A New Way Forward

Many of us are here to play; we can create anything we want for ourSelves, either good or bad. I call these people “free-wheelers.” Free-wheelers are about 80% of the world’s population; they are here, essentially, on vacation from doing any “work” for Spirit.

Then, there are the “Part-timers” who are part-time Free-Wheelers and part-time “Guided.” At various times they are full-time doing one or the other. These people make up between 15-19% of the world’s population.

And then, there are the “Guided” ones. Do the math, we are only 1-5% of the population. We call ourselves “Seekers” and spend a lot of time trying to reconnect with our Higher-Beings and make it easier to receive Guidance or, even, start a dialog or conversation with the piece of Spirit within us.

All of us are born as Fire-Beings and all of us have a chunk of awareness that we get with the “Spark of Life” at conception. Humans have a larger or greater amount of awareness than other aware beings here like Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles, Cats, Dogs and Horses.

As we receive “In-Sights”, we get more awareness and we become more capable of doing Spirit’s Work.

Various Avatars have been sent here over the past several millennia; Zoroastra, Buddha, and Jesus to offer a path towards the Light and a path towards Spiritual Growth.

They all pointed to going with-in or in-side of ourSelves to connect and find the Way Home. That Way Home has been what is called the Ascended Master path. This is what is described in the best selling book, “The Celestine Prophecy.”

I would add that this is a process of increasing your vibrations within a level and vibrating yourself into a higher level and doing the same until you vibrate yourself out of this “hard physical” world into a higher-vibration world that none of us can see, feel or discern. That is what being an Ascended Master is.

It does not stop there; we, here, on Earth, are in the 9th physical world. When we get to the 8th Physical world, it is less dense and has some different properties. Then we vibrate ourselves into the 7th and 6th and 5th Physical worlds. We intend to keep vibrating ourSelves back up to the One on the 1st Physical world. But….almost No One made it to the 5th  Physical world and no one has gotten higher; it is a metaphysical “Glass Ceiling” and is a “Dead End” for all of us who have been trying for so long.

OK. Being an Ascended Master is still a big deal; you have advanced yourSelf up the ladder, closer to Spirit, but what now? Look for a new path or a new Way forward.

At the beginning of this Post, I wrote about being Guided. My Mission, that I chose to accept, was to find a new Way back to the One.

I found that new Way and that is what this site is all about. Go to the Transform Yourself page for a Guided Meditation on how to transform to an Earth Being (Hexahedron) from a Fire Being (Tetrahedron). This is the new Way to get back to the One.

The new Way, called Newman and Newomen, goes from Fire Being to Earth Being to Air Being to Water Being and, finally, to Spirit Being. The wonderful news is that you do it ALL here on Earth or other 9th Physical worlds locations in our Uni- or Multi- Verse; the old vibrational path upwards has been closed.

As you advance, you will get more and more awareness and be more and more capable for doing Spirit’s Work. TIP: Whenever you think about it, Ask for more Light as in “Please, Give me more Light.”  More Light is more Awareness. When you get it, say “Thank YOU.”

This is not having your sins taken away. This is not going to Heaven or avoiding Hell, This is not getting something for being Good. This is not killing yourself to have 20 or 30 virgins for yourself in Paradise.

This is a Way to get more and more Awareness which makes the Light around you brighter and brighter.

This path is not open to Free-Wheelers; it is too much work. It might be open to Part-Timers who focus on getting enough Awareness. It is, primarily, to the Guided among us. If we have 7 Billion people here, 5% of us is 350 million; that’s a lot. If it is only for the 1%, that is  70 million; that is still a lot.

Right now, there are only 50,000 people on Earth who have Transformed ThemSelves using this new path. Join us.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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