The Great ReSet Begins!

I have written about the CCP Virus being a reset in our world. Think about it, China is being seen as an Evil entity now, for the first time. What else has happened? The Globalist controlled cities are imploding. Businesses and ordinary people are fleeing them rapidly. Increased lawlessness is driving everyone away; they will all be broke and broken in the next year. The Police and the Militia are joining forces/becoming allies.

Trump could step in and crush the Antifa/Anarchist Mobs, but we wants Everyone/Everyman to see what THEY have planned for US. The manhunt for the Monument Destroyers has just begun; this will be Entertaining!

Q tells us that the Trump Team has been mapping/tracking the Deep State Money and Foot Soldiers for a while. Do not be surprised at how fast they are All Rolled Up.

Do not be surprised that I am a follower of Q. He and Trump and the Patriots are all of the Light and are very Right-Spin. I look at several times a day; it is a great way of getting Q drops and Trump tweets in one place. Also a follower of “the Conservative Tree House” and “the Gateway Pundit” and Zero-Hedge.

Back to the Great ReSet. On June 15th, the world got to 80% Right-Spin/Light energy. Darkness/Left-Spin got its share, 20%, on that date as well. I know, was told that we would have 100% share for the next 5 years, but that was a Dark Lie; not sure what it got them.

Still, we now have 80% of the powre in the world. What does that mean? One of the things that Spirit keeps telling me is about Energy Envelopes (EE). The primary ones are months and years, but decades are also very powerful. So, July is the next significant EE and we start ramping up in the gain/volume or powre that we can use in the world. I know, it is not simple, but Spirit always works with layers; this is just another layer, but we are getting to where we want to be.

So, every month Right-Spin powre will be getting stronger and stronger. July will see the Counter Offensive against the Deep State begin (and China). August, September and October will see significant increases in the powre of that Offensive. November will be a complete blowout win for Trump and the Patriots; it will be a massive Election Landslide and Right-Spin will hold both the House and Senate.

By January, the powre of the Right=Spin energy will have increased six times (adding a 100% increase each month). In 2021, we go into an Annual EE; by the end of 2021, Right-Spin energy will be close to 50 times what it is now.

We all have a front row seat on massive changes happening in our world.

Remember, the Trigger Events are coming fast. perhaps in this year. That is the destruction of California, Mexico and Southern portions of Italy (around Vesuvius). It is also the breaking of the 3 Gorges Dam and the collapse of mainland China into the sea. We are already hearing about how unstable the dam is and people are talking about how great a calamity the dam failure will be.

Believe it, or not, Taiwan and Hong Kong will survive, but HK will be an island. Why? Because it has /they have the “right” energy.

Just to be clear, the ramp up of Right-Spin energy will be increasingly obvious. It does not look like that now, but this is (definitely) the Darkness before the Dawn. The Lefties (Dark/Left-Spin) will be seen to be losing on all fronts; their finances, planning and foot soldiers will be destroyed. They will have No-Thing left for their Events. This is no just a loss of “political” power, it is a loss of Spiritual powre. Darkness has, finally, be relegated to the Dust Bin of His/Her Story (gone from 80% to 20% power/powre).

Other things to look for. The collapse of the Muslim and Vatican administered religions; they are both heavily involved in child sex trafficking (Crimes Against Humanity). Say goodbye to the UN, the EU, the CCP, the Lame Stream Media, and, in general, the Deep State in government, academia and globalist businesses. Yes, this includes the Banksters and the Rothschild’s (and the Bilderbergers/Ti-Lateral Commissions/Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)).

Oh, the demise of Obama’s/Hillary’s 16-Year Plan for the destruction of the United States from within (infiltration) and the destruction of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Deep State continues to run this playbook as they do not have another Plan.

As you can see, I am entirely consistent. I am the enemy of all that is Dark or Left-Spin and the supporter of ALL that is of the Light or Right-Spin.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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