2018 UpDate

Happy 2018! For those following my stuff, here’s an update.  Light/Right-Spin has taken over and has 80% of the power in our world. This is a HUGE change. We entered Aquarian Energy in December 2012 and it has taken 5 years to complete the transition. Light has 40% and Right-Spin has the other 40%. They are very similar, but Right-Spin is new.  Darkness, now, has only 20%. How long is this revolutionary change going to last? 2,160 years, and, perhaps, much longer.

Aquarian Energy is Female Dominated and supports Going Your Own Way or Doing Your Own Thing. The male dominated energy of the last three Houses of Zodiac (Pisces, Aries and Taurus) only supported “follow the leader” and is the basis for all of the credentials we must have.

Darkness/Left Spin is all about Fear, Force and Control. It also resists Doing the Right Thing. Light/Right-Spin is all about Freedom, Truth, Choice, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Doing the Right Thing.

Out with the Old and IN WITH THE NEW. All of our institutions/organizations are based on Darkness (FF&C) and, now, they are all being replaced with new ones based on Right-Spin energy. D-A-R-K is L-E-F-T and L-I-G-H-T is R-I-G-H-T; this is not accidental. Everything is changing; Education, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Business, the Military, Bureaucrats, Politics, the Courts and our Government(s). Who will be the new Judges? The New Lawmakers? The New $Billionaires? It will not be the same olds (families, banksters, Ivy Leagers, Country Clubbers, Trust Babbies, etc.) you know, the Shadow Government.

Anyway, the shift in energies has occurred, even if the Left-Spinners in charge do not yet know it. Our world will now change into something much, MUCH Better. People, those who survive, will be also much, MUCH Better.

Light workers will still have 40% to work with, but you may have to spend ten years learning how to get Adept Powers.  Transform yourself and you will get many incredible powers very soon as a Right-Spinner.


Many Happy Returns,  Merln

IT NOW, BEGINS, IN ERNEST!!!!! Starting tomorrow, 2/1/2018

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