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The European Union is collapsing

Germany, which has had the most influence in the EU, is nearly a failed state. Italy will soon elect a government hostile to Brussels. The EU is forcing Hungary and Poland to withhold their money into the central pot; that will break everything apart. Greece cannot do anything but default, like Sri Lanka, but the Germans will be holding the bag. Spain and Portugal have been along for the ride, but are not happy with where Germany, France, and the Netherlands are taking them. Farmers are rebelling everywhere; what happens when there is no food?

Britain has left and is doing better in every respect than its EU neighbors. It has issues but is rapidly rebuilding its worldwide ties of empire.

Germany wants to seize greater control over the EU by eliminating the national veto. Is that likely to happen? Would everyone really shoot themselves in the foot like that?

Some people have looked at the EU as the 4th Reich for Germany. Germany was the largest economy and most wealthy country in Europe. But now, Germany’s economy/industry is collapsing from a lack of Russian natural gas. Germany can either make a deal with the Russians or see its industrial capacity destroyed. If it makes a deal, that will be the end of Germany’s leadership in the EU. Poland already distrusts the Germans over the tank deal. No one will trust the Germans after they succumb to the Russians. The Germans have announced they are re-arming; does that seem trust-building to its neighbors?

Will Europeans sit and watch the Germans re-arm and get themselves out of a depression militarily? Not likely, we have seen the Germans do this twice in the last 100 years. Germany will be forced to be broken up into at least four pieces; the Poles, the Czechs, the Austrians, and the Danes. France may get a piece as well. You say, not possible, Germany is too strong/powerful. People do not understand; Germany is totally dependent on Russian gas for its entire industrial base. It’s not just Germany, much of Europe is also incredibly dependent. Factories throughout Europe are already beginning to shut down over energy costs; this will accelerate in the coming winter.

What happens when millions of people cannot afford food and fuel to heat their homes? What I am suggesting here is that Europe will be having another depression like the 1920s and 30s. The Euro is already very close to collapse and it will become worthless soon. What then? Will the Mark be worth a lot? Not likely. The Swiss Franc and the British Pound will be the only currency worth anything in Europe. Yes, add the US Dollar to that. Yes, gold and silver will be good to have. Start dumping your currencies and buy them. Develop your skills/talents for bartering. Hoard food. Prepare, it is going to be a long hard winter.

Buy indoor tents, gas bottles, water containers, and sleeping bags now. You may need to camp out in your home/apartment for survival. Oh yes, buy lots of candles for light and heat.

I am not just writing this because I am a survivalist, but we are going through what some call a “Shift of the Ages.” We are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It is also a shift from Darkness to Light; everything that we expected to be normal from our past is changing. We have all experienced the Covid masks, lockdowns, and mandatory jabs/boosters; that was just the beginning. Next, we are experiencing supply-chain shortages in many things. We are beginning to experience high costs of food and energy; this will become worse.

We are about to enter into a time when the winters will be much colder and last deep into spring. The winters will come again in September. The rivers of Europe are drying up. They will freeze over. What is that going to do to the movement of food, fuel, and other goods? Farmers will be forced to plant potatoes and cabbages due to the shortened growing seasons. This happened in Europe back about 350 years ago; it is called the Mini Ice Age or the Maunder Minimum (1650-1715 (perhaps 1775)). We are about to enter the Eddy Minimum and it could last for 200, 400, or even, 800 years.

The shift in energies will hit us all hard; there is no way to avoid it. We must all change how we have looked at our lives over the past 30 or 40 years, we have lived in great abundance. That is no longer possible; at least for a while. Put on your Survival Mindset and share it.

I live in the Caribbean where it is warm even in the coldest winters. We have enough rain and it is fairly easy to grow food. We also have lots of fish. Yes, we have tropical storms and hurricanes, but they tend to come once every 5 years.

With this new Aquarian energy, advanced new technologies will be coming. It will take a while for this to happen. It will be tough at first, but this is the dawning of a new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Darkness/Chaos is in Retreat

Today, Russia started losing the war in Ukraine. Russia has long been a state within the orbit of Darkness. Its collapse, again, will be very rapid.

Germany has killed itself with a self-inflicted wound; too much dependence on Russian Gas. They had plenty of nuclear electricity but fell for the anti-nuclear efforts from Russia to sell more gas. I am not saying that nuclear power is the answer but it was better than Russian gas. France is reopening all of its nuclear power plants; that is a no-brainer after all the Greenie Insanities. Italy will withdraw from the EU rapidly; they will just say no to Brussels and the Germans. With the Brits gone, Italy leaving and the Germans collapsing economically, the EU will not be able to hold itself together; Spain and Portugal will leave with Italy. Greece will default. The Germans will be left holding an empty bag.

The farmers in Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, and more are forcing their governments to push back against the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEFers have suffered a great defeat. Liz Truss has sacked/fired all of the WEFers in the British Government; another huge defeat. The Centralists/Globalists almost got there, but everything is falling apart. Why? The approaching energy shifts as we move into Aquarian energy (January 2023). Far less fear, force, and control. Far more freedom, good choices, truth, integrity, and doing the right things.

Even King Charles had to abandon the WEF; he was forced to Constitutionally. The Globalist world is collapsing everywhere; it required the free flow of goods, services, food, and energy. All of those have dropped away everywhere; shortages are the new rule.

The Dark side does not understand what is happening. They have had most of the power in our world for more than 10,000 years and expected it to continue. That ratio has flipped; Darkness only has 20% now and Light will have 80% by November (officially for January).

Just imagine, everything that we know (from our past) has been designed by Darkness for more control using more and more fear and force. More chaos has been the result. Everything from government, the courts, the police, the military, education, business, medicine, and pharmaceuticals is so very Dark and must be changed.

