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China is the last, best hope of Darkness

This site is all about the transitioning from Darkness to Light or Right-Spin. Here an update on that; on June 15th, Light and Right-Spin energies both reached 40% (each). This completes the Energy Transitioning that has occurred in 2019; Darkness got 20% early, in January and February. Light and Right-Spin both got their 40% (each) in the March, April, May & June months. So… Now, Darkness has 20%, Light has 40% and Right-Spin has 40%.

Whoa! Hasn’t it always been a war between Darkness and Light as binary opposites? Is Right-Spin a third force or third party. Yes, but Right-Spin is a tight ally of Light against Darkness. Light and Right-Spin have many of the same attributes like more freedom, choice, integrity, truth, transparency, self-reliance, self-responsibility and doing-the-right-thing.

So…The 80% Powre shared between Light and Right-Spin has been split down the middle. What that means is that “Light-Workers” will have 40% to do their “Light” work and that Right-Spinners or NewBeings (Newomen / Newmen) will have the other 40% for their use. In reality, most of the 80% will be put into action against Darkness. The followers of Moloch, the leadership of the Catholic Church, Judaism and Islam, all of them very Dark, will be destroyed. Same for the One Worlders, the Deep State, the Globalists, the UN, the EU and the US GOVERNMENT.

This brings me back to China. In 1991, China was allowed into the World Trade Organization under a strict set of international trading laws. This is how the Globalists started transferring the wealth from Europe and the United States to China. China immediately refused to follow all of the trading laws and has amassed huge wealth in the past three decades. The idea was to strip the US and Europe of its wealth and allow the tyrannical, dictatorial Chinese Communist Party to seize control of the world. This was to be the last gasp of Darkness as it started losing its power in 2013-2018.

China has just, barely, been stopped from deploying a killing technology into the west; it’s called 5G. The frequencies used are the UltraSound band which is safe for seconds of exposure infrequently. 5G networking and phone use will expose all of us to these frequencies all of the time. The result? Mass killings in every place this Chinese (or European) technology is deployed in. The primary means of killing would be brain tumors and break down in our nervous systems. You must resist the deployment of this killing technology as much as possible. A minimum safety precaution would be to make sure your head is at least 10 feet or 3 meters from a 5G transmitting antenna. This includes your phone so plan to keep your 4G phone.

Fortunately, 4G phones and network infrastructure (cell towers/servers) can be modified to increase their existing bandwidth by 300-500 times (using the same frequencies). This is a much safer approach and will get us to the same explosion in data rates and usage. This approach will get us to 5G, 6G, 7G and beyond, but gradually and safely. See my other website at

Anyway, China is driven by Dark forces; we just watched them try to seize power in Hong Kong this past week. Light/Right-Spin forces have taken over and prevented THEM. The Chinese Communist Party will not be able to give up their theft of Intellectual Property, Espionage, Forced Technology Transfers and Subsidized goods used to bankrupt their competitors. Their Belt and Road loans are a new version of Colonialism; the loans don’t get paid back and the Chinese seize valuable ports, transportation networks and natural resources. They are being stopped from seizing ships in the South China Sea.

Trump will put an additional $300-325 Billion of Chinese exports into the United States; this will collapse the Chinese Economy by Christmas or sooner. Bank failures are already an issue in the Chinese interior; 100s of small banks have failed and their real estate market balloon is popping. 1000s of companies are moving out of China to avoid tariffs. As these bank failures hit the medium and bigger banks, the US will have to cut the Chinese banks access to US Capital Markets; that will be the coup de gras.

Trump is disrupting all of the plans of the Globalists and undoing their damage as fast as he can. As the many manufacturing plants come back to the United States, he can transition away from the Central Bank (Fed, ECB, PBOC) economies and move the US Dollar to a Gold/Asset-Backed US Treasury Note. The US is now the largest oil and natural gas exporter in the world. The US has gigantic gold reserves hidden away in abandoned salt mines in the US Heartland; much of this has come from a mountain of pure gold on the Moon. You wonder what US Space Force ships have been doing; at least, in part. We have many US Ships in space; all of them are capable of dropping big rocks on either the Chinese or Russians. Then, there are the energy beams; don’t be alarmed about hypersonic missiles. Trump has, even, defeated the Rothschild forces in space.

What is happening here is the destruction of the Globalist World Trade plan that was going to transition to open borders, mass migrations of impossible to asimulate (Muslims) people and the destruction of national / cultural /religious values. Trump is busy destroying the Global Supply Lines/Chains that have been built up over many years; moving them from China to other places and back to the USA. He is also destroying the Perpetual War Machine or the Rothschild Bankster Empire that has been ruling over us ALL for at least 300 years, maybe as much as 1,000.

Darkness is losing; BIGLY. Light and Right-Spin are, firmly, in charge – NOW!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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