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Happy NewBeing Year!!!

NewBeings, Newomen and Newmen; this is the YEAR we have been waiting for since 2000. That was a long time ago. Please search this site for the Newman Manifesto post.

This is the year that Aquarian Energy is fully in charge. After each Age (the last one was Pisces) there is a five year transition which is a bit spotty and then a sixth year where the transition is completed; 2018 was that sixth year.

OK. Now, we are in the Age of Aquarius; what does that mean? It means that women are dominant. It also means that we can go our own way or choose our own way. It also means that the dominant energy is Right-Spin (spins like the clock) and is characterized as more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Not Corrupt/Cheater/Lier/Thief, Self-Responsibility, Self-Reliance and, generally, always Doing-the-Right-Thing.

This sounds a lot different than what we have been through, doesn’t it? In the past, there were just two Houses of the Zodiac or Ages that were Right-Spin; Leo and Aquarius. See my Great Year page. Each Age is 2,160 years and all twelve are 25,920 years. After Leo, our last “Golden Age,” we have been in five Ages with Male Domination, follow the leader and differing credentials needed for success and wealth. In that 10,800 years, women had few rights and little wealth.

In the last three (6,480 years), we were in Taurus with the Bull and the following heard, Aries with the Ram and the following flock and Pisces with the Schooling Fish which followed Males, but some Females as well. If you think about it, that is where the noun School comes from; there are many types of schools and schooling and it all ties back to Pisces which started 2,166 years ago (sorry Christians).

Yea for us. We have come through 10,800 years of Darkness or Left-Spin Energy which can be characterized as Fear, Force, Control and resisting Doing-the-Right-Thing (always Doing-the-Left-Thing). Now, you see how and why our world is so very messed up; the men have been in charge.

Right-Spin is like a high pressure weather system; lots of blue sky, wispy clouds and sunshine. Left-Spin is like a low pressure weather system; lots of dark clouds, rain, driving winds (Gales, Tropical Storms and Hurricanes). Everything is a mix of both and we cannot have one without the other. As Left-Spin energy was dominant for so long, most Humans (95%) have opted to be Left-Spinners as their life would be easier.

All of that changed three days ago. The energy of the world now support women being in charge. That energy is called Right-Spin energy and it is 80% of the energy now; Left-Spin energy only has 20% now (after having 80% for the past 10,800 years).

The Left-Spinners have all of the wealth, power and position. They have all of the money, land, attend the best schools and universities and have the most powerful, well-paid jobs. Another name for this is Deep State and why not? If you had 4/5ths of the power in the world for the last 10,000 years, wouldn’t you or your family be among the ruling elite?

This is all changing and it has already begun. Donald Trump won and the Deep State has been trying to kill him or take him down ever since. Then, there is the dissolution of the European Union starting with Brexit, the almost departure of Italy and the huge unrest in France and Belgium with the Yellow Vests movement. The Deep State decided that their complete take-over would take too long under Christianity and opened the door to massive immigration by young, military age Muslim men; they decided that the Muslim Religion had to be imported via a reverse invasion. This plan has worked well in Europe, but not so well in the United States or Canada or Australia or New Zealand.

This is all starting to fall apart now. The energetic support for the EU is no longer there. The energetic support for the United Nations (UN) is no longer there. The energetic support for the US GOVERNMENT is no longer there. The energetic support for the Deep State, the Cabal, the Globalists, the Bilderburgers, the Davosmen, the Jackson Holers, the Rothchilds and all of the Banksters, in general, are no longer supported.

All of a sudden, the people who were so easily controlled for centuries are no longer doing as they are told to do; even by their Deep State-controlled elected representatives. This is happening everywhere. This is not an aberration. It is a shift in the energies. It is a Shift of the Ages.

Welcome to the New Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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How to be Demon Free

Many of us have demons that mess with us all of the time. It does not matter what your religion is or whether you consider yourSelf to be a Light Worker. If you are a Right-Spinner, you probably have at least one Demon who has been messing with you for a long time. Darkness had the power and put them into us. Frequently, they have been the cause of poor vision, hearing, balance, Diabetes, shortness, balding, smallness, etc.