In our future, more Order (much less chaos) will be the rule. Women will be in charge; we are already seeing that. Everyone will be able to pursue their wants without staying in the school, flock, or herd. Credentials will no longer be required, at least not the same ones. There will be much more freedom and good choice within the new Order. We all expect our politicians, judges, and bureaucrats to be corrupt, stealers, and liars. Same for our business and military leaders, but less so. This too will change; the new energies will no longer support these kinds of people in leadership roles.

How is all of this going to happen? Simple, the Light/Right-spinners  (remember they have 80% of the power) will be taking over. Right-spinners are only one in 20 of us (5%) and 19 out of 20 of them are women. Men are only 5% of the 5%. Yes, like Hen’s teeth.

This small group of people will have Majikal powres far beyond the powers of today’s “normal” men. The rule through a barrel of a gun (or knife, sword, poison, injection, etc.) will no longer be supported. I know, hard to believe.

Here’s more. Many millions of us will be leaving (dying) to be born again on some other planet (not Earth). The WEFers tried to get us all to accept the poisoned jabs/boosters; that is somehow part of the plan in shifting over to the new energies. The survivors will all receive long healthy lives and young-looking bodies; think 300-500 years. This is so that they can make advancements toward the Light.

With everyone living such long lives, having children will be rare. Children will be treasured and everyone involved in raising them will be blessed.

Everyone will have some form of Majikal powers; some will have much more powre than others. We will grow our food differently. We will catch fish differently. We will get our meat differently. We will move things around differently. We will mine metals differently. We will build things differently. We will heal differently. We will make money differently. Many things will change. Some of the good things will stay, but most will be gone.

This is the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius (which will last for at least 2,150 years). Probably more.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Climate Change? Yes, but it is getting much colder

Europe is going to get the brunt of Climate Change this year. It could be that large snowfall will happen before October. What that means is the Mini Ice Age is starting this year.

Russia has cut off gas supplies. Now, everyone will be scrambling for ways to heat and cook during a long, cold winter; do not expect things to warm up until late April. Buy several large propane bottles. Think about inflatable tents; one within another for your living room. Buy winter sleeping bags. Buy big folding water containers; your water will be cut off for fear of freezing pipes. Buy a portable toilet container; a bucket you can sit on. Yes, buy beans and rice and other stuff in large quantities. It is going to be a long, cold winter.

It is not all doom and glume, we are entering Aquarian Energy in January. What that means is the Light/Right-spinners will have 80% of the powre in the Universe. How bad can things get when we have that kind of powre?

Visit my technology site ( to see the kinds of new technologies coming into the world (all need the new Aquarian Energies). All of these technologies have been blocked by the Dark side, but those blocks are falling/fading away now. So, there will be new ways of generating large amounts of electricity at very low costs. Yes, better than nuclear and far better than coal, natural gas, oil, wind, or solar.

I am not sure how long it will be before these technologies can be brought into the world. That is why I am telling you to prepare. Perhaps, many people will freeze to death this winter; they will if they are not prepared.

In Europe, the great rivers are drying up. In Saudi Arabia, there are several great rivers flowing in the desert. Yes, climate change is happening.  Did you know that 2,000 years ago, North Africa was the grain-growing “breadbasket” for Rome; it is coming back to that again.

With this shift of the Ages between Pisces and Aquarius many changes are coming. Everything from the past will be changed, sometimes massively.

Look forward to what is coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Tell if a person is a Right-Spinner (or Left-) Immediately

As a teenager, I could see people’s auras. When someone was radiantly happy, it was wonderful. When someone was under great stress, it was ugly. When I could see someone coming down with a disease like cancer, what could I do or say? Being able to see auras became a curse to me.

I had a discussion with my Spirit Guide and told her that I did not want that particular gift anymore. I was told that I could exchange it for another gift. I said, YES, thank you. What I got in exchange helped me figure out what being Left- or Right-Spinner was; I could see a small tornado on the top of people’s heads (coming out of their Crown Shakra). It spun clockwise (to the right) or counterclockwise (to the left) and was either dark (could be almost black) or very light. It could also be many shades of grey. If it was dark or grey, they were Left-Spinners (Fear, Force, and Control). If they were a light grey or bright light, they were Right-Spinners.

I use this in crowds of people to find the Right-Spinners and to stay away from the really dark asshole Left-Spinners.  This is also useful to locate the powerful Energy Vampires (to stay away from them). Energy Vampires can make themselves look like they are Right-Spinners, but not the vortex coming out of their heads.

So, if you are a Right-Spinner, you can ask your Spirit Guide if you can see these vortexes/tornados coming out of people’s heads. This is a tool that you can adopt. A light, right-spinning (clockwise) vortex is a right-spinner. A dark, grey left-spinning (counterclockwise) vortex is a left-spinner. Some Left-spinners can hide their vortexes, but you can make them grow in size until they become obvious.

If you are in a relationship with a Left-Spinner, first say no to sucking your energy; they are not entitled to your energy. Get rid of them; they are toxic and either narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths. They will take so much of your energy that you get sick and die. They will knowingly kill you. Many of us have seen people who have had the energy sucked out of them completely and wondered, how did that happen?

Left-Spinners (Dark) have 20% of the power in the Universe and they are not getting any more. Right-Spinners just got 60% and will get 10% more in September and October for 80%. On January 1st, 2023, Right-Spinners will be able to use that 80% completely. We are all seeing our world change all around us; that is this shift in energy being played out. In 2023, Right-Spinners will be able to start changing the world to one of more freedom, good choices, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing more of the right things. Everything from our Dark past will be changed; government, courts, banks, business, medical, pharmaceutical, education, politics, and military. Essentially, everything.

