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Agents of Change

We are all Spirits-in-a-Body here. This is where we have come to work and to play.

So…. When we are here, are there a set of tools that Spirit has made available to us to make changes?

We are all familiar with the concept of tools; we all have screwdrivers, plyers and a hammer around some place. To take this a bit further, we all have tools available to make our computers and phones run faster when they slow down, even if we do not know about them.

Well…Spirit has given us a set of tools to make changes in our lives; again, even if we do not know about them.

Here is a list of agent of change tools that I have discovered in conversations with my Spirit Guide. These are all substances that we eat or cook with or drink.

Most of them are very popular everywhere in our world, but a few are mostly unknown. All of us use these agents frequently without any intent except to derive pleasure.

Here’s the deal; to use these agents to make positive changes in your lives, you must use them with Intent. You can Google them to find out their properties and you can mix them and match them to get different results.  These Agents can be used for healing, but they can be used for much more.

Here’s the List:

Raw Honey (must be natural or raw)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Fig Vinegar

Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin is best)

Sesame Oil

Coffee (the drink)

Chocolate (in any form)

Caramel (made from butter or cream and sugar)

Macadamia Nuts (for whatever reason, this is the only nut)

These Agents allow us to modify the energy around us; but we do not know that. Most of us use these Agents of Change unthinkingly. Some of us think about our day as we drink our coffee and unwittingly create things for ourselves.

One of my favorite treats is chocolate covered caramel with macadamia nuts. One of the reasons that I love it so much is that it combines three of these Agents in one sitting.

Now, all I have to do is think of something that I want to improve in my life while I am enjoying the treat as I drink my coffee.  Apple Cider or Fig Vinegar mixes well with Honey to address many ailments. Floating Coconut or Sesame Oil on Coffee are triggers for many things.

What are these Trigger things good for?  Improving our health. Lowering our stress. Increasing our joy. Finding love. Finding sex. Getting more …, success, fame, fortune, wealth, etc.

Is it any wonder that these Agents are so popular in so many cultures and so many people? Start using them with Intent; you will like the changes that come.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Heal Skin Infections that Won’t Go Away

Say you have a skin infection that is antibiotic resistant; it will not heal and you are worried.

One answer is to use colloidal silver as strong as you can find at the health food store; drink it and spray it on.  Silver is the metal of Light; you know, silver bullets.

But, this is a spiritual blog so I will give you a different view of reality.

Whenever we have something that is seeming to be an attack on our being, it is. This can be cancer, financial or something that started out as a blister and has now turned into flesh-eating bacteria or MRSA.

I have written about the Ice and Heat Elementals; now I will address Demons. Yes, there are Demons and they are not imaginary.

Keep an open mind here and read on. I will now tell you how to get rid of any Demons that my be bothering you.

Take a glass of wine or beer or coffee and do the following: stick your finger in or a spoon (a silver spoon is best) and stir the beverage seven (7) times to the left, pause briefly, and then seven (7) times to the right.

Why wine, beer or coffee? Because they all are water that has been transformed with a lot of care and attention by many people. We all know what is good, better and best in all three and have our preferences.  Use the best, stir it 7×7 and then, drink it.

The other thing you can do with it is to rub it on your infection or sore. Again, stick your finger in, get it wet and then rub your sore 7 time to the left and seven time to the right.

My suggestion is to do both the drinking and rubbing of this anti-Demon energy drink as you attack the Demons from within and without. This use of a specific energy forces the Demons to be released from you and your body.

What the Hell? If you are not having success using stuff from the Doctors or Pharmacists, what do you have to lose?

One application of this anti-Demon energy may be enough, but if not, wait three (3) days and try it again and, if necessary, three (3) more days and try it a third time.

Why do I share this? According to the Doctors, I have Diabetes and we have sores that do not heal well. After having an ugly, inflamed sore on my arm for months, I finally asked my Spirit Guide if there was something else going on?  I got a Yes, Demons are messing with my arm. They were trying to get it so that I would lose my hand; I mean, that happens to Diabetics.

Needless to say, I used this anti-Demon energy on my arm and it started healing right away and was almost “normal” within five days.

Demons make our illnesses or sickness or dis-ease worse over time as they create structures that are designed to make the issue worse. Once you have gotten rid of the Demons, their structures will take some time to dissolve, but you will start immediate healing.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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