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Humans have EVOLVED

2017 is a year of major EVOLUTIONS. We have moved into Aquarian energy which is Female, not Male and go your own way instead of following the Herd, Flock or School.

We have more than 100,000 Humans who have transformed themselves into, mostly, Newomen (95,000). That is kind of the 100 Monkeys rule on steroids. Whether we like it, or not, Newomen will rule our planet in all things moving forward.

Oh, BTW, we have moved from Fire-Being energy to Earth-Being energy. What does that mean?

Heretofore, all Humans were born on Planet Earth as Fire-Beings and we were immersed in Fire-Being energy. The Tetrahedron, the Fire-Being symbol, was our energy symbol, think MerKaBa.

All of our technology growth has evolved  using fire more and more effectively.

But now…….we have several thousand Earth-Beings running around and just starting to learn who and what they are. The presence of these Earth-Beings (Newomen and men) has caused a shift in the overall energy of Earth.

Yes, it is a higher vibration energy that only Earth-Beings can access.

So… What about the billions of Fire-Being still here on the planet? Are things going to change for them?

HUGELY. First off, Aquarius is Female, it is go-your-own-way, it is oriented toward more Freedom, Truth and Choice, it supports doing-the-right-thing. People who are stuck in the rut of Male domination, hierarchical structures, fear, force or control, following the herd or flock or school will be very unhappy and will feel like they have lost their way. The energy that they have known and followed is no longer here and they must adapt or perish.

OK. Who can become a Newoman or man? That’s a bit tougher to answer. Anyone who is a Right-Spinner can keep getting stronger and stronger, but will not be able to transform themselves into a Newoman or man until they get to approximately 95% Right-Spin. The good news is that anyone who has at least 41% Right-Spin energy can stay, live an extended life time in good health and move towards the goal of getting more Light (Right-Spin). People who want to move to 95% will be given many opportunities to do so.

What about the Fire-Being energy? Is it going away? No, it will remain, just as it has been, but there is a new energetic layer on top that is the Earth-Being energy.

So what’s different in the Earth-Being energy? It will be much, MUCH more MAJIKAL. Instead of having to do things like making things in a manufacturing plant or food processing plant or growing food or catching fish, Earth-Beings will be able to do them using Majikal apps using teleporting and “jumping” things and people from A to B.

It is hard to explain, but many of the limitations of our physical world will NO LONGER APPLY.  One example to try to wrap your mind around will be mental control of electricity and data in our machines (phones, tablets, PCs, databases and communications). Just imagine the fun we can have with Bureaucrats from everywhere.

For those of you who follow my Inventions, I will be Visioneering them; this is an improved form of manifestation and applies to prototyping as well as production. Oh, if someone tries to cheat or steal, I can set a Majik app to make the device INOPPerative based on their intent. Who needs patents?

Love, Light and Laughter,


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