We are getting stronger every day.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Accidents? Coincidences? Happenstane? Luck? NonSense

We all have been taught that things happen accidentally or that there is a Lady Luck or that meeting someone unexpectedly is some kind of coincidence. There is no such thing as accidents, coincidence, happenstance, or luck; everything is a Setup for you by your Spirit Guide.

Before we are born, we agree to have many things happen to us. Some are wonderful and others are awful. We come here to learn and grow. The only real choice we have is how we react/respond to good and bad things/persons in our lives. Do we yell and scream or run around in a panic? Do we give up? Or, do we keep calm and look for the best options?

Do we hold grudges or forgive? Do we allow ourselves to be traumatized or find ways to release the shock/pain? Most of us carry around a lot of emotions and pain associated with our negative encounters. In my last post, I wrote about managing emotional wells. We all have many situations that are reflections of pain. You may have skin disorders or diabetes, or neuropathy. You may be blind or deaf or have joint pain. You may have dental issues.

All of these tend to be things that we have accepted as things we cannot do anything about; we live with them. Today, I am telling you that they are all expressions of pain even if they do not hurt. They are all something out of the norm of “healthy.” As you have journeyed through life, you have picked them up and it was just part of growing old. It was just “shit” happening and you accepted it. Even the extra weight around your middle is something that just happens to many of us.

These are all expressions of pain; none of them are wanted. Some of them like joint pain are actually difficult to handle and debilitate us. We look around and notice that some of us are “lucky” and don’t have the same issues, but they all have their own issues even if they do not speak of them.

OK. I will do a little review of how to talk to yourSelf (your Spirit Guide). We all see people around us nodding their heads or shaking them to indicate approval/disapproval. We all do the same thing. This is common for all cultures, races, and nationalities.

The issue is that we all do this unconsciously. It is kind of like tapping our foot to music; it just happens. That too is yourSelf telling you it is enjoying the music.

What to do? Tap into that communications coming from within. It is not accidental. It is an attempt to communicate with you. So, you can communicate back with it and have a two-way conversation.

All you have to do is ask YourSelf if it is trying to communicate with you. You should get an immediate head nod/nods. That is the start. Now, ask if your name is a different name. You will get an immediate head shake/shakes. The nod is a Yes and the shake is a No.

Now, you can ask questions and get information about yourSelf like the Emotional Wells from yesterday. Ask about how powerful the wells are and reduce/eliminate them as fast as possible. Today, we will talk about Pain Wells. Say you have a finger that has been hurt and is chronically swollen or bent. Or you have a Bunyan. Or a scar. Or a rash. These are all physical representations of a Pain Well. Blindness, Deafness, and Imbalance/Falling Down are all Pain Wells too. Poor dental health is too. Whatever issue you have that is unwanted, but somehow, you have accepted is a Pain Well.

So, ask yourSelf if this issue is a Pain Well? Then ask what it is from 0-9. Reduce/eliminate its powre down to Zero/0 as quickly as possible. Do this for all of your Pain Wells. This is a way to change your Pain Wells; keep at it.

Nothing in this life happens immediately. Everything takes time. If it has taken years to develop, it is not going away overnight. But, perhaps in a week or two, or a month or two. Keep going back and asking what its power is; eventually, it will disappear.

This is energetic healing. Have fun with this. You are the creator; this technique allows you to be a Conscious Creator.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Wells of Emotion

We are all Emotional Beings. We feel and frequently get overwhelmed by our emotions. What to do about that? How to cope?

Whenever we have a loss of a loved one (a parent, a spouse. a sibling, a lover, or a dear pet), we are forced to go through a grief process. This can also apply to failures that we beat ourSelves with. It can be debilitating as we heal. We do that by shutting down the emotional ties one by one until we can be calm (or calmer). Some people try to cut ties with force, but that just covers over the wells.

I am going through such a trial now. I have already written about using “Clean” as a tool; it works well. But today, the well of emotion poured out again and I was a mess again. A dear friend reminded me that we are all energy beings and that we store energy as emotions (sometimes unwanted).

So, what did I do? I asked my Spirit Guide (the nodder and shaker) if I had wells or reservoirs of emotion that I was carrying around with me. I got a big “Yes.”  I then asked if my current issue was one of them. Another Yes. Then, I asked how big it was on a scale of 0-9; it was a 6 after a week of Cleaning. Still far too powerful to be healed. The Clean tool helped me bring down the Emotional Well from 9, but I needed a more powreful tool.

I asked if I could lower the 6 down to a 3 and got a yes. I said “Apply,” and it was done. Wow, I felt an immediate reduction in the amount of energy stored in that well; I could cope better. Next, I asked if this had worked? Got a Yes. Apparently, this process dumps all the negative emotions like feeling sorry for oneself or being left behind/abandoned. Wow, did I have more wells to treat? Yes.

I went through my past emotional events and asked whether I was carrying around a lot of energy.  Yes, emotions store a lot of our energies and we can regain use of those energies when we reduce our emotional storage (think unnecessary stuff on a hard drive). I asked about a previous wife (we had a nasty divorce) and she was a 4, even though we have been apart since 1997. Wow, I made her a zero/0; what a lift in my available energy. I asked about my parents and reduced them to a 2 each, but storing all the positive memories.

I went through all of my emotional events and asked if I needed them as emotions; memories could be stored as data, not emotions, it just takes a bit longer to access them. This even applied to events from earlier lives; I was still carrying around emotions from before I was born. I made them all Zero/0.

Think of all the pets we had growing up. What about the divorces we experienced as children? Or the loss of a parent growing up? Or the abandonment we felt when a parent left/disappeared? Emotions are a no-fault zone; they just are.

