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Suppressed Technologies are Being Released!

We are all starting to read about our Space activities over the past 30 years. You can read about a deep underground colony on Mars. You can read about Secret Space Programs (SSP) involving both the US Air Force and the US Navy separately with different masters. In both of these SSPs, we have space ships that travel much faster than we ever thought and have anti-gravity capabilities and can be “cloaked” as with the flying Aircraft Carrier in the Avenger movie. Is it any wonder that our politicians are talking about creating a new military arm for Space? We have hundreds of Space Ships and thousands of military forces spread around our Solar System and near Space. The Moon has already been colonized/militarized by both Humans and friendly, Alien Visitors – the Pleaidians. Ditto for the Asteroid Belt and several of the moons orbiting our larger planets.

Whether we like it or not, there is an intergalactic war going on around us. What is bringing high level government people from both the Nation States and the Deep State to the newly discovered, Enemy Alien base in Antarctica. This is a recently destroyed base with millions of dead Reptilian bodies; who destroyed them and how could it happen and our world not know about it? I call them the Overlord Reptilians, but others are calling them, Dracos. These Reptilian invaders are not just attacking Earth, but many of the advanced worlds in our part of the Universe to include the Pleaidians who are the forefathers of all Europeans.

The United States seems to have been chosen to provide forces from Earth to fight in the coming battles. The activities around the Reptilian base in Antarctica will form the basis for more military forces from NATO, Russia and, perhaps, even China after regime change.

This brings me to the title of this post; suppressed technologies are being released. Many new ideas have been waiting on the “drawing board” for the shift in Energies that has just occurred. I have a web site full of them (Revitae Technologies) and, I am sure, there are more of them out there. These technologies can, now, be brought into the world to make everyones life easier and more productive, not just for secretive defense purposes.

The Dracos take over planets for their EXCLUSIVE use; they exterminate all life forms that could resist their domination. Fortunately, their excesses have formed a very effective resistance and they are losing the war in this sector of the Universe. This is going to be a very long war; the Dracos have been very successful in conquering other worlds and have huge resources to draw upon, but not near us for the moment.

Again, whether we like it or not, we are being drawn into the war against the Dracos. We are one of the more significant battlefields as our planet has rich resources in heavy metals. What that means is that we must be incorporated into the defense forces of the Federation of Planets. Further, we must, somehow, become part of the Federation politically.

OK. How? The Deep State has been an ally with the Dracos for much of our recorded history. The Deep State, and it’s forces, are being destroyed now on Earth and in Space. Some few people within the Deep State have realized the error of their ways and are helping the Forces of Good (Right-Spinners). Do not look to the United Nations (UN) or the European Union (EU) to be involved at all as they are deeply controlled by the Deep State and will be dissolved. With the advent of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, the Cabal/Deep State central banksters are losing their grip on world finances. As I have written about before, the Pleaidians will be announcing their presence soon, probably with a joint appearance of advanced spacecraft of the United States. Surface wars on Earth will be prohibited, repressive regimes (Yes, to include Islam) will be toppled and peace will be enforced from Space. 

None/No-thing of this is happening by accident; it is all about the shift in Energies from Left-Spin, which supported the Deep State, to Right-Spin, which supports Freedom, Truth, Choice, Integrity and Order (much less Fear, Force and Control).

Stay tuned.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Grip of Darkness is Loosening

OK. It is September 16th, Right-Spin energy is at 80% and has just gotten a little boost in power/volume/gain on the 15th. What does this mean.

Darkness had no difficulty identifying those of us who are strong Right-Spinners; we were like Lighthouses in the Dark. When it had 80% power to mess with us, it did. So if you have Diabetes, brown, red or rough skin issues, cataracts, limited hearing, bowel or colon issues, bladder issues, joint issues, Arthritis, and others, Darkness has used the sugar that you freely put into your body to mess with you.

This is done by using sugar to create structures within our bodies that limit the flow of energy at our pressure points; this causes more pain and more dis-ease and things get worse over time.

OK. What is happening now is that the hard, sugar structures no longer have enough Dark energy to maintain their structural integrity; they are dissolving in our bodies. This means, that the limits that have been imposed on us are starting to go away. We will begin to see and hear more, our joint pain will get better, our bladder and colon issues will get better. Even better, the sugar that is stored in our bodies, after decades of buildup, is starting to be targeted for cleanup by our Right-Spin directed bodies.

