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The Dark Side got caught Stealing Elections

We all watched the elections in Brazil. The guy who “won” was in jail for massive corruption. A corrupt member of the Supreme Court decided to let him out of jail; you know, Get Out of Jail Free card. This allowed him to run for President again.

What else? The Biden administration sent many of its operatives down to Brazil to work with the socialist/communist party, like the Democrats in the US. They were actually sent to set up the structure to steal the election, just like they did in 2020 against Trump.

It worked. They used the same playbook and stole the Brazilian Presidential election. Whew! Now, they have to hold on during the outrage. Millions of people in Brazil are out in the streets protesting this fraudulent election and demanding the military audit it. Why not rely on their Supreme Court; it is packed with 9 out of 11 communist/socialist judges who approved letting Lula get out of prison without serving his term. They vacated his conviction so that he could run. The Brazilian people have no trust in that court.

So, Brazil is on the edge of a civil war. The military must step in and they are. Shortly, they will announce that the election was fraudulent with proof of how it was stolen. This proof will implicate the Biden administration’s help in the steal. Lula will be put back in prison for a long time and the Supreme Court will be emptied and reconstituted for its role in the coup.

Yesterday, the US had an election; it too was stolen using the same playbook. Instead of focusing on a President, the Dems focused on Senators. Whew. They too must hang on during the outrage. This time, everyone was looking at the voting machine servers (and recording them remotely). They have forensic records on how votes were added (and taken away from) for the Dems. It will take a few days, but these files and videos will be coming out after the Brazilian announcements. This will trigger a massive uprising in the United States. There may actually be vigilante killings of corrupt election officials. Everyone was patient, but unbelieving after the 2020 steal; Americans are patient and tend to believe that the truth will come out.

But, they did it again. The permanent political party or the Uniparty in Washington DC has been desperate to take everyone’s guns away. If this theft is not addressed appropriately, there may be an uprising against our tyrannical system of government; this was another coup, just like in 2020 and after 2016.

I am not advocating for a civil war or revolution; I am just observing that the pot is boiling and could, very well, start overflowing. How does a democracy work when no one trusts its elections? This is especially true if one party has been stealing elections for 50 or 60 years.

Remember the playbook will be exposed; the Brazilians will expose it to the world. It will become easy for everyone to see it in their own elections. In the US, it takes until January 20th for the newly elected to take their seats; all hell is going to be released until then.

On Energy, on October 30th, Light got 80% (and Darkness still has only 20%). Darkness was still able to steal this election, but not so successfully as in 2020. Darkness had control over the development of voting machines and urban counties. Even before the lawsuits and exposures, the Dems lost the House, but more Republican/Right wins will be coming in both the House and Senate. The steal will not be allowed to succeed.

Now, Light has most of the powre and will expose the Darkness/Dem(on) steals everywhere. Light, like our world, is in transition; on January 1st, 2023, Light will become a more complex force, Right-Spin. Darkness will become Left-Spin. Both of these have a mechanism for working with shades of grey; there are two neutrals, one leans towards the Left-Spin pole and the other toward the Right-Spin pole.

So, this is the high watermark for Darkness. After this, they will only have one-quarter of the power they used to have. Oh shit, oh dear. Our world is changing for the better, even with all of the Earth Changes that are coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,