Then, I asked if I had any Emotional Wells over disappointments. Yes, several. Wow, let’s reduce them to Zero/0. I am who I am by living through all of this, but do I have to carry around the strong emotional ties? No. I applied this to regrets over the choices I have made; that was interesting as most of them I was supposed to make.

I sitting here swimming in emotions; they take a little time to shift (think water going through a funnel). I expect to be in a much more energized state tomorrow.

In this post, I have shared how to reduce your unwanted emotional storage (and get back a lot of your available energy). If you have something or someone in your head trying to push you in directions you do not want, you may have a demon. Go back to my  previous post about using EVICT and remember to use “Apply.”

Love, Light and Laughter,


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You are a Majikal Witch or Wizard

THEY told us for centuries that there was no such thing as Magic; yet THEY used it to acquire great wealth and power through many generations.  How does one become a $Billionaire without Magic/Majik?

Magic is the Dark side application; it is all about force and control. You know, Love Potion 9 that makes you helplessly fall in love.

Today, we’ll talk about Light Majik which can be used to bring more Order (a 5-letter powre word) into your life.  Below, I will introduce you to some Spells you can begin using now.

Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO). This is just like it sounds; it is a very positive spell. You can give this to yourSelf, other people, situations, or organizations. You ask yourSelf if you can have an MBO or give one. Your Self will give you a nod or shake. This is very powreful for healing, helping against the authorities, or sending money or other help. This tends to shut down any attack from Darkness (fear, force, or control). Give this away to people who smile and are caring/kind/considerate; it will lighten you and make you a more powreful right-spinner.

Negative Setups. There are no accidents, luck, happenstance, or coincidence; everything is a Setup. OK. Who is doing these Setups? You, or more specifically, your Spirit Guide; you know the one you talk to with nods and shakes. The first part of this Spell is to find out if you have any negativity coming at you. If you don’t ask about it, how will you know? So, once a week or month (ask about the duration), ask your Guide about any Negative Setups. If you get a Yes, use your powre to delete it, delay it, or reduce its impact on you. Again, if you do not know about it, you cannot take action and it will blindside you.

EVICT. This too is just like it sounds. This is a Spell that is used to get rid of a Dark Asshole or situation. It is not just to get someone out of a house/apartment/building. Say you have a Boss who is a jerk. Evict him; help him get fired or re-assigned somewhere else. This is a bit more negative, but its aim is to restore Order for you. Again, ask yourSelf if you can have an Evict. I have Evicted the Deep State; they are collapsing and just do not know it yet. Pile on, if you want.

Other spells that are not so negative are Eject which is similar, but with less impact. My favorite is CLEAN. This is especially good to use on yourSelf and those you love. Say you have a cold or allergy or pain in a joint; use Clean on it. Say you are emotional about someone or thing; use Clean on it. This applies (APPLY is one of the most powreful command words) to diseases, deafness, blindness, dental issues, balance issues, skin issues, etc. Same for money and legal issues. You can use MBOs and Cleans together. Opposite sex issues can be Cleaned very effectively. If you are diving down a rabbit hole emotionally, Clean it. If you are beating yourSelf up mentally (you know Self-talk), Clean it.

Use these Spells to make your world what you want. If you are living in a mess, Clean it up. It just takes intention, will powre, and focus.

Many of you use command phrases to keep the Vampires away.

My energy is my own, no one may take my energy without my permission. Apply.

My energy is my own, no one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission. Apply. This keeps the Unwanted Spells away.

Here are a few more.

My energy is my own, no one may enter my energy without my permission. Apply. Keep burglars and Swat Teams away.

My energy is my own, no insects may enter my energy without my permission. Apply. To be more specific, Roaches, Ants, Termites, and Mosquitoes are allowed not.

My energy is my own, no one may use force on my energy without my permission. Apply.

Just some more examples of what you can do. It just takes intent, will powre, and focus. As Right-Spinners, we seek more order; use these tools to restore your Order.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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THEY are so desperate. That’s why they’re so DUMB.

The Permanent Political Class/Elites have arranged things so that there are two forms of justice; one for them and one for the rest of us. Rules for thee, but not for me. This has happened all around the world.

THEY have become so brazen about this that the Sheeple (the mass slumberers) are being shocked into awakeness (awareness). It is not just Hunter Biden, but Paul Pelosi, who flew to China/Taiwan with their powerful political parents. What else, they decide to raid Trump thinking it was OK; just a routine investigation.

These people are STUPID, but don’t care; anything is “fair game” to stop Trump and other political opponents. THEY have weaponized the Federal government against their political opposition and THEY think this is OK/Acceptable.

Do they not realize that the next government will be weaponized against them? I know, THEY think that the next election will be fixed, like in 2020. They do not expect to lose.

THEY are beginning to see that things are going wrong, very wrong. Why is this happening? Everything went so well for so long; they made their plans and everything fell into place.

Everyone is reading about those young, healthy people who just drop dead. They are calling it Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. These people got their shots and died from it; autopsies will show they have rubbery clots in their bodies. That will be suppressed, but it is coming out into the open via drip, drip, drip. In 2021, there was a 40% increase in unexplained deaths. Wonder if that will be higher in 2022. Yes, the vaccines and boosters. Do you really think the Elites got the real vaccines/boosters or water?

Of course, you realize that the cost of energy is going up so dramatically because THEY want us to buy Electric Vehicles (EVs); the only way to do that is to push the cost of gasoline/petrol up. That, of course, pushes everything else up as well.

Of course, they tell us we are not in a recession and we do not have record inflation. THEY actually think we are that STUPID.

It is difficult to live through this. THEY are actually doing so badly that even the Sheeple most deeply asleep are beginning to wake up. This is causing panic in the Elites; where will they be able to go and hide? Even their “servants” will be hunting them, eventually.

