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2020 Update, So Far

I have been silent for a while. The basic information is there for everyone.

OK. More detail. We completed the transition from 80% Darkness/Left-Spin to 80% Light/Right-Spin in October 2019. That was a new, empty container for energy and we started filling it up at 10% per month (5% on 1st and 15th). November, December, January, February and, now, March; we are half-full.

What does that mean? We can actually start using this new energy to start making changes to how we do things in our world. Yes, this Corona Virus is part of the changes that are happening.

The Corona Virus is targetted at theDarkest of the Dark Left-Spinners. Think about it, the old men (and women) elites everywhere are panicking over the thought of the virus killing them off. What are they trying to do now, shut everyone up in their homes to keep the virus at bay. This may work for a few days, but you cannot shut down the entire world to save a bunch of old elite tyrants.

The Corona Virus does not attack/kill young, healthy people; they get a mild kind of Flu. Look at Tom Hanks; out of the hospital in 5 days and he is not young. The average age of people dying everywhere is about 80. The virus only spreads at a very specific temperature; 47° F or 8° C. One degree hotter or colder dramatically reduces the virus survival. When the weather starts getting warm, the virus will die off.

Again, it is the old, powerful, wealthy elites that are trying to stop what is coming after them!!! Just imagine, trying to shut down LA and NYC just to save these very Dark Assholes.

OK. We are filling up our Right-Spin power. By August 15th, our powre container will be full.

So…what is happening now. Two evil empires are being destroyed; China (CCP) and the EU. They are collapsing economically and politically due to severed supply chains and the Corona Virus. These two empires are amoung the very Darkest of the Dark on the planet and they will be wiped clean. This process will accelerate over the next 5 months. It looks like Britain has finally escaped the cluthches of the EU or will soon. That, as many people realize is the first death knell for the EU.

What else? We have all been moving towards doing more and more on the Internet already, but now, we are doing our work, learning and medical appointments online. This may seem to be a temporary thing to get past the virus, but it will become normalized as no-one will want to have to keep commuting. And more and more poeple will realize that the college degree is just not worth it or can be gotten far cheaper online.

The supply chains are coming back from China, rapidly. The dependence on China for all things Global are fading quickly. The Chinese are no longer trusted and are, increasingly, being seen as an adversary.

What else? The Central Banks/Banksters have nearly bankrupted everyone/everyplace. They now must eat their broken system with negative interest rates; their business model is to lend money (with Interest) to our governments. They insist that we, the people, must be taxed (Income Taxes) to pay the Interest on the debt. Of course, they keep debasing the fiat currency as well. Both are meant to keep the people of the world enslaved. The good news, the entire Central Bank system is collapsing with China and the EU. Fear not, this is the Central Bank economy collapsing. It is taking the very Dark Globalization vision with it. Yes, the Global Economy is sinking, but it will be replaced with a better one with local (National) production of needed essentials with a return to customs, traditions and religion.

The Corona Virus is also bringing the end of mass migration. People will no longer tolerate intruders who do not accept the norms of behavior (be it religion or ethnicity). This is just another sign that Globalism is dead. There will be a backlash against those who are different and will not change. Especially those who demand that their way is the only thing of importance. Just to be clear; Islam (Mecca) is the home of Darkness on Earth. All Muslims bow down several times a day to worship Darkness. Is that a good partial definition of who is Dark? Do we have Christian or Buddhest Terrorists?

The Dark Forces only have 20% of the power now. They are losing on all fronts now. All of their efforts over the past few decades are being reversed. People are taking their powre back and demanding change. This is happening all over the world; in Europe, the US, Australia, India, Brazil and, even, now in China. The Chinese Communist Part has lost its “Mandate from Heaven.”

Hope the wait was worth it.

Love, Light and Laughter,