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The Old World Order is COLLAPSING !!!

Hello Fellow Right-spinners,

There are more than 89,000 subscribers now, but many, many more multi-level shares (think vector branching),

The old ways of doing things are rapidly falling apart. The finances of the world are failing. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has, somehow, lost $80 Trillion in Derivatives (actually, it is more like $200-300 Trillion). The Chinese Property Market was claimed to be $62 Trillion a year ago; with Shadow Banking it was more like $180-200 Trillion.  Today, it is only 10% of that, not lost derivatives; it is just lost digits that have vanished into thin air. But, hey, that is how our money is created by the Central Bankers/Banksters; what is a few Trillion here or there? The US Fed is raising interest rates steeply and the rest of the world is trying to lower them (Japan, China, India, and the EU/Euro). WTF? All the money will be heading to the USA. This situation cannot last the way it is for very long; everywhere inflation is wreaking havoc and the system appears to breaking down.

This is exactly what is supposed to be happening as we enter the new Aquarian energies. Our notions of employment, education, medicine, pharmaceuticals, a sane judiciary, police, energy prices, food prices, shelter prices, etc., are all falling apart Everything that has been “normal” for the past 30 or 40 years is busting apart wide open.

What about trade? China is totally dependent on exports for survival; guess what? So is the rest of the world whether it be raw materials, food, and/or manufactured goods. Yes, Europe has a mostly export economy. Yes, Germany is being de-industrialized. Demographically, most of Europe, Russia, China, Japan, and most of South Asia are aging rapidly; in 20 years, we will have one-third of the people we have now. There are exceptions; USA Boomers had kids. Add in Mexico and New Zealand.

What is going to happen to most $Billionaires when everyone wakes up to the crash in China’s Property Market/Economy and Derivatives Everywhere? They are going to be wiped out overnight. Oh yes, they will still own $Billions in shares, but nearly all of that is pledged against their derivative losses. Most $Billionaires are very strong in Darkness/Left-spin so it makes sense that Light/Right-spin energies will be hunting for them. The WEF will lose its influence overnight as well; all that wealth will be disappearing with a mouse click.

Where in the world do the $Billionaires (and all corrupters) store their money? Simple, only one place, the Cayman Islands. Do you think that Light/Right-spin knows this? Expect many/all of these accounts to be “hacked” and moved to safety for better use later. Just think, all of that ill-gotten wealth just disappearing; poof!

We are talking about the sudden disappearance of 100s of $Trillions; get ready.

What is this going to do to our governments? They are all corrupt and have had their hands out. They too have been stashing it in the Caymans (also buying big estates which can be seized).

So….., like everything else, our governments will be going through massive changes. We have concentrated our representatives in capital cities; which breeds corruption.  Cities are also forms of Hives which all have centralized control. All of a sudden, people are asking why the rural vote is so totally disenfranchised by the urban vote; how did that happen? Darkness!!! We have all seen how collective rights have been used to suppress individual rights; especially during Covid lockdowns, masks, and passports; they even denied us the opportunity to work. The Elites are already getting Covid 2.0 ready; they think we will all go along and do it their way again. NOT, we are in the new energies. They are already talking about Vaccine Amnesties? NOT. What will happen when all of the Evil that they have done gets out? It is already being leaked out in bits and pieces; hence the cries for amnesty. People will not need guns to hunt these disgusting people.

What do you all think about the Swamp Turmoil in Washington DC? McCarthy will get in, but as a figurehead who will not last long. This is also the end of the Deep State/Swamp EVERYWHERE; it is no longer supported by the new energies. Keep watching what the US Supreme Court is doing; it will be amazing.

Same for Brazil; the old corrupt regimes cannot survive in the new energies.

Same for Russia, China, and Iran.

People have no idea how many changes are coming; they will be coming fast and furious. Get ready physically and mentally.

Good news. If you are strong in the Light/Right-spin, you will be fine. Soon we will be getting additional capabilities/powres that will enable us to weather this and thrive. Keep your head up and converse within on what is coming and how you should adjust.  Tune into your head nods and shakes at a minimum.

Not sure how, but our governments will become more decentralized in the future. The Hive will be rejected. Cultural centers will replace cities as our civilization builders; not sure what that means yet. But, they will NOT be our governing centers; they will be much more local.

Remember, millions of us will be getting significant new capabilities/powres. What we do with them will be part of the massive changes coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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