Whatever you do, do not fall for the MonkeyPox narrative; it is hitting the homosexual community very hard, but not the rest of us. Yet, they will try to lock us down again; it is all about control (Darkness = Fear, Force, and Control).

By the end of August, Light/Right-spin will have 60% of the powre in our world; against 20% for Dark/Left-spin. By November, it will be 80%; just in time for the next elections (US).

It is going to get worse and worse for THEM; they have lost their MoJo and cannot get it back. Oh Shit, oh dear!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


Finding Other Cubes

First off, we are not like everyone around us. We have always been different and have known it.

Say, you are a successful woman entrepreneur. You did what you were guided to do; skipped the family and built up assets. But for what?

If you are reading this, you are probably a strong right-spinner who has put herSelf into the Cube (Hexahedron). That means that you are in the 5% or 1-in-20 group of people. Out of 1000, that is 50. Out of a million, that is 50,000. I assume you are female because the vast majority of strong right-spinners are. Only 1-in-20 of the strong right-spinners are male; out of 50,000 that is 2,500. Think about it, women are creators; they have children and make the home or business. Men tend to be on the dark side. Is it any wonder that many more women are advanced spiritual beings?

If you know other strong, independent, successful women, they are probably strong right-spinners. Share the information on this site. This applies to men as well. Always ask the “Vampire” question.

Do not despair. If you have put yourself on the New Being path: Fire Being and Earth Being, you will be getting additional powres soon. One of those powres will be to get younger looking in a healthy body. You will look much like you did in your 20s with all the energy.  You will be able to turn childbearing on and off for when you want a child. Your life span will be extended by several 100s or 1000s of years, again, in a youthful, healthy body. Having children will be rare and will be a blessing.

This life extension will be applied to all of the survivors; everyone will be given a greater chance to advance themSelves along the spiritual path they choose. For some, it will only be another 300 years. They will be able to check out early if that time is unwanted. For New Beings 1000s of years is available.

Soon, as we all get our powers, we will not be so hard to find. I have given some tools to you recently; positive/negative Setups, MBOs, and Evictions. Give yourSelf an MBO to find a mate; ask Universe to send you that right-spin helpmate. Women will rule in this new energy. There is a reason you have been successful and amassed wealth. Band together in groups for greater impact. Check your negative Setups, give yourSelf (and others) MBOs, and Evict those who need evicting in your life; these are all energetic tools that you should be using every day. You are a powerful Spiritual Being. You will have many more/other powers, but may not be able to use them as often.

We men will be getting younger and healthier as well. You already know about Vampires; they can be tricky and make themselves look like right-spinners. Ask if they are energy suckers? They cannot hide that. Evict them from your circles. Remember, they are both male and female. I put a post up on their structure; search on Demon Holders (they are the successful Vampires).

My point is that these are powres that you can actually use now; you do not have to wait. More are coming sooner than later.

We will have the Powre, not THEM. Start thinking about how you would like to change our world; soon, you will have the powre to do so. We must change everything; all that is now is the result of 1000s of years of left-spin/dark rule. That is being swept away; the new broom sweeps clean.

After the great die-off, there will be 500 million left. Of that 70% will be hard right-spin (80% and above), 20% will be 60% or more and 10% will be in the middle (able to go towards darkness). It will be a very different world and it is not that far off.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Changes happening Faster, much Faster

The Russians have committed their entire Army to Ukraine. They are almost out of ammunition of all kinds, especially artillery shells and missiles. They do not have adequate communications to command their forces. Their logistics have been broken down; they do not have enough trucks and their trains are being targeted in both Russia and Ukraine. Their command and control nodes are also being destroyed. They are desperate and losing and they don’t know why. It’s all about the energy shift.

The Russians are attacking once again but will fail badly. They do not have enough artillery shells to advance; that is the only way they can. These are dumb shells, not the hi-tech shells the Ukrainians are shooting back. The Ukrainians will roll back the Russians in Kherson first, then Kherson Oblast, then Crimea. The Donbas will collapse; no fuel, food, or ammunition; Russians will walk back to Russia as they did to Belarus earlier. This will happen in August and September.

Putin will be gone soon and the second breakup of Russia will occur. This will extend to Belarus and Kaliningrad as well. The Russians will be driven out of Moldova, the Baltic States, and Kazakstan. But, the Russians will fight! What with? They have stripped all of their forces of ammunition; even Belarus was forced to hand it over.

That would be a giant change. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the gas started flowing again quickly? It will, but the amounts and locations have already been complicated; Germany will also collapse economically. This is required before the breakup there; could happen before 2023. Fast changes coming.

Wow. Will the EU survive? Nope. The EU is a dark, collectivist attempt to create another Soviet Union in Europe (EUSSR); it was to be the German Fouth Reich. Wuth the UK gone and doing well, the Italians will leave very quickly and ignore all the delay tactics. France will have no choice but to follow. That will leave the Dutch and Germans holding the empty Euro bag. Buy gold and silver.

China is collapsing in so many ways right now. The Covid lockdowns for 100s of millions, the ports shut; no imports or exports, the real estate/banking/bond market, stock market, local government bankruptcies, the collapse of the energy grid, not enough people (1 Child), and the depletion of foreign reserves (dollars) to buy any food, fuel, oil, gas,  iron ore, etc. The Chinese people are rising up to crush the CCP. This too will likely happen before 2023. China generates 85% of its electricity using coal; the Green Movement did not care.

What about the Greenies in Europe? They were utterly stupid; Germany spent trillions on wind and solar and the alternative only provide 3% of Germany’s electrical power needs. The rest came from coal and natural gas. They shut down all the nuclear; oh yes, for the environment even though no carbon dioxide was produced. These people are fucking idiots. Those who claim 10% are using creative accounting. Solar and wind depend on geography; Germany does not have enough sun or wind. France is better, but not much. Spain has the Sun, but they are not connected to the Northern grid. The Greenies will collapse everywhere in Europe this winter.