Right-Spin energy will be boosted again on the 1st and 15th of October, November and December and should be a full powre on January 1, 2019. With every boost in powre, the sugar (demon) structures in our bodies will fade away and we will be more powerfully, healthy.

Many of you are waiting, impatiently, for your powres.  Think about it, until you get rid of the Dark Limiting structures that Darkness has placed in you, it will be difficult to get and use your powres. Stop eating sugar, bread, pasta, grains, flour, breakfast cereal, rice, or potatoes.

Here is an exception or two.  When you eat Purple Potatoes or Purple Rice (Forbidden Rice), your liver converts them to Brown Fat as opposed to White, Sugar Fat. The Brown Fat attacks  and destroys the White Fat around our middle. Anything dark green or purple is great to eat. Think about adding Omega 7 from Sea Buckthorn Berries (not the big Pharm processed fish oil); this will help release the white fat everywhere. You can get Omega 7 from Macadamia Nuts, Anchovies, Sardines, Herring, Tuna and Salmon, but get the supplements as well.

This is not license to eat white or sweet potatoes or white, yellow or brown rice; not.

This is essentially, wonderful news. We are in the clean out the stables stage of getting rid of Darkness in our bodies. Once we are cleansed, we will get our powres and can begin to use them.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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More on Sugar

Sugar comes from Darkness; it is all about Fear, Force and Control, but at a fundamental, what we eat perspective. The Medical World already knows that sugar is the fuel for Inflammation. It also knows that Cancer cells eat 10 times more sugar than regular cells; if you starve the cancer cells of sugar, they die.

What about Blood Pressure? If you are a Diabetic, you have a high A1C, which is a 3-month moving average of your Blood Sugar; that is BS, it is a snapshot of your background sugar storage in your body. What goes along with Diabetes is higher Blood Pressure.  Think about it, if you have a lot of sugar floating around in your blood, your blood is going to be a lot thicker, like syrup. In order to pump that syrupy blood to all of your cells, your blood pressure must be increased. The Docs do not know what causes Hyper Tension; its the sugar.

A bit more complex, but High Cholesterol, particularly the LDL and Triglycerides are also related to sugar. If you dump sugar from your diet, your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers will drop to “normal” or below.

Same for heart disease, strokes, bowel related issues, rough or bumpy skin issues (the Docs call them “Skin Blisters”, but they are really Sugar Blisters or Bumps). I am not sure, but my Spirit Guide tells me that sugar is the primary cause for ALL of our diseases.

Whoa, you are saying that sugar is the number one enemy to good health and the Doctors do not know it!!! Yes, Darkness has pulled off this Big Lie for all of our lives and the lives of our parents and grandparents. The Doctors are taught nothing of this in their schools. They even give out Diabetes drugs so that you can continue to eat 300-500 grams of carbohydrates (sugar) per day and still control your blood sugar. What happens if it does not work so well? They put you on more, different drugs and then, more and more insulin shots. The one thing they do not tell you is to stop eating sugar.

Of course, sugar is in nearly everything you eat; that is also part of Darkness’s plan. And then, there is the Roundup which is sprayed on all of our grain crops; Monsanto called it Agent Orange in Vietnam. Unless it is Organic, most Wheat, Corn, Oats, Barley, Soy and Ripe (Canola) is contaminated with Glyphosites from Round Up. This also applies to Potatoes, Rice and Peanuts. In the United States, they actually spray Round Up on all of these crops just before harvesting; so…. most of the processed foods that you eat have been poisoned.

One of the primary goals of Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO) was to make them more tolerant of the RoundUp herbicide.  Did you know that Glyphosite, it’s primary agent, was originally patented as an antibiotic? Round Up actually kills all of the bacteria in the soil and our vegetables cannot get the nutrients from the dead soil.

The other Big Lie is our Governments telling us that we should be eating a low fat, high carbohydrate diet; that is a high sugar diet. Before 1950, the establishment going back 200 years told us to eat a hight fat, medium protein, low carbohydrate diet.

So…You see, Darkness has been in charge for the past 8,640 years. If was fairly easy for Darkness to put poison (sugar) in our diets and modify what Doctors were taught. And then, there is Big Pharma; that is also very Dark.

Light/Right-Spin has taken over. This is all very good news, we are waking up to the Big Lies of Darkness. There are 20 million people searching for Keto or Ketogenic on Google; soon there will be even more.

Collectively, we are starting to realize that SUGAR is POISON.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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