Human Things Disintegrate without Humans

This is something that I have known for a long time, but I was asked to share it.  When we Humans create something, anything, we use our Creation Powers.  Because we have created it, it requires a continuous flow of Human creative power for its continued existence.

Say you know of an abandoned building or car; what happens to that structure?  It rapidly becomes junk because no Human is using it or taking care of it.  This comes back to the idea that everything and everybody is energetic first; we are energy in motion and everything we create is, as well. Without the continuous flow of energy from Humans, all of our stuff disintegrates very rapidly.

What happens when a “housing project” is abandoned? The people move out and then the plumbing and wiring is removed.  Then, the building rapidly decays until it is demolished to build a new “housing project”.  Similar decay and destruction happens in unused cabins in the woods and forests of the world

Unless we build stone structures like the Mayans and Incans and Egyptians, all traces of our civilization would disappear within 200 years.  Just imagine, all traces of our airports, bridges, skyscrapers, sewers and subways all gone that quickly without people. Wooden frame structures would vanish much sooner.

We do not have to worry about the mess we are making; without Human energy present, everything goes back to nature quite rapidly. I am writing this to explain that Gaia is very capable of healing herself after millions or billions of Humans leave (return to Spirit or die) in the coming Earth Changes.

The key point here is that everything in our three-dimensional world, down here, is energy that is in motion; some of it has slowed down enough that it looks solid and indestructible like re-enforced concrete and steel, but without the enabling energy from Humans, it flows faster and returns to a natural state much quicker that we can imagine.

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