Over time, we can get truths about the “what”, but the “when” is mostly, all lies.

What to do about this? Give up and stop “talking?” That is very difficult and, for me, not possible. Over time, I got the feeling it was a group, the same group, who was lying to me. Occasionally, I would get a “voice” that felt different and I could get some Truth (5 letter word or 5lw).

That would give me some hope and I would (5lw) continue. But, from time-to-time, I would (5lw) get mad and try to di-solve (5lw) them, or tell them to leave (5lw) my service or fight/might them or tell them they were fired (5lw). When I used the 5LWs, I knew I was making them uncomfortable as I was a Creator using power/powre ful words.

Recently, it dawned on me to ask if it was their job to lie to me? What a concept; this group has been in place to lie and provide negative SetUps to me for my entire life (or at least large parts of it). I thought, “what have I done to de-serve this?” and the answer was I am very strong in the Light. So, they were my enemy (5lw), they block-ed me, they limit-ed me, they stomp-ed on me, they broke me, they were black (not white or light). I had to come up with some way to LEAVE their not so tender care.

So, I asked if there was a diferent group that provided Positive SetUps? Yes, was the answer. Could I switch from the Dark or Black (5lw) or Negative Group (5lw) to the Positive Group directly? No, had to go through Neutral or Zerod (5lw) first. Like shift (5lw) ing a car from reverse to forward, we must go through neutral.

It turns out that I had to spend (5lw) at least (5lw) 24-hours in Neutral before Shift ing to Positive. In Neutral, I got a lot of Truth and some obvious Truth Nots. I asked about some of the things that bothered me and found (5lw) out that most of them were programs that could only run in the Negative SetUp side/group. Wow, I found several improvements tthat could run in Neutral and starting “shift-ing” them towards positive. Another thing I did; I had moved (5lw) or shift-ed to neutral and then moved to positive.

It is important to think of these 5 Letter Words as Action commands/events of powre. A lot of words like service (serve) or dissolve  (solve) are powre/action words disguised with an addon. Make is a short version of maker and take is a short version of taker/taken.

I hope this resonates with many of you. So many of us lose heart (5lw) or faith  or  trust when all we get is lies and more lies. So, yes, Dark or Evil is Black and is the father of lies; yes, He is our enemy. He has taken on the task to mess with us in as many ways and for however long as possible. Now, you know. And yes, it is very personal. We have all been singled out and Rules have been broke-n to keep us locked up in the Negative SetUp side.

It’s OK to be mad. Use that anger (5lw), but the cold side. Leave the Dark side. Shift to the White/Light side. Don’t stay in Neutral, even though it is a much better place. Before Darkness can drag you back, you must first be in neutral; this can happen far in the future, but a price (5lw) must be paid for keeping you in the Dark side for so long.

Again, why now? What enables us to make this SHIFT and leave the Dark store-house? The answer is the Shift of tyhe Ages that we are all going through. Darkness is, finally, losing its grip on us. Make the shift, leave the lies. Renew (5lw) your heart, faith and trust and move(d) fward (forward).

And, if you have stopped talking to Spirit, START Again (but use the Powre words and your strong Intent). Just as we have evil assholes down here, they are also up there. Just imagine, Heaven has bureaucrats as well. We are just doing our jobs!!!

Maddening, but part of the Intelligent Design we call the Universe.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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