Are you an INFJ Personality? Maybe a Sigma as well?

I have just discovered that I am what people call a Myers-Brigg INFJ personality. I am also a Sigma male. Please look up INFJ as we can be either male/female.

I googled it today and found these sites. Very helpful.

This site is all about sharing spiritual insights. I will not (really cannot) use it for anything else. Everything on this site is free and always will be (except for some recommended books on Amazon). I will never exploit your trust, not even for ‘good” causes.
If any of you know about a website that allows we INFJ Personalities to connect with each other, please send me an email at: [email protected] We have such incredibly high standards, we all need help. If many of you are INFJs, we all have the gift/curse of few real friends. Maybe we can befriend each other. I tend to think that Right-Spinners (5% of the population) correlates well with 2% INFJ (2% Female/1% Male).
Anyone who Groks being a Right-Spinner may also be an INFJ or Sigma personality.
Love, Light and Laughter,


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