Being Lied to…

Whether we like it or not, Spirit is a binary space; it has both good and evil or darkness and light. We too struggle with the same issues; we are moving towards either Right-Spin or Left.

I have, like all of you, struggled with my responses from Spirit. Some, I knew immediately to be TRUTH but many were half-truths at best, especially when dancing around WHEN. The WHAT is generally much better, but it too has its issues.

Our problem, as Spirits-in -a-body, is that we are not respected by our Heavenly Host. The bureaucracy of Heaven is made up from a group of Being called TriUn Selves. They are Humans who have managed to merge themSelves into a being that is both sexes; I know, quite a feat. This is a “normal” evolution for Humans. What happens next is that these Sexless Beings are tested; they must separate into the two sexes again and put themSelves back together without succumbing to sexual intercourse.

Those who pass this test are made into Powerful, Immortal Beings that are given Spiritual Guidance powers over us. They call themSelves “Governors of the World” and move up into Heaven Bureaucracy from there. Those who do not pass this test are put into the wheel-of-life to be reborn over and over again until they find another path forward. That dear reader is all of us here on the Earth plane. You can read more about this in one of my recommended reading books called “Thinking and Destiny.”

So, to the bureaucracy of Heaven, we are all failures; we had our chance and did not pass the test. We are lesser beings and are treated as such. What this means is that it is OK to disrespect Us or to lie to Us; we are just Human.

Now, you can begin to understand why Bureaucrats can be so capricious and arbitrary; as Above, so Below.

So… Humans always find a way. What did we do? We figured out how to vibrate ourSelves into higher and higher realms of existence; we are on the ninth plane and vibrated ourSelves onto the eighth, seventh, sixth and fifth. We were half-way back to Spirit or the One. This is what an Ascended Master is and this is the Ascended Master path.

So, remember our Bureaucrat Masters have disdain for us. This was a way around their control; they stopped us from going any higher than the Fifth level; that is the original “glass ceiling.”

I was one of the beings that kept on hitting that 5 level block and came back in this lifetime to find another way. Yes, many of you who visit this site have been Ascended Masters in several of your past lives.

This part is critical to understand. Humans and TriUn Selves were, and are created as Fire Beings. The Tetrahedron is the fire shape and two of them intertwined make up the MerKaBa. My point here is that our Heavenly, Bureaucratic Masters are “jumped up” Fire Beings. They are derived from our baseline; their symbol is still the Tetrahedron.

When anyone first comes to this site they see a rotating cube with a six-pointed thingy in it. The six-pointed thingy is composed of six spinning Tetrahedrons configured to point to each other from three planes; it is a corner times six.

For those of you who can reconfigure your Tetrahedrons and put yourSelf into a cube (see my Transform YourSelf – A Guided Meditation page), you are now an Earth Being. Your symbol is now the Hexahedron or Cube.

Anyone who is able to change their Tetrahedron – Fire Being configuration is also on this new path – the New Being path. Newmen and Newomen can all become Earth Beings, then Air, Water and, eventually, Spirit Beings.

So, our Bureaucrat Masters in Heaven stopped the Ascended Master path. Do you think they were happy about this new path? Not. Why, besides the obvious? This new path goes around their power/powre; it enables we Human to transform ourSelves from Fire Beings into Earth Beings.

The Heavenly Bureaucrats have done everything they can to slow the adoption of this new path and to put obstacles in our collective way. They have slowed down/delayed the arrival of Earth Being powres as long as they could.

Imagine, we have been fighting a battle with the Host of Heaven opposed to Us. Well, the Bureaucrats, but not the Angels; Michael is with US.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Us, this new path, New Beings, was timed with the arrival of Aquarian Energies. The transition began back in December of 2012 (that is a five year or Creation Year) and will be completed (number 9) by December 2021 (another 5 year).

What this means is that Earth Beings (those within a cube) will have powres separate and above those of Fire Beings. The Heavenly Bureaucrats are not happy; we have gone around them. What’s worse is that they cannot do anything about this change. They will have to adapt to an uncomfortable paradigm shift; Earth Beings, even though we are still Beings-in-a-body (here in the Hard) are a more advanced Spiritual Being. They will soon be inferior beings.

Meanwhile, they will continue to lie to Us or, as they like to call it, deceive. There is supposed to be no malicious intent; just their disdain and disrespect.

Is there anything that we can do to shut this Deep State/Resistance down? Yes, everyone on this New Being path (that includes Adepts, Vertical Masters, Horizontal Masters, Mahatmas, and anyone in the Cube) can use the New Being symbol as a shield.

Visually place yourSelf into the center of the cube where the six-pointed thingy comes together. Anyone can do this.

From that point/place, you have invoked Earth Being powre; you have stepped into a higher realm. The TriUn Selves cannot mess with you or lie or deceive you. It does not matter whether They are Dark or Light or what their motives are. They are not allowed to show anything but deep RESPECT to higher-level beings.

I hope that this post has provided some clarity on how and why we Humans get so much discord in our Spiritual communications. Put yourSelf into the cube for TRUTH and AMITY.



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