I have written about the coming Mini Ice Age. It will begin to hit us this winter; it will be unusually cold early and last far into Spring. Buy extra sweaters,  and other warm layers now. Yes, long-lasting food as well. The entire world will experience an energy crisis; many of the old will perish from the cold. Think about a tent within a tent and group warmth; this is indoors. Drape blankets on the tents. Use air pads to insulate from the floor/ground. I live in the Caribbean; it’s warm all the time.

The UN and the EU are creatures of the WEF or One Worlders. Their agenda has become so obvious that the sheeple are even waking up. Look at what they are trying to do to the farmers; must eliminate nitrogen pollution; nitrogen makes up 70% of the air we all breathe. This is utter bullshit; it is all about control of the masses; take their food away and they will comply. Why are all the food processing plants going up in flames everywhere? The WEF has been telling us for decades what they wanted to do: Covid was all part of their plan. Rule by Technocrat dictate.

Lastly, try to remember Most Beneficial Option or MBO; you can cast that spell for yourSelves or others. Ask if you have Negative Setups coming and stop them (or lessen or delay). It will be easier to be a Light/Right-spin creator soon; we will have 80% of the powre in our world. Use EVICT as a spell against the Dark Assholes; turn it over to Universe as to how and when.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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We are All “Green” Suckers

In the last 20 years, we have all bought (or most) into the Global Warming non-sense. We have been told that carbon dioxide is a very bad thing that must be eliminated (or somehow locked/bottled up). Never mind that all plant life on land (and in the oceans) depends on carbon dioxide for photosynthesis; plants take the carbon and release the oxygen.

Recently, our Global Masters (WEF Technocrats) have told us that nitrogen is somehow bad, even though the air we breath is composed of 70% nitrogen. WTF? They are trying to force Dutch farmer to stop growing food. Again, WTF. Much of our world is facing food shortages/famine.

So, how did this happen? The Globalists have been trying to change things on Earth for more than 100 years so that the Elite few could rule Everywhere. At first, it was going to be socialism and communism that would be the great enabler. They set up the Central Banks in the 1920s and created the Great Depression; yes, that was part of the plan. Things we going well until the Soviet Union collapsed. Oh Shit, they had to come up with something else.

They came up with Global Warming, even though 20 years earlier, it was the coming ice age. All of sudden, we were bombarded with rising ocean levels (which never happened) and shrinking ice levels at the poles. Global Warming became Climate Change, but still, carbon dioxide was the evil enemy. Coal became evil and had to be stopped. Oil was not far behind. Gasoline had to be replaced by electric cars (EVs); less range and longer recharging equal more control over the masses. Yes, we spent billions on wind and solar generation schemes, but the problem of storing large amounts of needed electricity just wasn’t there; electricity was needed a night, and what happens when the wind stops blowing?

These alternative power generation technologies worked, but never well enough to replace hydrocarbons. The storage capacity was never robust enough. OK. We had nuclear, didn’t we? Oh no, even though nuclear did not emit carbon dioxide, it put out evil radioactivity and it too, had to be stopped.

The Elite take over of the world hit a speed bump, but Environmentalism/Climate Change came to the rescue. Next, we had to impose the Tyranny of the Technocrats, and enter Covid 19 with lockdowns, masks, and mandatory vaccines that were never tested and have killed many 1000s (or even 100s of 1000s). That is the WEF/New World Order theme that has been going on for a while.

What happened? It seems to be de-railed (or at least de-railing). The Globalist world depended on free trade from everywhere in the world. The Globalist Navy (US Navy) kept the peace; the oil and Chinese goods must be allowed to flow until it was no longer needed.

Next theme. Russia. Let’s go back to the early 90s and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia had developed a robust oil and natural gas industry to supply all of the SSR’s (Republics) that were part of the new Russian Empire. Overnight, the Soviets collapsed and many of the Republics became free (and even joined NATO). What happened to the Russian oil and gas market? It too collapsed overnight.

When you are taking oil and gas out of the ground it is pumped and pressure levels must be maintained. If it is cold, like Siberia, when pressure gaps happen, ice cracks the pipes. After enough cracks, the pipes no longer work anymore and new wells must be drilled. What happens when your customer base goes away suddenly? You run out of storage tanks and you must stop production (pumping); another opportunity for ice cracks. But, fortunately, the Russians had built a network of gas/oil pipes to supply their former Warsaw Pact allies. What a fortuitous turn of events, just when Russia needed new customers, Europe was there.

Under the Soviet system, the oil and gas infrastructure was primitive and corrupt. Companies from the West came in to help the Russians, but it took 30 years to get everything up and running again smoothly (2022).  Yes, right up to the invasion of Ukraine. Now, stop and think. The Russians realized that Europe (especially Germany) was their primary target market. They had pipes crossing Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic Sea (Nordstream 1 and 2). They were selling a lot of gas and oil to Europe, but how to increase sales?

The Russians saw the new Geopolitical shift the Elites were making and thought, we can get behind that. They jumped on the bandwagon and started pushing for a shift to natural gas as the least offensive form of hydrocarbon. Result? Europe/Germany started buying great quantities of natural gas via those pipes. What else? The Russians started talking about the dangers of nuclear; you know like Cherynoble. The Green idiots fell for this hook, line, and sinker. Coal was shut down. Nuclear was shut down. Massive resources were put into wind and solar. Coal was always there as a backup when the wind did not blow or the sun did not shine. Even better, natural gas could be the backup.

