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I haven’t addressed this yet. This site is Not Monitized; it is free Spiritual knowledge. Your information will never be shared with anyone. I do not accept any advertising and I will not subject you to anything but more posts like I have been doing since 2011.

I do not use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to push my search rankings up. I only want the people who should find this site to find it. Just think, if you search “Right-Spin,” you will find out all about how to throw baseballs.

Rest assured, this site is not going anywhere. It will still be here.

My hope in posting this message is that you can ALL rest easy about your interaction with this site. No surprises!!!

My normal post is below:

Right-Spin energy has, finally, taken over. I know, I have said that before, but, now the powre has shifted and we will be able to see the changes as they happen. Yes, there will be many changes coming.

The Worldwide Pandemic has been a reboot or reset. We were all forced to “disengage” from the world so that we could watch what was happening around us. We all got to watch who wanted to control us and who wanted to let us be free (Darkness and Light).

We are watching the destruction of the big cities; taxes too high, police stand-downs, rioters/looters, insurrection. At the same time, we were all learning how to work from home, even the big companies. People are voting with their feet and leaving the insanity of the big cities. They are all being “hollowed out” and cannot survive as they were. If they are to continue to be “cultural” centers, they must change.

Just think, we have learned that we do not have to commute! That means many more hours with our loved ones. We now know that we can earn our livings at Home. That means much less demand for day-care. We are, even, learning that we can home school our children or have them learn online. That means that we can have our children learn our values; not the Dark ones.

Look what Trump just did; he took away the College Degree as a requirement for employment by the US Government. This means the death of many, many colleges and universities. It also means the beginning of the end of the Dark Brainwashing.

In Europe, the EU is inept and becoming increasingly deligitimized as a representative form of government. I have always viewed the EU as just another form of the 4th German Reich (very Dark). It looks like Britain/UK will leave without a deal in December. It also looks like Britain will make independent trade deals with the US, the Common Wealth and the rest of the world. QuItaly could happen very soon. Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary may break away and form their own block. Italy and Romania may join them (the 3 Seas). If given the option, France will leave the EU as soon as possible. The EU, the UN, the WTO, the WHO, the IMF, the BIS and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are all Globalist Organizations that are being dis-solved by the new energies.

The 3 Gorges Dam may actually break apart/dissolve early; without the massive earthquakes that are coming. If that happens, driven by massive rain, it will still trigger the collapse of China into the sea. The shifting of all of that water weight quickly will be incredibly destructive in terms of tsunami-like flooding and very powerful subsequent earthquakes.

The world will be a much better place soon. Much more freedom. This will be needed as the coming Mini-Ice Age will cause mass migrations of people from the northern latitudes to the south. Think Russia. Think Syria; it will become the new “breadbasket” of Europe. You wonder why Russia has it’s forces there?

In this new energy, we must all begin to think differently. There is an entirely new and different set of issues and calculations. For example, politics is now differences over being a Globalist or a Traditionalist (Culture and Religion). It used to be all about being a Socialist or Capitalist; no more. The old Parties are dissolving; Labor has become Tory, etc.

I think there will still be a desire to trade freely between Nations, but immigration, especially from Anti-Culture peoples like the Muslims will be increasingly rejected everywhere. A violent expulsion of these peoples is coming.

In the United States, many millions of its citizens are watching the attempted Regime Change (it has been going on for 3 years, but has gotten more violent recently). More guns and ammunition are being sold/bought than even before. More and more people are joining Militias. Active and former Police are now allying with Militias. Militias are composed, primarily, of former Military combat veterans (20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan). The Great Silent Majority is getting ready to become very vocal; the push back will be Huge.

With the Defund the Police movement, people are realizing that if you do not have a weapon/gun/firearm, the Police are not coming when you call. Darkness has dis-armed Europe, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; so…what happens when the rioters/looters come for You?

Darkness is all about Fear, Force and Control. It uses Fear to impose Control. Light seeks to allow Order within the constraints of being Free. You cannot impose your desires on others; they must agree at some fundamental level.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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