What happens when SHTF?

There are more than 50,000 subscribers to this blog. I am going to make an assumption; I know it is dangerous. I am assuming that there are at least 25,000 people who have put themSelves onto the New Being path. Perhaps, there are 50,000 or even 75,000. Maybe more; it really does not matter.

If there are thousands of Advanced Spiritual Beings who have figured out how to put themSelves into higher states of being and made themSelves Adepts, Vertical Masters, Horizontal Masters and Mahatmas, then these people will have additional “Majikal” powres or capabilities.

Even better, there may 1000s of people who have put themSelves into the various Earth Being states; inside the Cube or Hexahedron. Those states are Keeper (bottom of the cube), Grower (side 1), Miner (side 2), Smelter (side 3), Builder (side 4), and Transformer (top). These beings will have greater Majikal powres than the Fire Beings above.

So, what is going to happen when the massive changes start to hit us? It is not going to matter what those changes are; the first thing that will happen is that the trucks will stop delivering food. Likely, the power will be gone, and drinking and/or flushing water will not be available. What happens next? People degenerate into desperadoes who will do anything to find water and food. This is what I call SHTF and it will be far worse than anything the Pandemic gave us.

Most people will not have put food and water aside. Those who have will probably be wisest to wait where they are; hunker down, lock yourself down and defend your stash. The objective is to wait for civilization to return (hopefully). The other reason to wait is for the crazies to leave looking for food and water.

If you must leave, do it at night and drift along like you are Special Forces behind enemy lines. If you have weapons be prepared to use them. Anything that you have can be taken away.

So. Where to go? If you have a cabin in the woods, that’s an option, especially if you have food and supplies there. But remember, the crazies have spread out hunting for whatever they can steal. You may not be welcome at your cabin; the locals may lump you in with all of the crazies.

Holy Shit!!! Yes. This is going to happen everywhere. It will become very difficult to survive. But…..there will be survivors. With all of the Earth Changes and the Magnetic Polar Shift maybe one in 10 will survive or optimistically one in 5.

Even those who have prepared and stored food, water and weapons in a “Bug Out” location will have to get there and then, they will have to defend their stores from all the hungries out there. The survivors will have to band together and form survival communities.

This sounds grim. Are we all going back to the stone age?

All over Europe there are 1000s of villages that supported 200-600 people. This is probably what a survival community will look like.

New Beings will have some interesting new capabilities. Many of them will have extended senses that will tell them when outsiders are approaching (without setting up tripwires). Some will be able to IDentify whether the visitors are friendly or not. This will be critical to the defense of the community; other survival actions can be done like shelter, warmth, growing food, hunting, and fishing.

Remember, there are 1000s of New Being and all of them will have some of these additional capabilities. Survival communities will be formed around these Beings. Earth Beings (in the Cube) will be much more powerful. They will be able to put shields up to keep anyone but their group from entering. They will be able to “envision” or “materialize” or “teleport” things like food, seeds, tools, and spare parts. Some of them will be able to mentally transport themselves or “Jump” over long distances instantly. Some of these Beings will be able to do many amazing things. It is difficult to imagine what those are; that will be revealed in time.

What I am saying is that Spirit has allowed a transition from Human to Newman to occur. These 1000s of Newmen (mostly Newomen) will be there to form these survival communities. It will not take long for these New Beings to find each other and link up into larger and larger communities.

When that happens, the pool of survivors will have all of the skills needed to jump-start our civilization and technologies again.

But, you must realize, this is a giant reset. The Pandemic was the first stage of this ReSet. Millions of people are leaving the cities and everyone has found that they can earn a living from anywhere. Many more have a better chance of survival, but they must think, and plan ahead.

When the SHTF happens, that will be the start of the second ReSet or Phase 2. All of a sudden, our complex world of convenience will be gone in a flash. We will have to return to how things were done 100-200 years ago. Inform yourSelves about the Lost Ways. Learn how to build a fire in the rain with wet wood. Learn how to get safe water. Learn how to preserve food without refrigeration. Learn how to grow food. Put together survival tools and food; knives, rope, hooks, snares, fire starters, and shelter.

Technology will return. Conveniences will return. Cell Phones and Computers and Networked Data will return. But, it may take 5 years or 20. Meanwhile, you will have to survive.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are one of the 1000s of New Beings who will form the backbone of our new civilization. You should begin collecting survival books on your phones and flash drives. You will be able to keep your phones going and must be able to share knowledge. Think about mobile solar panels; I have one that folds down from 4 panels to the size of my cell phone. Put together your survival tools as well.

Know that your new powres/capabilities will open new ways of doing many things. We may grow food, hunt and fish very differently in the future, but many of us have to get there.

This Giant ReSet will also be a reset for our technologies. Many of the technologies that we have been using will be replaced by something new and better. Be open to this.

This is all part of the changes that are coming with the New Aquarian Age which begins, formally, in 2021.

Be Safe. Look forward, but check your six.


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