Darkest-of-the-Dark Program is Running

Light is taking over and is growing stronger everyday. Finally, Light is strong enough to start targeting people who are strong in Darkness; you know, our world leaders and $Billionaires.

According to my Spirit Guide, the following program is now running.  All of those people who have at least 95 percent or more Darkness  (meaning that they have 5 percent or less Light), will be sent back to Spirit early.  This means that they will die.

I write a lot about Darkness and Light; it is like sunshine and rain. Both are essential and everything is made up of both of them. The properties of Darkness are fear, force and control and a resistance to change-for-the-better; Darkness is also a Left-Spinning entity and that applies to the Left politically. The properties of Light are freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and change-for-the-better. Light is a Right-Spinning entity and that applies to the Right politically.

All things are a mixture of both Darkness and Light. This applies to animals as well; Tiger and Bull Sharks are Dark; so are Coyotes; so are Killer Whales. In this world of ours, approximately 90 percent of all people are oriented towards Darkness (made up of at least 60 percent Darkness).

Why so many? Because Darkness had 80 percent of the power in the world right up to June 2015; if you were strong in the Light/Right-Spin, Darkness messed with you in many ways. If you were strong in Darkness/Left-Spin, Darkness helped you in many ways.

When we were planning this life before we were born, most of us chose to come here as Left-Spinners as that was where the power was; why chose unnecessary hardship unless that was one of your goals or you had a multi-life orientation towards the Light.

OK. Those people who have the most Darkness are the most successful people on our planet; they are the wealthy and powerful.  They are the rich and famous. They are the dynastic families that attend Harvard, Yale and Princeton. They are the movers and shakers.

Think about it. If Darkness was 80% of the power in the world (and it was for 6,480 years) and you were composed of 95% Darkness, then you could draw on that Dark power better than someone who was only 70% Darkness (30% Light).  Just imagine how difficult it has been for people who were 95% Light.

So…the 95-99.9999 Dark Percenters are leaving first and they will be ALL gone in 90 days. On September 6th, the 90-95 Dark Percenters program will be started and they will have 90 days until all are gone. On October 5th, the 85-89 Dark Percenters program will be started and so on until all of the 60 percent Dark and higher are all gone.

People with 59 percent Darkness and less will be allowed to stay. If you are Darker than that, start moving towards the Light, if you want to stay. Freedom and truth will become much more common.

Reread this post. It is only talking about Darkness and Light; not good and evil. There are many “good” people who are oriented towards fear, force and control as that is the way our world has been working for thousands of years. Yes, even those good people who many consider to be “salt” of the Earth beings will be forced to leave.

When Light takes over completely, our world will be a very different place. Instead of fear, force, control and lies, it will be a place of freedom, choice, truth and much more unconditional love.

Love, Light, and Laughter,


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