Are you a Conscious Creator?

On my Home Page, I write about the importance of using Creation Days when we do our creations.

I have also written about what I call, “Free Wheelers;” those are the people here who create accidentally. They can create and do, but they do not create consciously. They can create anything that they want whether it is good or not so good, but they create “on-the-fly” using their “self-talk.” These creators want to create their lives with least effort; they go to the store and buy prepared foods  and drinks; they rent furnished apartments; they use anything that has already been setup for them.

Anytime you choose to create something that takes effort, even if it is baking a cake using a ready-made cake mix, you are still adding eggs, mixing it in a bowl, sticking it in an oven, timing it and icing it.  And, if you are really a conscious creator, you mix all of the ingredients from “scratch.” OK, that is one example. How about writing? If you write a book, you must put a lot of effort into it before it is ready for sale. How about being a restaurant chef, you must get the fresh food and prepare it well and put your love into it; otherwise, you will not be successful. Putting your love into your creations is an essential part of creating.

That is the reason that prepared food is so boring; no one has put any Love into it when it was being prepared.

OK. Most of us, the vast majority, are accidental creators. We really don’t think of ourselves as creators and we really don’t want to know “how to” create. When I ask Spirit, I get that one-in-10,000 are conscious creators.

Again, being a conscious creator take effort and planning ahead and timing (Creation Days) and most of us are happy to stumble upon things along the way.

OK. Who puts those things there? Our Spirit Guides, of course. So, we are still creating, but indirectly.

So… what happens if most of those accidental creators all disappear over a relatively short period of time? What do we have left behind? The answer is a bunch of conscious creators. That is just another way of saying that Light Beings or Right-Spinners are taking over.

All of the momentum that Darkness has built up over thousands of years will be used up by the end-of-2015 (December 22, 2015). 2016 will be a huge year of change and, yes, large number of left-spinning, accidental creating, Dark Beings will be leaving making our world a much better place.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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