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My Take on Ho’ Oponopono

I’m going to post three IMs to my sister who finally got me to pay attention to Ho’ Oponopono.

“Thank you for the Ho’ Oponopono direction. I read about the “I forgives myself” and it does not resonate with me.  My five are: I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you, and I accept. My All-in-1 is: I grok.”

My fifth phrase is “I Accept.” This just means that I accept whatever Spirit or the Universe has for me. It is also Allow or Permission to. We are all creators of varying strengths; from time to time, we must accept/allow what is happening to us. Grok is from a book by Robert Heinlein entitled “Stranger in a Strange Land.” It means that I understand, sort of, what is happening to me and that it is part of the grand Plan.

“Going back to Thinking and Destiny [see Recommended Reading], he focused on the Thumb being Intent, the Forefinger being Knowing, the Middlefinger being Thinking and the Littlefinger being the Doer or Doing. I have added the Ringfinger as being the “Be-er” or of Being or the I am.”

I followed up with this.

“Just got this. My insight above can be used like the Ho’Oponopono Five, but with slightly different outcomes or properties. You can clean/clear what you Know, Knew, or thought you Know/Knew, what you Think/Thought or what was wrong/right about it, what you Are or Are Not, what you Did or Did Not and what your Intent was or was not.”

My last insight on this was to marry up Intent with the I love you of the first five.

I have written about the importance of the number 14 or 5. Your Thumb is worth ten (10) and so is your Intent. Your fingers can be used as Mudras using your Thumb and single, double, or triple contacts with the other fingers (I cannot do a quad connection as my littlefinger is too short).

My sister has dropped the “I” as that is already covered by the Devine. She uses  Love you, Sorry, Thank you, and Forgiveness.


Which I use so often, is her fifth cleaning/clearing phrase. Each of us will be guided to more and more ways to clean ourSelves. I have now added So to Accept and Grok. So is sort of a combination of Accept and Grok, but has many nuanced meanings.

Do whatever works for You. These are just suggestions. Have fun with them.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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