Do you know what a “SetUp” is?

First off, there are no accidents. There is no luck. There is no happenstance.

Everything is arranged. Everything is a SetUp.

We all have Spirit Guides and it is they who arrange everything for us.

Oh, we still have “free” will and can choose to do something different than what is expected of us. Frequently, we make things harder on ourselves.

Free Will is not really about avoiding “SetUps” so much as choosing whether to move towards the Light, the Darkness, or staying on our current Path.

Most of us are unable to see the SetUps coming at us and they just happen giving us a choice on how to react to them. Those of us who are connected with our Spirit Guides can ask if any SetUps are coming.

This is an important concept as you can ask if the coming SetUps are positive or negative. If they are negative, you can ask if they can be avoided or delayed.  Avoiding or delaying them is possible, but you cannot do anything about them without first having a discussion with your Spirit Guide.

I am getting it this topic as it is important in talking to your Angels. If you are strong in the Light, the Angels will be responsive to you in helping to create positive SetUps for you and negative SetUps for your enemies (you know, the Dark Assholes).

It is still the responsibility of your Spirit Guide to put the SetUp in your Path, but the Demons frequently created negative SetUps for Light Beings. Now, the tables are turned; Angels can create negative SetUps for Dark Beings (Angels now have 67% of the powre).

Whoa! I am not saying that you should use all of your time getting vengeance; you should definitely spend a lot of time setting up positive SetUps for yourself, your family, friends, business, etc. But, it is OK to work on negative SetUps for the really Dark Assholes in your life.

Just to be clear, Dark is Left-Spin;  Dark is oriented towards fear, force and control; Dark is resistance to change for the better; All Energy Vampires (you know who they are) are Dark Beings who cloak themselves in stolen Light so that they can look like us.

Bottom Line: Talk to your Spirit Guide. Find out about coming SetUps. Change them, if appropriate. Work with the Angels to create the SetUps that you want.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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