How do you know or find out if you have a Demon inside of you. If you do things to make the people around mad or suddenly enraged; it is two Demons pushing each others buttons. OK. In past posts, I have written about establishing a dialog with your Spirit Guide. There are two approaches that I recommend; one is to tune into your head nodding and shaking. The nod is a yes and the shake is a no. This is an advanced form of muscle testing or Kinesiology. The other is to use your thumb and forefinger. If they slide, that is a No. If they lock, that is a Yes. Using either of these methods allows you to ask Yes or No questions of yourSelf (Spirit Guide). It is important that you remove yourself from the decision or trying to guess or direct the answer; just let yourSelf come through.

When I teach someone about this in person, I always ask them to ask themselves if their name is their name. In my case, I ask if my name is Merln and get a strong Yes. Now, if I ask if my name is John or Bob, I get a strong No. These types of questions are just for calibration. You can ask yourSelf any question about anything; sex, money, family, whether someone is good for you, whether someone is lying or stealing, etc.

What about being lied to by Spirit when you have asked in the past? This happens to all Spiritual Seekers. Why? If you are a Right-Spinner, Darkness or Left-Spin knows who you are. Up until today, Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world, even with some residual power right up until December 31st. When Darkness had that kind of power, it could intrude on your conversation with yourSelf; perhaps as often as 4 time out of 5.

Now for Left-Spinners, the conversation was always with Darkness as Darkness had most of the power.

As of today, January 1st, 2019, Light or Right-Spin has 80% of the powre in our world. Now, Right-Spinner conversations are always with Light or Right-Spin. Now, the inner conversations of Left-Spinners will be hi-jacked by Right-Spin powre as often as 4 out of 5 times. The Left-Spinners have all of the money; that is being hi-jacked by Right-Spin as well.

So…… Now, you can ask yourSelf if you have any Demons in you and, if you are a Right-Spinner, you will get a truthful answer. If you are a Left-Spinner, this information is not for you anyway and I do not much care whether you have a Demon or not.

OK. YourSelf told you that you have one or more Demons messing with you. Sometimes they are in layers and you can only remove them in layers. So…. How does a Right-Spinner get rid of Demons?

Remember, Darkness had most of the power and now, Light has 80% of the powre. So, we Right-Spinners are much more powreful than we were yesterday; we can now remove the strongest Dark Demons, even if we must do it three or more times to remove all of the layers.

Here’s what to do. Put a large golden sphere around you. Make it 14 feet in diameter. Make it so that it has nine layers. Shrink the golden sphere down intending to capture any and all of the Demons within you. You may actually hear the Demons crying out in consternation. Shrink the sphere down to seven feet, then a yard (36 inches), then 24 inches, then 12, then 9, 6, 3, 1.5, 1, .5 and so on until the Demons have nearly all of their power gone. I shrunk my Demons down to five grains of sand. I took their power away and demoted them to new Demon status.

Now, I was tempted to keep on shrinking them until they disappeared, but that would be killing them and my Spirit Guide asked me to stop; that was not my Right. So, I asked Archangel Michael to come and take the Demons away; which He did. He will do that for you as well. My intent when I asked Michael was that the Demons would not bother me, or anyone else again. OK. You do not have to de-power them down to grains of sand; you can turn them over to Michael when they are 12 inches in diameter or less.

For those of you who wonder why I keep using feet and inches in a metric world, the answer is simple. Read my Home page about the number 14 being the Creation Number. Now, any 5 is really a 14 even if it is made from 3+2. In the United States, we still use miles, yards, feet and inches (gallons, quarts, etc.). Again, why? Look at the state changes in water; it freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and that is a Creation of a new state. It also boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and it also turns to live steam at 221 degrees Fahrenheit; two more changes in state. The metric system is a creation of Darkness, just like the European Union, the United Nations and the US GOVERNMENT (in all caps). Spirit has prevented the US from adopting the metric system; the US of A was created by Right-Spin energy from as far back as 1000 AD.

After you rid yourself of your Demons, you will feel lighter and calmer and happier and you can start being yourself for the first time in decades or more. You will stop flying off the handle and being so angry over trivial things. If you have been battling depression for years, it may have all been caused by your Demons. Get rid of the Demons and, maybe, you will be able to get rid of the Meds that keep you fogged up, mess with your memory, mess with your sleep and make you groggy in the AM.

Happy New Year!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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