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Great Changes; About to Begin

The energetic balance in our world is changing, now.  In May, the forces of change are finally making themselves felt.  Changes are starting to occur that people are wondering why they did not happen sooner.  For example, in the world of politics, why did it take so long for the Select Committee on Benghazi? Or why did it take so long to deal with Lois Lerner and the IRS Targeting. These are both wonderful examples of corruption and stone-walling and cover-up.

I have written about Darkness and Light a lot on this website.  People do not seem to understand that everybody and everything is a combination of Darkness and Light; that means people, organizations and things.

Most of us are quite comfortable “sitting on the fence” between these two forces; these are the people who we think of as ‘salt-of-the-Earth” or “Good” people. These are the people who like some freedom, but also like to be fearful and told what to do or think.

For the past six and a half thousand (6,480) years, Darkness, now Turquoise, has had the vast majority of ruling power in our world and most people chose to be oriented towards that power when they came here. Say there are 7 billion people on Earth today; 13 out of 14 of them are oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise. What does that mean? All of these people have at least a 51 percent orientation towards fear, force and control and 75 percent of these have a 60 percent or higher focus.

It is called “go with the flow” or “go with the power” and most people came here (were born) with an acceptance of using Darkness as it had 80 percent of the power. That is changing now. We officially moved into Aquarian energy on December 22nd, 2012, but the energetic momentum flows have not changed until now, in May, 2014.

Now, Darkness/Turquoise has only 33.333 percent of the power and Light/Aqua is using its power/powre to make increasingly bigger changes.

I have written about templates; these are underlying energetic forms that define everything in our physical world.  Think of bed, table, chair, couch, TV, knife, fork, house, car, airplane, computer, smart phone, Internet, credit card, bank account; these are all based on energetic templates. There are many different types of each of these, but again, are all based on an underlying energetic templates.

For the past six and half thousand years, these templates have been based on the dominant energetic force – Darkness, now, Turquoise. What does that mean? It means that these things could be taken from you. It means that you had to protect these things. You had to be fearful of losing them. It means that you could use force and control to take these things away from people. Think ruling through the barrel of a gun or a sword. Think of paying taxes or going to jail. Think of Big Out-of-Control. Governments at the local, State/Regional and National levels.

So…. Why has it taken so long for Light/Aqua to assert itself? New templates is the answer. All of the templates for everything in our world have been changed to reflect freedom, choice, truth, self-containment and change-for-the-better. What does this mean? It means that what you create is yours; it cannot be taken away. Yes, you can chose to give it away, but it cannot be taken away. Thieves, rapists and politicians cannot take what they want or steal your money or stuff.  Re-distribution in the name of fairness is a template that no longer exists.  Fairness, itself, is a template that does not exist anymore.

What about the force used by the Government? The Law Enforcement Community, you know, those people who force us to obey the statutes and regulations even if there are too many of them and they do not make sense. Jails and Prisons? The corrupt Court System? The worthless United Nations? The templates for all of these have been changed or dissolved as well. In the near future, we will not need policemen, or jails or prisons or permanent legislators or lawyers or doctors or judges.

Whoa! What about the thieves, rapists and politicians? Won’t they be running amok? No, they are all significantly oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise and they will be departing (dying) in large numbers. Light/Aqua is a new broom and it will sweep clean.

Once this process begins, it will become very visible to everyone and it will accelerate. These people will die and be replaced by Light/Aqua-oriented people.  Most of the people who have all of the success and wealth got it with Dark power; there will be a reversal and they will lose it. It will be astonishing and breath-taking in its scope.

Those people who survive, the Light/Aqua-oriented people, will wake up one-day, and realize that we are all in a new “Golden” Age and in a world where Majik has returned.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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