Change of Focus

Hello Dear Readers,

I have been sharing my thoughts with you since 2011 and am gratified that more than 850 of you have subscribed to keep up-to-date on my scribblings.

They have all been inspired by or prompted by my Spirit Guide and meant to aid you during this transition into Aqua energies.

Recently, I changed my focus to writing short essays, some longer than others, and publishing them as ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing ( Using this free tool, I must charge no less than $2.99 and no more than $9.99 USD.  I highly recommend that you check this out for yourselves. For a $2.99 sale, I receive $2.08  or 70% royalties in my Paypal or bank account. I am not making a fortune, but it is paying for this and my other websites after only two months.

I think you will like all of my ebooks, but will recommend “Creator Handbook” and “How to Gain Control Over Your Life.”  These both contain ideas that I have communicated to you in my blog, but are more focused and contain more detail.

I will continue to keep the site up, but will be posting blogs only occasionally; mostly related to the Earth growing in size and other Earth Change stuff that may be happening in 2014.  I will also keep you informed if I get information on the Pleiadians “landing”; they are already amongst us and have identified those people that they want to work with.  Do not worry; it is not the politicians and bureaucrats.

Newomen and men will, finally, begin to get their new Aqua-based powres as Adepts, Master and Mahatmas.  As they “master” these powres, some will move in the Earth-being powres of Keeper and Grower.  These are what this site has been all about since its inception; Hexahedron powres.

I will be putting up a link for a site eBook with Hexahedron One’s pages, posts and comments; look for that in the new year.  You will be able to download the site eBook for free.

Whether you are using Fire-being, or Tetrahedron powres or Hexahedron powres, it is important to realize and keep in your heart that the powre is radiated from all sides of these shapes and directed by your INTENTION.

2013 has been a year of transition from the old Dark/Turquoise  to the new Light/Aqua energies.  2014 is a new energy envelope that will bring many changes-for-the-better.  Many will not like the changes and will opt to leave; return-to-Spirit or die because they can not handle the energy shifts.  These are the people who like things as they are now with all of the fear, force, control and resistance to change. Bid them a loving adieu; we are all one in the final analysis.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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