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New Age Stuff – How does it fit?

Many of us know fellow Light Workers and we all tend to march to different drummers; sometimes, very different drummers. As I say on my Home Page, I am an Ascended Master, now, here on Earth. I also have had more than 30,000 previous lifetimes on many different worlds and was an Ascended Master in many of them. Once you become an Ascended Master, you tend to be able to remember more stuff and it gets easier to do again and again.

The only difference between a young soul and an old one is that the old one can remember more; it’s called experience over many lifetimes.

OK. How does one become an Ascended Master? There is a good series of books out there called, “The Celestine Prophecy” with follow-on books. The book details how one raises their energy level until they vibrate themselves out of this plane of existence into the next higher one. That is becoming an Ascended Master. The one criticism that I have is that there are various levels and you must consult with your Spirit Guide as to whether you are ready for the next level or not. Or maybe, you might be ready to jump a level or two. 

We are in the Ninth Level of thicker and thicker energies; some call it the Physical HARD. When we are able to vibrate ourSelves up into the Eighth level, the energies are higher and less dense. That applies to each of the levels as we approach the Zero or the “At One” level. The trouble with this concept is that No One has ever vibrated themSelves up and beyond the Fifth Level; there is a very strong “glass” ceiling there.

So… The Ascended Master path or way is broken. Unless someone can figure out how to get past the Fifth Level, and many old souls have tried (me included), Spirit must send someone to some world to create a new path. That is not to say that being an accomplished old soul doesn’t have benefits, just not being able to return to Spirit, which is the prime directive.

This is what being a NewBeing or a Newman or a Newoman is all about. When you Transform yourSelf from a Fire Being (Tetrahedron or MerKaBa symbol) into an Earth Being (Hexahedron/Cube symbol), that is equivalent to being able to vibrate yourSelf into the the 7th Level of being an Ascended Master. When beings are ready and Transform themSelves into Air Beings (Octahedron or Diamond symbol), that is equivalent to vibrating yourSelf into the 5th Level of being an Ascended Master.

Ok, this is how we can now get past the 5th Level. Once you Transform yourSelf into a Water Being (Icosahedron symbol), that is equivalent to being a 3rd Level Ascended Master. There are bonus points that can be earned that can enable you to move into the Second Level. From there, when you Transform yourSelf into a Spirit Being (Dodecahedron symbol), there is a clear path to AtOneMent. See the Platonic Solids page on this site.

So…Being an Ascended Master is still something that is worth striving for and attaining. There is the old Ascended Master path and there is the new, NewBeing path.

There is much discussion about many people on Earth who are raising their vibrations and enabling the Planet – Earth to Ascend. This is true. When it happens, Earth will be the first planet, ever, to Ascend. For all of us who have helped and are here during that time, we will bask in its glory for a very long time.

Who are these people who are vibrating themSelves into higher energies? Answer? Simple, they are all Right-Spinners. We are just about to enter into the energy space where Aquarius is fully enabled as Right-Spin energy. What does that mean? On January 1st, 2019, Aquarius will have 80% of the powre in our world, Solar System, Galaxy and Local Universe. Aquarius is Female Dominated and supports Go-Your-Own-Way energies; no more Male Domination and follow-the-leader or must have credentials. The college degree is, officially, worthless.

Left-Spin energy has had 80% of the power for the past four Houses of the Zodiac or Ages; Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini or a total of 8,640 years. It is time for a change!!! When you look at weather systems, Left-Spinners are low pressure systems (Counter-Clockwise) and are represented by Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Tornadoes and Storms in general. Low pressure means lower vibrations and lower energies.  

Right-Spinners, on the other hand, are like high pressure systems (Clockwise) and are represented by weather that is sunny, clear, beautiful days to be alive. High pressure means higher vibrations and higher energies.

Think about it, we must have both energies; we cannot have all sunshine and must have rain and clouds. Everything and everyone is a mix of both Left- and Right-Spin energies. The biggest problem for people is that most of us opted to be Left-Spinners over the past 100 years; when Left-Spin had 80% of the power. It is always easier to go with the power structure. In three weeks, Left-Spinners will be relegated to 20% of the power; a big step down in Wealth, Money, Sex and Power.

Most of them see that their world is shifting around them, but they do not understand why. They do not understand why the “sheep” are not doing what they are told to do. How dare they revolt! They have had all of the power and wealth in their families for 100s of years and that is how it is supposed to continue. They plan to continue to meet at Jackson Hole and Davos to call the tune, but everything, suddenly, is crumbling and coming apart at the seams. IT IS THE NEW, RIGHT-SPIN ENERGIES; More Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Doing-the-Right-Thing.

The DEEP State is falling apart, Everywhere!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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