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The World is Changing; the Old is Dying

Really! Truely! For most of us, it is difficult to see.

I have an Android TV box and have Mobdro, Terrarium TV and Showbox installed as apps. Mobdro gives me 2,000 free, streaming channels to include all of the sports channels, premium movie channels, new channels and many more. Terrarium and Showbox give me free access to the latest movies and television shows as well as a huge library of older movies and shows.

I used to have cable or Dish, but now, I have cut the cord. Who needs those old dinosaurs?  They used to have a “lock” on content that was valuable, but now, that content is available for no money/free.

So….It’s not just thousands of channels of free content; it’s the huge increase in everyone’s bandwidth.  All of us are streaming content all of the time.

Think about this for a second; This is a huge advancement in the powre of Light/Right-Spin energies.

In many other areas, we see the demise of the old, Dark/Left-Spin world.  In Education, we have an entire generation enslaved to Student Loan debt with very little to show for it; the college degree credential is nearly meaningless. In Medicine, we see the growth of the low cost cooperatives; these are rapidly replacing the insurance model which has driven high costs for decades.

This is the year of change from Left-Spin control to Right-Spin, but the changes have been being made over the past five years (December 22, 2012).  Where we are in the shift is Light/Right-Spin 40% and Dark/Left-Spin 10% (as of July 1st).

By January 1st, 2018, it will be Light/Right-Spin 80% and Dark/Left-Spin 20%. Fear, Force, Control and Resistance-to-doing-the Right-thing are fading from the collective consciousness for the first time in at least 6,500 years (that is all of our recorded history).

For those of you who know this site, whenever you see a five (5), it really means 14 and 14 is the Creator Number.

We are on-course and our world is changing for the better.

Love, Light and Laughter,