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Ebola has begun it’s Rampage

In past posts, I have written about the Great Return; it has, finally, begun.  In Africa, three Ebola patients escaped and had contact with 600 people.  Those 600 will have contact with 12,000 who will infects millions on the “Dark” Continent.

Ebola will spread throughout Africa, the Middle East, India, China and Indonesia. It will make itself felt in Europe; particularly in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, England and the Netherlands.

Ebola will seem to target Muslims because, as a group, they are very Left-Spin or Dark energy. The Q’uba in Mecca, is the home of Darkness on this planet; One cannot get much Darker than that.

The Great Return is the mechanism whereby Right-Spin or Light energy will be cleaning things up as it takes over; the old adage of a new broom sweeping clean.  Right-Spin or Light energy has 50% now and will have 80% of the energy on this planet by September 1st; Darkness has 20% and will not be getting anymore.  Anyone who has over 59% (there’s that 14 or Creation Number again) of Left-Spin energy will be required to return to Spirit to wait for another life on some other planet.

Approximately 90% of the people on Earth will be leaving in this manner. There will be approximately 300-500 million of us that survive and we will congregate in the United States, Australia and New Zealand; these will be the survival centers where civilization, food, and a continuation of our technology will be.

The surviving Nations of Europe will have 10-15% of their existing populations. Australia and New Zealand will be reduced to 15% of it’s current population.  The United States will shrink down to 75 million, but that will include the millions of Canadians who head south fleeing the permanent winter.  We are in a 99-year Mini-Ice Age or Solar Minimum; it will be impossible to grow food in Canada or the Ukraine.

Yes, the permanent Winter will also impact Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. This, too, is part of the Great Return.  And yes, China will soon not have enough food for itself and will not be able to send food to North Korea.

China will be destroyed soon.  Not by Nuclear weapons or even war, but by over reach or hubris. The Three Gorges Dam will fail in a severe Earthquake and release the 120 miles of water that is 500 feet deep by 500 feet wide into China’s rivers. When this gigantic weight is suddenly shifted, all of China will buckle and sink beneath the waves.  This will take the Koreas and Japan with it; the South China Sea will extend up to Siberia.

Make allowances for the coming Earth Changes; these too, are part of the Great Return. Use the Search bar on the left top of this site.

This may seem to be too much doom and gloom, but this site is for Right-Spinners and most of us will survive and thrive wherever we are. Just know that you must start moving to one of the three survival sites. Southern Europe will be repopulated later.

This is not about being good or bad; it is about the energy that you chose to have here before you were born.  When Left-Spin energy had 80% of the power here (up until 2018), it was always easier to come here with that dominant energy.  Now, it will be easier to be born with Right-Spin as the dominant energy.

Enough for now.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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