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Visual Meditation

This is a new page on the site, but I wanted to make sure it got out as a Post.

There are many places to go to learn how to meditate; this is my take. This is how I have been guided to meditate.

Make yourself comfortable on an easy chair or couch with comfortable temperatures. Relax, do your breathing paths and, before you drop off to sleep, focus yourself on a corner. This corner may be totally in your mind or across the room at the ceiling (or floor).

Why a corner? Because every corner is three 90-degree planes that form a point. If you think about it, that point can be a pin prick size or much, much smaller.

Here’s what I do. I put my awareness along all three sides of the corner and I push myself towards that point in the corner. I keep pushing myself into that point until I break through to the “still” place.

This is an easy way to always get to that “still” place. For me, I can have a variety of “still” places, but I have learned to select one with a visual waterfall in the background with water flowing through a round basin. The water in the basin is STILL.

OK. Next, I say “I am Here” and wait. Sure enough, all of those EXTRANEOUS thoughts arrive; you know, the ones that are supposed to distract you from re-joining with the ONE.

Here is what I DO to Them. I visualize each Extraneous thought as a pebble and toss it into the basin. Each time I throw a though pebble in, it creates ripples. If I toss several pebbles in, the ripples cross flow into each other.

By DOing this, I am taking the Distractions and asking Spirit to help me with my distractions. I am Sending them away from me. This works; the Distractions go away and you reach your Point of Serenity.

Each time that you do the above, the Distractions will become less and less powerful.

For beginners, it may be useful to visualize the Distractions as bricks or large rocks. Don’t worry, the basin is deep and will accept all of your distractions.

Another tip: Once you find your “Still” place and it feels “RIGHT,” tell yourSelf to remember this place as you want to return.

More on the point in each corner; it is the Aether. It is the Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE) field. It is the Quantum. It is the SOURCE of all energies. It is the STILL Place. It is Spirit.

Once you are in the Still Place and your distractions are finished with, you can ask to be energized or healed or given more resources to do things. If you have more to do or more to give, you can ask for more time. My point is that when you have re-connected with Spirit, you can talk/share/ask/dialog/speak/pray for anything; when you get to your Still Place, you are having an audience with the Divine.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Embedded Energy

I have discussed the shifting of energy from Darkness/Left-Spin to Light/Right-Spin. It has taken four years of great effort to make the shift to where Light is now, 70 percent.

But, if Light is 70 percent, Darkness has lost all of it’s influence? Or, at least, most of it?

Yes, except for a build-up of embedded energy.  In an earlier post, I wrote about the United States being a creation of Light.  How, if Light only had 20 percent of the available powre or energy, was it possible for Light to pull this off?

The answer is that during the Dark Ages in Europe, Light did not oppose Darkness in nearly anything and saved up its powre and embedded that powre into the New World, particularly, the English Colonies that would become the United States. Light, and Darkness, can hide their embedded energies from each other allowing imbalances to be created in battles between them; this is where the phrase “pick your battles” comes from.

Light embedded most of it’s energy from hundreds of years into the creation and maintenance of the United States from 1715 to 2012.  So…Even though Darkness had 80 percent of the power it had to overcome all of that embedded Right-Spin energy.  Darkness had to maintain it’s grip on the rest of the world and the major battles between Darkness and Light did not occur until the American Civil War, World War I , World War II and the Cold War; Light, and the United States, had a hand in winning all of them.

Meanwhile, Light was putting most of it’s energy into the creation of technology; printing, steam, telegraphs, automobiles, machine guns, photographs, motion pictures/movies, airplanes, radio, encryption, computers, jets, networks, programming, the Internet, Laptops, WiFi, Smart Phones, Apps, 3-D Printing and our Digital World.  All Creativity comes from Light/Right-Spin.

So… Darkness knows that a shift of powre is coming up in 2012 and that it’s 80 percent dominant position would be shifted to a 20 percent dominated position. This shift in dominant positions has happened many times in the past and Darkness has learned how to embed it’s energy during the transitions in these shifts.

The problem with embedded energy is that it can be hidden and used at the most advantageous moment in a battle between Darkness and Light. If something can be hidden, it can, also, be found. Light is creative and Darkness is cunning and reactive.

For the past 100 years, Darkness has been embedding it’s energies into the world. As it was turning Europe more and more Dark (Communism, Socialism and the EU) and increasing the power of Islam and expanding the UN, it was also turning the United States more and more towards Darkness (the Great Society, the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama). The last 60 years have been a sprint towards Darkness politically while Light put all of it’s energies into Technologies and Communications to defeat Darkness.

So…Light is now at 70%, but it is still overcoming embedded Dark energy. The good news is that Light knows that Darkness had embedded a large amount of energy into the Clinton-Obama Campaign in an effort to get her across the finish line as it’s last large accomplishment.

Large pockets of embedded Dark power have been found and neutralized.  Do you think it is accidental that Trump started climbing in the polls after September 1st, when Light made the shift from 40% to 60%? There will be a similar shift happening on October 1st and November 1st (80%); why?, it is all about the new energy envelope related to a new month or a new year or a new decade (and yes, a new 100 years or new 1000 years).

Our world is shifting from Darkness (the Elites, the Status Quo, the Lies) to Light (more Freedom, more Truth, more for the Individual, less for the Collective. BREXIT was the first obvious sign of this transition, but CHANGE is coming to the United States and the EU is about to collapse. The demise of the UN and Islam are not far behind.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Light/Right-Spin Energy is now at 70 Percent

In my own experience, the Dark Blocks on health, body changes, success, money, sex and finding a significant love interest are still in place or have just lifted. This includes youthfulness and new technologies that I am trying to bring into the world.

OK. On August 22nd, Dark energy went from 60 percent to 40 percent. That event allowed Light energy to start dissolving embedded Dark energy in our world and within many of us. I think, I hope that the Dark energy blocks have all been dissolved on September 22nd and we can all move forward INTO THE LIGHT.  Start looking for improvements in your life as the Dark, Left-Spin Blocks are gone or leaving.

Yesterday, we moved into Light/Right-Spin energy at a full-powred 70 percent (Darkness dropped to 30%).  On October 22nd, we will move to 80% Light/20% Dark and will stay like that for 2,160 years.

I have written about the new formula being 67% Light/33% Dark, but that will not go into effect until we hit Capricorn.

For those of you who subscribe, we are at 17,860 today, but this site is not supposed to be visible to the masses.

Love, Light and Laughter,