The Very Dark Left-Spin Globalists have Lost

As I have written before, we, all of us, have been under the control of Dark Energy for the past 6,480 years. What that has meant is that the Oligarchy, the group that rules us, had 80 percent of the power and used it to make us fearful so that we would agree to laws/methods to force us so that THEY could control us; continuous war has been a very useful tool by the Elites.

Who are these Elites? Any family that has been super-Rich for decades or a hundred years or even 300 years is part of this group. Today, this group is called the Globalists and they all gather each year at Davos and Sun Valley. They are called the Bilderbergers, the New World Order, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations. They are the Deep State that rules behind the politicians. They are the Bushes, the Rothschilds, and most of the $Billionaires.

They just met and are in a state of panic; they don’t understand how 100 years of planning and scheming is unraveling before their very eyes.  The Globalists did not want BREXIT; that began the unraveling of their European seizure, the EU. It was followed up by the Italians when they refused changes to lawmaking that the Globalists wanted.

But the greatest failure, by far, has been the election of Donald Trump. Even after being Inaugurated, he is still saying America First. That is not Globalism! That is the dismantling of Globalism.

OK. Now that I have restated the obvious to any thinking person, why are the Globalist schemes falling apart?

The answer is quite simple, but too unbelievable to many of us because it has always been like “This.” Mankind cannot change.  Everything is based on Fear, Force and Control. Money and Influence RULE.

Yes, that has been true and yes, it has been the rule for all of our recorded history.

What could possibly happen to change how Humans allow themselves to be ruled?

We all entered Aquarius Energy on December 22nd, 2012. It wasn’t something dramatic and has taken more than four years to complete it’s initial  transition.  We had to transition Fire energy first, then Water, then Air and finally, in 2016, Earth (or Land, where we all live).

Each House of the Zodiac is 2,160 years wide and takes 9 years to fully change the energies; we are not even at the half-way point and look at the changes we are starting to see.

So…We are starting to see the unraveling of the Old World. The Globalists do not realize that this shift towards more Individual Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Doing-the-Right-Thing has occurred.

Like Communism and Socialism and Dictatorships, the Left-Spinner Globalists wanted more collectivism and less individualism. More Welfare and Food Stamps. More Identity Politics and Division. Less Jobs and Dignity. The Energy of the Universe no longer supports that approach.

What is the Energy of Taurus? It is a Bull with a herd following. What about Aries? It is a Ram with a flock following. What about Pisces? It is two fish that represents Schooling fish. It is all about follow the leader; follow the hierarchy; follow the male, mostly. There is only certain ways to do anything and credentials are needed before you can be heard.

OK. What is the Energy of Aquarius? It is a Woman standing on the tippy top of a Mountain and pouring a water jug down the mountain. This is very different from follow the leader; each water droplet can now find it’s own way down.

Aquarius is 80 percent Right-Spin; Freedom, Choice, Truth, and DTRT.

Aquarius is Female Energy, NOT Male.

Aquarius is De-Centralized; there is no WAY to do anything any longer. Credentials are collapsing. Degrees are becoming meaningless.

All of our institutions and organizations are based on Fear, Force and Control or Dark, Left-Spin energies. Politics, Banking, Education, Health, Legal/Courts, Police, Prisons, Militarys and everything else are all old, unsupported energies that will be replaced.

Not sure with what, but the old energies will start to die quickly in 2017; the changes that we saw in 2016 will accelerate and our world will be unrecognizable in the next five years.

New technologies that have been held back by the old, Dark Energies will be allowed to flourish, even if they are disruptive to the old order. We do not have to depend on oil and gas or inefficient solar or wind; they is something coming that is better, cheaper, more efficient and de-centralized coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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