Put Your Love into It

Yesterday, I put up a post about being a Conscious Creator. Today, I have a bit more to say about that.

It is OK to use someones else’s creation as long as you find a way to put your own love into it.  It is OK to buy a pre-mixed pancake mix, but go the extra distance and put blueberries into it or warm up that maple syrup; that is putting your love into it.

Whatever you want to create, you are the creator and you must put your essence into it. Creating at the collective level is being done all the time and over time, the collective creations get better and better; just look at laptops, wifi, tablets and smart phones.

When you want to bring a new idea into the world, it takes a lot of visualizing and focus and, unfortunately, waiting for the Universe to get around to it (in its own time). If, however, you are primarily interested in improving your love life or finances, that is much easier.

The first step that I recommend is to have a chat with your Spirit Guide or whatever you want to call Him/Her. Ask if there are any impediments that need to be removed. If so, ask to remove them JOINTLY. Yes, this is a form of Prayer, you are asking Spirit to work with you; you are asking for very specific help.


Notice that you must already be talking to your Inner Being to have this conversation in the first place. For those of you who are not already doing this, START.


Ask yourSelf if He/She wants to have a conversation with you. If you head starts nodding, PAY ATTENTION. That is yourSelf telling you Yes. That is how you get a YES and, I’m sure you can figure out what a NO is.

Remember, we started out this thread talking about whether you were a Conscious Creator or an Accidental Creator? We are all Creators, whether we know it or not; there is a little piece of God in all of us. It is called the Spark of Life.

For those of you who do not trust your internal conversations (as you have been messed with), Light has taken over enough, so that you will be able to get good information (if you are of the Light). Give it a try again, you will be pleased with the result.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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