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The Universe is Changing as well!

I have written about the shift in awareness or consciousness that is occurring but an even larger shift is happening throughout our multiverse (all 9 Local Universes).  We are in the Ninth Local Universe in the right-outside spiral of the Milky Way.

We all live in a 3-Dimensional world; height, depth, and width. But, also, the 3 planes of the corner have their own properties (see The Corner Discussion) which include Darkness & Light, Hot/Heat, & Cold, and Gravity & Magnetism. These are the major forces in our world.

All of these forces are part of a creation process that is described in one of our Holy Books: Genesis. The Creator gave dominion of Light, Cold, and Magnetism to Man/Woman-Kind. This means that we can use our creativity to advance our technologies in these areas more easily than we can with the forces of Darkness, Heat, and Gravity. You will say, hold on, we have been using fire to survive for millions of years. This is true, but we still do not know much about what it is and what its properties are. The same can be said of Darkness and Gravity.

I have made reference to Creation Levels. Our world has been created in the 3-Level of Creation and all but a tiny group of us have been allowed to create beyond the 1- or 3-Level of Creation. Some have pushed the limits and created in the 3+ Level like Nikola Tesla.

Just as there is a 1-Dimensional object like a dot or a line, there is a 1-Level Creation. When the dot becomes a line and the line becomes various shapes  (even 3-dimensional), we move into the 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. We can view a piece of paper as a 2-dimensional object even though it does have some height. Anyway, as soon as we got to 3-dimensional objects, we became Level 3 Creators.

Our universe is making a shift to being a 5-dimensional space. Whoa, what is that? Not sure yet, but we are going to find out. What is driving this new change is the arrival of 5-Level Creators. As soon as we have sufficient numbers of 5-Level Creators, the 5-Dimensional Space will be anchored.

How does one become a 5-Level Creator? The easiest way is to become an Earth Being by putting yourSelf into the Hexahedron or Cube. See Transform YourSelf – A Guided Meditation. Are there other ways? Probably. Some people will be born with this talent like Da Vinci, James Clerk Maxwell and Nikola Tesla were.

All of us are born as Fire Beings and the Tetrahedron (the MerKaBa is two Tetrahedrons) is our symbol. It has four sides (Tetra) and encompasses the 3-dimensions. The Earth symbol is the cube; it has six sides (Hexa) and encompasses the 5-dimensions. When we get to Air Beings, the Octahedron will encompass 7 dimensions and support 7-Level Creators.

I write this to inform you that it is not just about a pathway back to the One; there are levels of Creation/Creatorship along the way. As we move from Fire Beings to Earth Beings, we are advancing to higher-level Creators (5-Level). This will not happen instantly, but the process will begin after you put the cube around yourSelf.

So, yes, we will all be getting wonderful new powers related t being an Earth Being (in the Hexahedron/Cube). It follows that we will be able to create marvelous new capabilities for ourSelves as we are higher-level Creators.

This is all to help you understand that other changes are coming with the advancement into 5-Level Creator status. We have all been exposed to this change many times over the past 100 years or so. The concept is Neutral. Think about how many times you put your car into Drive to move forward or Reverse to move backward.  It does not matter whether your transmission is automatic or manual; you must go through Neutral to shift gears.

This Neutral will become even more important in the future. We tend to think in Binary terms; Male and Female, Darkness and Light, Night and Day, On and Off, Fat and Thin, Heavy and Lite, but there are always shades of grey. There are always Neutral positions between one pole or the other. See Additional Electron States. This is more technical than many of you want, but the important part is that there are two different neutral states between the two poles. The poles are at 360/0 and 180 degrees while the two neutral positions are at 90 and 270 degrees. Neutral is much more complex than just a non-gear; it is all about moving in the direction of one pole or the other.

That was incredibly important background understanding. Now, take that apply it to the major forces in our world; Darkness-Neutral-Light, Hot-Neutral-Cold, and Gravity-Neutral-Magnetism What I am saying is that Neutral is being elevated to the status of a Third Force that is equal to or greater than the two polar (binary) forces we know so well.

The force that I call Right-Spin is this new Neutral force in the Universe. It sounds like it is binary, but it is really just Spin energy. It is Right-Spin because Left-Spin has not been created yet; Darkness will have to figure out how to give up enough of its Fear, Force, and Control for that to happen (not likely). Spin force is this new Neutral Force; it can go either way depending on where it is in the circle.

This post is a kind of “connect the dots” discussion. Becoming an Earth Being is a gigantic change for each of you, but also for the planet and the universe. As Earth Beings, you will be able to use this Neutral force in your Creations; it does not have to be black/white, or positive/negative.

We have all become much more complex beings and our Creations will also become much more complex.

Ask yourSelf, is there a Neutral State for fire? Is there an in-between for flame or not? If so, what is it? And, why have we not asked this question before?

Love, Light and Laughter,


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