The Russians desperately needed a new market to sell their gas and oil to. They did everything in their power to push the Green Movement in Europe and advance the Global Warming/Climate Change narrative. This was wonderful and enabled more and more dependence on Russian gas and oil. This dependence became so great that Russia obtained significant/great geopolitical leverage from it. Putin actually thought he could blackmail the EU/Germany (and NATO) into sitting on the sidelines when he invaded Ukraine.

We have all seen the upturn in events. Sanctions were imposed. Ships did not sail in the Black Sea. Russian and Ukraine export products like oil, gas, wheat, fertilizer, and industrial metals were blockaded. Most of us do not realize that electric vehicles (EVs) cannot be made without Russian supply chains.

All of a sudden, the supply chains that were disrupted by Covid got even worse; now energy supplies stopped flowing (along with wheat). Oh shit, oh dear; something had to be done to stop this destruction of the Globalist World Order.

Now, the Europeans are seeing the stupidity of their ways. The Russians have cut the flow of natural gas by 60% (and probably more). Everyone is now clamoring to restart the nuclear, diesel, and, even, coal-fired power plants. It is obvious, that the wind/solar generation of electricity is not up to the task even after $Billions spent. What happened to the evil carbon dioxide? Everyone is desperate to prepare for the coming winter.

My point is that these two themes were all about geopolitics; one to take over the world and the other to remake Russia into a Super-Power again. Both of these themes are all about using fear, force, and control or Darkness. The timing for both is unfortunate for them, but great for us. We are in the last year of the energy shift between Ages; just about to enter Aquarius (Officially) in January 2023. The fear, force, and control side of the ledger have only 20% of the Power (they used to have 80%). The more freedom, truth, good choices, integrity, and doing the right things side will have 80% of the powre moving forward. Do you think the Dark Assholes will win? Really?

Neither the WEF or the Russian side understand what is happening. They are doing what they have always done; it should be working. They have been in charge and doing it this way for ten thousand years. Why is it not working???

The Universe is intervening; isn’t it grand and glorious?

We are going back to coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear as soon as possilbe (ASAP). But, that is not the answer. We are on the cusp of revolutionary new energy (and other) technologies; they are all part of this new energy we are about to enter into.

Love, Light and Laughter,


I have been doing many, many, many EVICTions and have been told (by Spirit) that they will be completed by November 1st, 2022. It will be fun to watch.

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Try “Evicting” Them

The old Dark energy was used for fear, force, and control. Frequently, when it was opposed, people were just killed. That was just the way Dark energy was used.

Now, we are moving into new energy which is based on Order with more freedom, truth, good choices, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and, generally, doing the right things.

The old energy approach was to club us all with fear and if we resisted, hit us financially or have us killed in many ways. That worked for the past 10,800 years; this is why our world is so messed up.

We cannot just kill people anymore; that approach is no longer supported by the new energy. We must come up with a new methodology for removing the Dark/Left-spin leaders who are still trying to rule us using fear, force, and control. I have already written about using negative Setups; that will work, but it is not an energetic replacement for killing them and getting them gone quickly.

We can EVICT them. That is a very powerful 5-letter word. Like Setup, it turns the details of the action over to Spirit/Universe but is more direct in terms of rapidity of time and scope. When we use Evict, we are taking their power away (political or group) as well as wealth, money, or position. But hey, if you want to get rid of a Dark Asshole in your life, Evict him/her from your life; they will have no choice but to disappear or just fade away.

If it does not work quickly enough, keep trying at the start of a new month; August 50%, September 60%,, October 70%, and November 80%. Your Eviction Spell will be getting stronger over the next four months. But hey, we have 40% now which is twice what they have; try it, you may like the results.

When I say use Evict, I am not just talking about evicting them from a house or apartment. I am talking about evicting them from a job (your boss), a company, or a political position. Think about it, Russia, China, and the EU have largely been evicted from the family of nations. When I can, I will evict Putin, Xi, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel, Arden, Alibressie, Trudeau, and more. Can’t forget Clinton, Soros, Gore, Bush(s), Zuckerburg, Fauci, and other HiTech Tyrants. This also applies to judges, bureaucrats, and generals that are on the Dark side. Hell, if I can, I will evict the entire Deep State/WEF/Davos.

Evict will only work for Light/Right-spinners; the Dark assholes do not have the power they used to (only 20%). Like using negative Setups, their seeming luck will change for the worse, but quickly. Again, there is no luck, it has always been Dark/Left-spin or Light/Right-spin power/powre. They kept on telling us there was so such thing as magic, but they were using it to amass wealth and power constantly. For fear, force, and control; how does one become a billionaire without magic/majik. Now Majik has 80% of the powre and the gain/volume is increasing (November).

Yes, they will try to steal the elections again, but they do not have the power to do so anymore.

To the sheeple, people will die of accidents, diseases, poisons, bullets, and more. No such thing as accidents.

If you want to use your powre to evict any of the above Dark Assholes, pile on.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Are you a Free Wheeler?

I write about people who are Left- and Right-spin and they are very different from each other. Today, I will break everyone into three more categories; people who are guided all the time, people who are guided part-time, and people who are not guided at all. I call the unguided Free Wheelers; they can go in any direction or do anything. They can even change what they are doing or where they are going suddenly in the reverse or in a totally new direction.

I keep writing about talking to yourSelf using nods and shakes. The first step in doing that is to ask if your Angel or Spirit Guide wants to talk to you. For some of you, you do not get an answer. This is puzzling; why would you Guide not want to talk to you?

Perhaps, you are here as a Free Wheeler. If so, you are free to do, or say, or go anywhere; there are no consequences (from a Spiritual perspective). You did not come here to do any heavy lifting or, even work of any kind. For Free Wheelers, this lifetime is a vacation from work; they are here to play. We all know about these people; they do not take anything seriously. They are here for fun. They are fair weather friends; no work, please.

