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April Update

Hello All,

Today, the Earth (and our Local Universe) has moved into a fill point of 55% in our energy container that holds our dominant Light/Right-Spin energy. That means that we can all start using this energy to improve our daily lives. On 4/15, we will get another 5% and by 8/15, we will have 100%. I know, what about the 20% for the Dark assholes? Apparently, during these transition from Darkness to Light, the newly dominant power gets all of the powre for the first 5 years (the Creation Number).

That means that Darkness/Left-Spin will NOT have any power until January 2025 and then, only 20%.

My updated timelines.

1. Darkness of the Dark program which removes all of the 96-99% Really Dark assholes like Soros, HRC, Obummer, Piglosi and their ilk. Yes, Biden too. It starts today and we will be seeing results in about 5 days. This applies worldwide, not just the USA. This will keep on going down to 80% as a removal on a priority basis.

2, The Great Return program. 5 years starting in January 2021. This is the random return to Spirit or dying here on Earth and being reborn on some other planet. This will apply to everyone who has 60% or higher Dark/Left-Spin energy or about 85% of world population. How? Do not know yet but will involve death from all varieties to include natural-old age, disease, famine and catastropies. (see below).

3. Trigger Events – Great/Giant Earthquakes in California and Mexico, Volcanic Eruptions in Monserrat and Vesuvius, Giant Earthquakes in China causing the collapse of the 3 Gorges Dam causing more Giant Earthquakes and the collapse of China. China will become the China Sea. Taiwan will survive. June 22-23, 2023.

4. Magnetic Pole Shift where the Northern Hemisphere becomes the Southern Hemisphere and we stop and begin rotating around our Sun in a Clockwise (Right-Spin orbit) manner. Lots of sloshing water and changes to the land. September 11, 2023.

5. Earth Changes. Lots more changes. Collapse of Central America. Collapse of islands in Western Caribbean (Jamaica, Caymans, Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti/DR) and Puerto Rico). The Amazon River become the Amazon Sea. Collapse of North, West and Central Africa. Collapse of Middle East (Most). Collapse of Indonesia and Philippines. Collapse of Bangladesh and parts of India. Many mountainous regions will experience massive shiftings. These will have been triggered by the events in June and September. October 10, 2023

Darkness has been in charge of our world for the past 5 Ages or 10,800 years. It sounds like we are moving into a very scary time. We are. It is a Great Cleansing of all of that Dark Energy.

For you Right-Spinners, worry not, this is not coming for you. It will be difficult for many, but you will make it through to the new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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