How does/did Money work?

For those of you who have been reading my Blog, you know that I have an orientation on Darkness and Light; now Turquoise and Aqua.

Have you ever wondered how a person could amass a $Billion or even many $Billions? It all has to do with the power that you could draw upon. Every single $Billionaire on the Planet had to use Darkness to amass their fortunes. More specifically, they used Dark Angels who rewarded people who were oriented towards Darkness and punished or limited people who were oriented toward the Light.

This state of affairs existed for the past 6,480 years when Earth was under the dominion of Darkness (Darkness had 80% of the power). That has changed and, now, Aqua/Light have 66.67% of the power. Accordingly, Aqua/Light Angels have the power to reward people oriented towards the Light/Aqua and also punish or limit people who are oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise.

OK. We all know or have heard of “Guardian Angels,” but what does that mean? From a Money perspective, Guardian Angels kept the Dark Angels from taking everything and required a basic level to live. Now the Guardian Angels new job will be to prevent the Aqua/Light Angels from taking everything away from the Turquoise-oriented who have acquired so much. Fear not, the Dark/Turquoise $Billionaires and $Multi-Millionaires will be reduced to a basic level to live. They will become “Dead Broke;” I mean really.

Why is this happening? When we moved into Aquarius energy on December 22nd, 2012, we moved into an energy where Light was the dominant power and we have, now, completed the power shift or transition. Now, Light/Aqua Angels can begin to reward those people who are oriented towards Aqua and Light. And yes, it is their job to punish or limit those who are oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise.

Wait a second, you are saying that the flows of money energy are the work of Angels? Most definitely! Money is giveth and taken away; some can keep it and others watch it slip away. Money is energy and so are Angels. Traditionally, precious metal coins and cash and gems/jewels have been the province of the Angels, but our world has embraced digital money in networks and magnetic storage devices. To make this all work, the Angels enlisted a more basic form of energy called Elementals; these are also responsible for all pleasures and pains.

Whenever there is a shift in power between Darkness and Light, the Angels and Elementals are deeply affected. This shift in power is actually happening right now; new templates are being installed and the old, Darkness-oriented templates are being removed/fading away. The shift in Money Angels will occur at midnight on July 7th, 2014; an incredibly powerful 14-day. Angels also administer the energy we call Success or Luck or Fame and these too, will be shifted on 7-7-2014 (7-7-7). Fame and Fortune go together; now you see how.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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