If you are a Free Wheeler, you are not being guided at all. How many of us are Free Wheelers? This may be a bit shocking, but 50% of us tend to be Free Wheelers. Just like being Left- and Right-spin, we are a mix of being totally Free Wheelin and being part-time Guided. When a part-time guided person is not being guided, he/she is Free Wheeling. For most of the 50% of Free Wheelers, only 10% are partially guided (lightly guided).

For those part-timers who get pushed a bit harder, they have work to do, but still, have lots of playtimes. The work and playtime are more limited than the Free Wheelers. As the amount of work increases (and the playtime decreases), they move towards the guided group. Part-time Guided people make up 45% of us. The Guided Group is only 5% or 1-in-20.

Say you are a part-timer and you want to move to the guided group; can you do that? Yes, you start talking to yourSelf and state your Intent to pick up more work. If you are doing any work at all, your Guide will speak with you. This applies to Free Wheelers who are doing any amount of work as well. They will have to set their Intent to be taken seriously by their Guide for the conversation to take place.

So, it’s not just Left- and Right-spinners, but being guided or not. Being guided applies to both the Dark Force and the Light; there have always been good and evil people. And, most of us in the middle. You can be a wonderful Human Being that is listening to guidance from both Darkness and Light; being both fearful and wanting more freedom. We tend to think about the Angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other.

Think about it, how did Jesus, Bhudda, and Mohammed happen? How about Hitler, Putin, and Stalin? Or Gengus Khan? How about Alexander the Great? All of these people were guided. Nothing (No Thing) that happened to them was accidental or luck or happenstance; everything was a Setup.

My major point here is to inform you that you can move in the direction you want by exercising your Intent; you can consciously create. If you want to get off the merry-go-round (Free Wheeling)? You can. If you want to get more purpose (more work)? You can. We are all put here to make choices. Most of us do not know we have these choices; there are no instruction manuals on being Human.

Sometimes, it is very hard being a Free Wheeler. They are always looking for greater/more purpose. But equally, it can be hard to start working.

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The Dark Forces have run outa Luck!

Everyone should have their heads on a swivel; keep watching for the massive changes happening all around.

I have written about the shift in energies that are transpiring this year. On July 30th, Light/Right-spin will have 50% of the powre in the world; Darkness/Left-spin only has 20%.

OK. What’s changing? First, there is no such thing as Luck or Accidents or Happenstances or Coincidences; everything is a Setup by Spirit. Yes, you can call it synchronicity, but Setups are more direct. What is a Setup? It is a series of events, people, or transactions arranged for you by your Angels or Spirit Guides.

Hopefully, you will believe me about Setups. Here’s why. If you know that Setups are being deployed around you or with you in the center, you can ask about your Setups. You can ask about positive and negative Setups. I would start with the Negative ones first. I try to remember to ask about negative Setups once per week. Knowing they are coming allows you to prepare in advance; you know, change something to avoid it. But, even more important, you can ask if you can delete, modify (lessen), or delay the negative Setup. If you know about it, you can take action to avoid/lessen the negative experience(s). Hey, if you’ve got positive Setups coming, you can look forward to them or even ask if they can be quickened or increased in scope. How does one ask about Setups? Yes, use the nods and shakes. And yes, put your hand on your heart if you want to validate truthfulness.

We all have Setups as individuals, groups, companies, political parties, and nations. And yes, you can ask about Setups at all levels. So, in August, Light/Right-Spin will be able to give (or start to) negative Setups to dark/left-spin individuals (especially billionaires/political leaders), groups, companies, parties, and nations. Think Putin and Russia, but many others come to mind. What I am saying is that many people and organizations will be given many new negative Setups; their Luck will appear to have shifted to Bad. Instead of winning their agenda issues, they will lose and the losses will get worse and worse.

We have been watching the collapse of Globalism for several months, but it will quicken. Germany cannot continue as it was; just not enough natural gas coming from Russia. The same will apply to most of Europe, especially next winter. What about food? Fuel? Electricity? Heating? Cars/Trucks?

Something positive now. All of you Right-spinner out there will be able to give positive or negative Setups to others. This may not happen until the end of August (60%), September (70%), or October (80%), but it will happen this year. It will also depend on how strong you are in Right-spin power (70s, 80s, 90s percent).

Here’s something positive to do right now. Take any situation that you are thinking about. You can ask for an MBO; a Most Benevolent Outcome. This is a way of turning a negative Setup into a positive one. You can give MBOs to others. It is more powerful when you give them to other Right-spinners. This is kind of putting a positive Spell on someone/something. Setup and Spell are both 5-letter words.

Anyway, our world is just now coming out of 10,800 years of being dominated by darkness/left-spin powers that brought us massive amounts of fear, force, and control. With the many negative Setups being pumped out, that dark world will start to implode rapidly. Hand out the positive Setups and MBOs to people who are makers and givers. People who smile in their eyes and with their hearts. People who are thoughtful, kind, and considerate. People who provide service(s) to the rest of us. Service people always find a way to push beyond themselves.

You can also hand out the negative Setups. Instead of trying to kill someone, hand it over to Spirit or the Universe to come up with the most appropriate Setup; this is a great way to avoid any Karma issues. Who knows? They can become ill or can slip on the ice. You can give out as many negative Setups as you feel necessary; again, the execution is up to the higher realms. Setups are not limited to a single issue. We tend to think of them as money, love, health, or possessions, but can be all-in-one. You can help the Universe with your intent for positive and negative Setups or MBOs.

Be sure to give yourSelves positive Setups/MBOs when it comes to enough food, fuel, shelter, electricity, and transport. Do this at least once per week unless you can make them last longer. Ask for help from like-minded people; survival is a group sport.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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