Think about the Future that You WANT

For many of us (or most), we tend to think about how we have been attacked/hurt in the past. We tend to hold grudges. We tend to feel guilty. We tend to worry about a lot of things that we have no control over.

We MUST STOP doing these things as they just take your vibrations and lower/diminish them. When our vibrations are low enough, we are no longer energetic beings; we become part of matter (slowed-down energy). Essentially, we lose our capability to create. It forces us to make things happen by using physical forces like working harder/longer and focusing on the negative even more.

Depending on how long you have been in this lost vibration loop, you may have dug yourself a deep hole that must be filled in before the positive things in life can flow to you again.

First off, please see yourself as successful in one, or all areas. No negative self-talk; clean on that. Give yourSelf an MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) for whatever you are envisioning for YourSelf. OK, you have started creating a better future for yourself.

We are going to use Majik next. Say “start, raise, vibes. and, apply” Note: all 5-letter command phrases. You can keep raising your vibrations until you get told no more. OK. For those who have a hole to fill in, use these, “start, raise, plus+, vibes, inbox, and apply.”

These are very specific instructions for shift-ing from Negative Setup to Positive ones. You must stop going down those remembrances of past pain/chaos whether it was physical, mental, emotional, or financial. CLEAN on them. The trick here is to see (envision) yourSelf the way you want your life to be. Once you start doing that, positive energy will begin to flow into your life. You can start small, as proof, or just go all the way. It is easy, now to raise your vibrations and fill your negative energy holes; yes you can have more than one. If you have been beating yourself up (negative self-talk) for years, you probably have one for relationships, success, and money. You may even have one for frequent failures or “I can’t do anything right.”

Whatever we think or say, especially to ourselves, becomes a directive to our Creative Selves. Our subconscious uses whatever power/powre we have to make that happen. What we think is what we get. What we say is what we get. Stop putting yourself down.

Instead, use this post to lift yourself UP.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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