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The CHANGES are Here!

The 777 day has passed. It was a super Creation Day where big things could be created.  What happened? What was created?

To start, Money is now controlled by Beings of the Light (Aqua). Ok, what does that mean? For anyone alive on Earth for the past several thousands years, and that includes anyone reading this, Dark Beings have been in charge of Money. What this meant was that People who were oriented towards Darkness (you know, Fear, Force and Control) tended to receive most of the money. It also meant that if you were oriented towards the Light, you were only allowed to keep a small amount of money; just enough to live on.

Well…..that dynamic was changed on 7-7-2014. Now, all of those $Millionaires and $Billionaires who acquired their money through the use of Dark power (and that is nearly all of them), will experience a significant change; it is they that will no longer be able to hang on to their acquired wealth. The Money Angels have two missions; one is to give money to one group of people and the other is to take it away.

Now, people of the Light (Aqua) who were kept so limited, will begin to receive money, success and wealth easily. The flip side is that people who have so much will begin to lose it. Is this going to be a gradual thing? No, it will take about 90 days.

Wait a second, are you saying that there will be a huge transfer of wealth from one group of people to another and it will only take 90 days? No, but the process will be complete in 90 days and the transfer should be completed by the end of 2014.

You say, this is impossible. This is an Energy thing and it is being administered by Angels who are very intelligent and know where everything is hidden. There is no way for beings of Darkness (Turquoise) to hold on to wealth anymore; their accounts and deeds are turning into sieves that will no longer hold money energy. Yes, this means that a HUGE financial collapse is coming this summer; the DOW will be at 5,000 by end of August.

OK, are there other changes coming? Yes and it is Darkness-Light oriented as well. I have referred to it as the Great Return as in return to Spirit. When Spirits come here in a body, we are given a choice on whether to come here for Spiritual growth, personal challenges or just to have fun; like taking a vacation. Spiritual growth is always hard and most of us have opted to come here and use the predominant power which has been Darkness for the past 6,480 years. Say there are 7 Billion people on Earth at this moment; 13 out of 14 of them are here with an orientation towards Darkness. Many of those will be leaving (dying) and returning to Spirit to be reborn again on some other planet.

To help you understand, all of us come here with a certain starting percentage of both Light and Darkness. The Churches refer to this as the ever-going battle between Darkness and Light, but do not teach that we all are a mix of both and that we can chose to seek more Darkness or Light. The vast majority of people who came here with more Darkness than Light have chosen to acquire more Darkness (more Money from the Dark Angels). It is a very natural thing to do; go with the power flow, not against it. So…what is going to happen now? As of 777, all of those people who have 60% or more of Darkness will be asked to return to Spirit. They will not have a choice; they must leave. Energetically, they cannot stay.

How will this work? Will the Darkest of the Dark be returned first? Yes, but anyone at 60% or more can be returned at any time. What is the timing? Diseases in different locations will carry off most of those leaving, but any kind of death works. There will be large numbers leaving through catastrophic changes. The clock started ticking on 777 and 12 out of 14 will be gone by the end of 2015.

Any more? Yes, Majik has returned to the world, again, on 777. We have all been exposed to Super Heroes; the idea that people can have exceptional powers like flying or teleporting or jumping or just being able to manifest things quickly. All of those who do not leave, even if they are still oriented towards Darkness, will be receiving Majikal powres. Those with more Light will receive more significant powres.  All of the corpses, unused cars and empty homes/building can and will be “cleaned up” Majikally.

Love, Light and Laughter,