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More on Earth Changes

Recently, I wrote about the coming of Permanent Winter or a new, Mini-Ice Age; it is actually happening now or the beginning is. In the past, I wrote about Earth Changes and a Polar Shift; they did not happen, … yet.

OK. Go look at a couple of web sites: and . I have been led to these sites recently. You can download “By Ice, Not by Fire” for free; DuckDuckGo it. They both talk about a coming Magnetic Reversal that tends to coincide with rapidly increased volcanic activity in our oceans and on land, coming severe ice ages, the extinction of many species and the evolutionary leap of new species. The oceans heat up, make a lot of water vapor, the volcanoes on land push a lot of cooling ash and gases into the atmosphere and glaciers form and expand rapidly. This increased volcanic activity is caused by a weakening of our magnetic field which is weakening rapidly and may soon flip-flop (North Pole to South Pole – magnetically).

I did not realize that the Pole Shift info that I was getting was not physical pole flip, but magnetic; a Magnetic Reversal.

What does that mean to us as Earthlings? It means that the cold will come faster and be more intense; the Permanent Winter in the northern and southern reaches of the planet will be here soon.

With more ice, the ocean levels will drop, not rise. The Global Warming stuff is wrong and is political propaganda anyway; when Communism/Socialism failed, the Deep State/Cabal had to come up with a new “Ism” and we got Environmental-ism or Global Warming-ism.

There are many catastrophic things that can come with a Magnetic Reversal like more cosmic rays messing with our communications and technologies; these have been the probable cause of evolutionary leaps in species.

My Spirit Guide is telling me that our next ice age will be a mini one and that it will last 99 years. I am also being told that our communications-computer technology will survive the magnetic pole shift. The sunspot activity will increase and our magnetosphere (magnetic field) will become strong again.

Having said that; there are going to be some serious Earth Changes related to the magnetic Pole Shift. As stated above, there is already a significant increase in volcanic activity worldwide, especially in the oceans. This is particularly true in Central America and Indonesia. This activity will increase and bring major earth quakes; all related to increased cosmic rays/decreased magnetic field. Most of Central America and Indonesia/Philippines will collapse into the sea (subduction). Most of the western Caribbean (Jamaica, Caymans, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) will collapse along with most of Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize and most of Guatemala. When this happens, it will be sudden and all of the land will be thousands of feet underwater. There will be 1,000 miles of open ocean between Columbia and Mexico along with new currents. When? After or during the Magnetic Pole Reversal; sooner than we know.

What then? These subductions and/with the Magnetic Reversal will provide enough energy to trigger more Earth Changes. There will be a gigantic Earth Quake(s) in California that creates the Isles of California. Talking about 14-16 on Richter Scale. The LA Basin will be under 4,000 of water, the Central Valley will be 2-300 feet deep, San Diego and Santa Barbara will be islands, the Redwoods will be an island and the Sequoias will be safe. San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Sacramento will be toast.

These Earth Quakes will travel down the San Andreas Fault to Mexico City and will be equally destructive. Then, they will travel east to Montserrat, where the volcanic eruption will destroy the island. Oddly enough, this energy will continue to travel east to Mount Vesuvius, near Naples, Italy. There will be a catastrophic volcanic eruption there with very destructive ash and pyroclastic flows, even across water.

In the past, I have called these the Trigger Events. The subductions in Central America and the Caribbean will set the stage, energetically, for the subduction of the Amazon River Basin (to become the Amazon Sea). Same for the subductions in Indonesia/the Philippines; they will set the stage for the subduction of China.

In China, there will be a rapid rise in volcanic and earthquake activity related to the Magnetic Reversal and energy building subductions. Another gigantic Earth Quake, in the 16-18 Richter range will destroy the Three Gorges Dam. All of that water (500 feet deep, 1/2 mile wide and 120 miles long) will suddenly be released to flow down the rivers of China. Never mind the destruction by flood; the weight of this sudden displacement of all of that water weight will cause China to buckle, bend and break in many places and cause the subduction of most of China into the China Sea. Taiwan, Okinawa, South Korea (now, an island) and Japan will survive this holocaust.

Are we done? No. One more huge event. The Magnetic Reversal combined with all of the volcanic/earthquake/subduction energies will be enough for the Earth to expand from her present size to something 40% larger. Think of going from a basket ball to a beach ball; the spherical model will go from 25,000 miles in circumference to 40,000 miles.

This has happened several times before. Early on, the Earth’s Continents touched each other (Pangaea) and then they “drifted” apart as the Earth’s sphere/physicality grew larger. This is just one more iteration in growth. Many people have been getting information about this as the Ascension of Gaia or the Earth.

When the Earth suddenly expands, there will be a lot of water moving in destructive waves. Seek high ground for safety; most people live on or near the ocean. That will not be safe.

There will be major additional subductions in Africa, the Middle East and India during the sudden expansion. Africa will have three large islands; one where Kenya is, one across from and with Madagascar and one in South Africa. All of Northern, Eastern and Central Africa will collapse beneath the waves. All of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula will be under 300-500 feet of water; this includes large portions of Somalia and Egypt. Much of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran will become shallow seas. The Red Sea and the Persian Gulf will disappear into a larger sea. The Caspian Sea will reconnect with this new sea. This new sea will also impact Pakistan and India in coastal areas.

Last topic: Evolutionary Leaps. This website is all about New Beings (Newomen and Newmen) who are advanced spiritual beings who have moved/are moving beyond what it means to be Human. It is important for all New Beings to read/re-read the Newman Manifesto. Coincidentally with this Magnetic Reversal, our World (Gaia/Earth) has moved/is moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, from Left-Spin to Right-Spin dominated, from male to female dominated and from fear to trust.

Fear not; we have just entered a new Golden Age. The transition is going to be a bit rough.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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