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What’s all this about SPACE?

Trump has created a new, US Space Force. India is trying to put something on the Moon. China is talking about setting up a colony on the Moon. Everyone is putting 1000s of satellites into orbit to bring us worldwide access to the Internet.

It is starting to look like we, the Earth, are about to begin a “breakout” into Space.

How or why? The US Government is granting licenses for private companies to begin mining the asteroids.

Guess what? Earthlings have been on the Moon in a colony since 1960. Who are these people? Germans. Read about New Swabia, the secret German base in Antarctica. Read about German flying saucers defeating at US Navy Carrier Battle Group with Mainines on the ice in 1947.

The Germans realized that their secret base was no longer secret. They had developed the flying saucer technology enought that they attacked the US Navy ships from out of the water and shot down US aircraft with some kind of beam weapon.

They moved their secret base to the far side or Dark Side of the Moon. This is a separate group of German people who are not affiliated with the country we call Germany. Guess what? They have claimed the Moon, all of it, for themselves and, for Earth.

There is still a small colony of Germans in the New Swabia secret base; so, they have a claim for a huge chunk of antartica as well.

Interesting! Wait, it gets more so. When the Germans arrived at their new colony location, it already had “people” there. Who are these people and did they help the German colonists?

They are what we call Pleaidians and all Europeans come from a colony that they established in Europe about 3600 years ago. They have been observing and interacting with us for many 1000s of years.

They have a starship maintenance base on the far side of the Moon; think of it as a Star Fleet ship yard where they build new spaceships and repair them. The Germans were welcomed as workers in the shipyard.

So…if the Pleaidians have a maintenance base on the Moon, how many other bases do they have? Many in other parts of the Moon, in the Asteroid Belt, on Titan, on Europa and they have a flotilla of Starships out beyond Neptune that protects our Solar System from an invading non-Human race.

Whoa. These ETs are very Human-like and look just like many Europeans and have been protecting us for a very long time; perhaps 1000s of years.

The Pleaidians come from seven (7) Human-inhabited planets and solar systems in the Pleaides Constellation; they all orbit around a large, dark star. Our Sun also orbits around that same dark star – Alcione or Alycon (two different name for the same star). So,,, yes, we are not alone and we have lots of cousins.

The US Military and its associated Industrial Complex has been spending 100s of $Billions since WW2. Yes, we have the military that everyone sees here on Earth but we also have a very robust Space Force of USS Starships. We work very closely with the Pleaidians on the Moon and throughout our Solar System. So…we are just now making our Space Forces legitamite and will begin funding them in the open.

We are many decades ahead of the Russians, Chinese and anyone else from Earth. The Pleaidians chose the United States (us) to be their partners in helping to defend Planet Earth. They have shared their technologies with us and we have shared our with them; particularly the computer, communications and data advances that we have pioneered.

Yes, the US Military has several bases on the Moon, in the Asteroid Belt and, even, on Titan. It has just been very secret and not acknowledged by our Government.

So. We are about to move into Aquarian Energy here on Earth, but also in the seven worlds of the Pleaidians; call them the Federation of Planets. Deception will not be supported in this new energy; now the truth must begin to come out.

Why do we need a military in Space? Simple, the Draco’s are a reptilian race that have been fighting the Pleaidians for control of this area of space for about 10,000 years. They actually had partial control of Earth for several 1000 years but did not have air or space superiority and had to stay underground in five large Hives (Antartica (why do you thing there is so much activity down there?), Perth, Australia, Alsace-Lorraine (French-German Border), Cairo, Egypt and Dulce, New Mexico, USA).

The Draco were defeated completely (all killed) on Earth in 2011. I know, not possible or we would know. It was a stealthy attack kind of, sort of a cyber-attack. The trouble is that more Draco are on the way here in large numbers. They are about 50 to 100 years out.

We are now working with the Pleaidians to take over the defense of Earth and our Solar System.

BTW Nuclear weapons no longer work on Earth; the technology has been turned off. There are no Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Indian, Pakistan, Isreali, French, British or US nuclear weapons. Why do you think the US went to smart, highly precision weapons using lasers and GPS?

Fear used to be the method of controlling the People. In the new energy, that is no longer an option. None of us need to fear nuclear weapons.

Trump is ending the forever wars and bringing peace and prosperity to our world. We will all need to work together, in harmony, to prepare for the coming fight.

PS When we first went to the Moon in the 60s, we orbited the Moon and took images of the Pleaidian Maintenance Base and the new German Colony dome. We knew they were there and established contact. It looks like we gave up on the Moon and Space, but everything moved into the super secret, Black World. We have more than 100 large Space Warships and many more smaller units. Think raw materials from the Moon/Asteroid Belt.

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