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Earth Changes are Being “Formed”

Earth is at a place that it hasn’t been in for nearly 13,000 years; we have entered the Aquarian side of the Photon Belt which surrounds Alcyon. This belt is in the form of a toroid, similar to how a doughnut appears. The Photon Belt is an area of intense Light.

Traditionally, whenever this happens there is a flip-flop of the dominant power in world from Darkness to Light. In the past, this flip-flop occurred every 13,000 years and wiped out the civilizations on this planet. That is why our records of achievement are only 5-6,000 years old.

What we are experiencing now is a transfer of power from Darkness to Light; for the past several thousand years, Darkness had 80 percent of the power and now, Light is taking the dominant powre position at 67 percent.

Why not 80 percent? Because the Michael and Lucifer Experiments are over and Spirit/God decided that all planets in the Multi-Verse (Nine Universes) would be governed by a new ratio of 67 percent Light and 33 percent Darkness.

OK. It’s not 80 percent but it is still twice the power that Darkness has.

But, Merln, you keep writing about Light taking over, but when and where? Well, we actually entered into the Photon Belt/Aquarius on December 22, 2012, but the energy had to be transitioned into before Light (or Right-Spin) could use it. This transition has been slowly building up enough power/powre for Light to take the actions it wants.  To most of us, it looks as if Darkness is growing in power as we watch ISIS on the march and Iran spreading its tentacles, but Light is bidding it’s time for action.

By mid-May, 2015, Light will have enough powre to start the Earth Changes that I have been writing about since 2011. Yes, the trigger events will happen first.

This is the time to start preparing for massive changes in our world. If you are a Darkness oriented Left-Spinner, you and millions (or, perhaps, billions) like you will probably not survive. Yes, you are immortal and your soul or essence will not die, but you will have to chose another planet for you next re-birth.

Love, Light and Laughter,


May is the only “5” or “14” month in the Year

OK. It’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and we are about to enter into the May energy envelope. Each month has it’s own energy and May is set up by the only two months that have five letters, March and April.

What is this? It’s a lesson in practical numerology. May is the only month in the year that is directly associated with the number 5; it’s the fifth month. As readers of this blog already know, any 5 is really a 14 and 14 is the “Creation” number.

Alright. What is so special about May, 2015? Like it, or not, 2015 is THE year of transition from Darkness/Left-Spin energy to Light/Right-Spin energy.

For those who don’t know, Darkness is characterized as Left leaning; D-A-R-K is also L-E-F-T. Darkness is also all about fear, force, control and resistance-to-change-for-the-better. Darkness is also Chaos and, in keeping with it’s focus on fear, force and control, it is also Destruction (especially of Civilization).

From an esoteric perspective, Darkness is also pure potential and is the source of everything that has been, or ever will be Manifested; all things Manifested are of the Light. Darkness actually created Light one moment when it asked itself if THIS was all there IS. Ever since, Darkness has been trying to put Light back in the bottle.

Wait a second, aren’t Conservatives all about resistance to change? Yes, in a world dominated by Darkness and Big Government/Collective approaches, the Right has tried to maintain independence, self-reliability and self-responsibility and, yes, sometimes, the Right has tried to preserve the wrong things. But, remember, most of us are oriented towards Darkness as it has been the dominant energy on Earth for the past 6,480 years.

OK. Got it. What is Light? Just like Dark is Left, L-I-G-H-T is R-I-G-H-T; this is where the terms Left-Spin and Right-Spin come from. Left-Spin is counterclockwise and Right-Spin is clockwise. Light is the opposite of fear, force and control; it is Order, Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility, Integrity and Civilization.

Many people in our world are missing the Civilization gene; it can be characterized as the Consideration Gene or thinking of others as well as ourselves. Left-Spinners frequently have this problem as they are so focused on fear of not getting what they want or on, somehow, missing out on something that they feel entitled to.

OK. Right-Spin is taking over; Light is taking over from Darkness. Wait a second, isn’t Darkness in the ascendancy now? Isn’t Islam on the march? Aren’t Muslims killing Christians all over the place? What about Russia and Iran getting a Nuke? What about Obama giving the farm away?

I admit, it does not look so well, right now. My internal guidance tells me that THIS is the Darkness before the Dawn; THIS is the high-water mark of Darkness. THIS is a far as their stored Dark energies will carry them as the energies are not being replenished.

OK. Back to topic. May is the only Creation Month in the Year. We think of May Flowers and the Springing of Spring. It has taken until the end of April, but Right-Spin energy is fully empowered and will be actively opposing Darkness starting in May.

Why May? Because it is the Creation Month; if you are going to start a major project, like cleaning up the mess left by Darkness, May is the time to do so. Every day in May is a Creation Day. The existing single, double and triple Creation Days in May are more powerful. See my Home Page for more understanding.

Where does one begin? Start with the Major Dark Actors like Putin, Obama and the leaders of Iran and ISIS. Simple, take them off the board, send them back to Spirit where they can do no more harm. Does Light/Right-Spin have the powre to do that? Yes, in May and beyond.

What about the Major Dark Forces like Islam with it’s stone-age approach to women? That too, is losing it’s power; it has had 80 percent of the power behind it since it’s inception around 1,100 years ago. It has been spread by the sword ever since and we are seeing that again today. It is OK to kill anyone who is an “infidel” or unbeliever, or, especially if they are women, turn them into sex slaves. Jihad is a core tenant of the Quran; there is nothing extremist about it. Islam is not a religion; it is a political movement, a theocracy that does not allow other beliefs to exist after it has seized power. In Saudi Arabia, you can be sentenced to a year in prison for having a Bible, even if it is on a memory stick or on your hard drive.

If you are a Muslim, you must bow down toward Mecca at least four times-a-day. Why? Mecca is where the Quaba is; it is a six foot cube of Obsidian with hard, sharp edges and corners. This cube of Obsidian feel from the heavens in this configuration and is the Home of Allah. So…if you are a Muslim, you must bow down and worship Allah, in his Home. This cube is also the Home of Darkness; Allah is Darkness. This makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Alright. What can be done about Islam, Darkness and Allah? Simple, cover them in water as the ultimate cleanser or utterly destroy them in catastrophic earthquakes or both. This is what is going to happen to the Muslim peoples and lands. Whoa, are you saying that this is going to happen to all of the -istans, Iran, the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Northern and Western Africa, Somalia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

What about the Muslims living in the West? They will be sent back to Spirit as well; Darkness will be “rooted” out. Wow, that will be a major change in our world!

I have talked a lot about Darkness, but the change that is coming is all about Light; fear is losing it’s grip. Force and control are being replaced with enlightened consent based on Order. The whole concept of Law Enforcement is so Dark as is the notion that ignorance of the Law is no excuse with thousands of pages of law and regulation. Our current Laws will be replaced with common sense Laws that every Kindergarten Kid will  know and understand. We are moving into a much BETTER Place.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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