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After the Shift, it is Time to Allow

Many of us have thought of ourselves as “Light” workers in the past.  Because of that, we searched for processes and techniques to transform ourselves; to remove blocks and allow ourselves to grow, release and receive.  Many of us received internal confirmation that we were on the “right” path and, that somehow, we had to release those blocks to receive what we wanted.

Receiving has been a huge issue for many of us.

What most of have never realized is that our concept of timing has never matched up with Spirit’s.  For all of us alive now who have known that they were Lightworkers or Lighthouses, we have all had to wait until now, October 2013, to take action.

It does not matter how many times you have tried to release blocks and allow yourself to receive before; they did not count – they were practise.  Now, it the time to release those blocks and allow yourself to receive money, sex, love, success, health, youthfulness and powers.

Why now?  What was wrong with all of those other times?

The answer is simple; it was not yet time, but Spirit wanted us to know what to do when it was time.  Whenever Spirit could get us to listen, it guided us in the correct direction and told us to release, or try to release the blocks that we, ourselves, had put in place.  Another way to look at that is to allow the disallows that we had put in place.

On this planet, we have a local time and space that is based on local orbits.  Spirit operates on a longer wavelength that we cannot understand.

All of this practising has been placed upon us so that we could make the changes that we needed, now, at this intersection with Spirit’s timing.


You may not be able to do it yourself; ask your Spirit Guide to help you. Together, you will be able to make the needed changes.

Don’t Fuss, Just Do It !!!


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