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This post is a follow-up to a post on solving dental issues; a few days ago. Please review that before reading on.

Figure out how to talk to your Guides whomever they may be.

OK. Let’s dive in. We all know about “germ” theory and understand that there are good bacteria and bad. With Covid raging around the world, we all know about viruses. Many of us know about paracites, especially from drinking untreated water. Again, many of us know about fungi or spores that attack us; think “athlet’s foot” or ugly nails.

Just like our saliva, there are settings in our bodies that we have control over, if we choose to use that control. Are there body defenses that can be controlled this way? Yes.

You have body defenses for Harmful Bacteria, Viruses, Paracites and Spores/Fungi. Wow, the body is amazing. Most of us do not think this way.

Again, like the previous post, use the 1-9 scale. Find out what you body defenses are for each of the issues above. My Harmful Bacteria defense was a 7, same for Viruses. My Paracites was a 9. Shock, my Spores/Fungi was a 2.

I asked my Guide if I could bump up my body defenses for both Fungi and Spores (they are different enough to treat separately. I got a Yes and I bumped them both up to 9.

I could go into a discussion of just how dangerous it is to let the Spores and Fungi run around unchecked in our bodies,but that is beyond the scope of this post. Trust me, if either of these are issues on your skin, you have other issues internally. Try it, you will like the result.

This is an entirely different approach to health for our bodies. Go within and assess where you are. Ask if making these adjustments will solve your issues; at least health-wise. These are areas where we have control over the many external energies that we encounter; if our defenses are down, we can make them stronger. This is just another way of doing so, like having a glass of orange juice.

Think about it, if we can up our defense against these outside forces, can be energetically change our defenses against other outside forces? Negative people? Money/Finance? Legal/Law/Police/Govt? Can we use Block with a Plus sign (or 2-3) to be a “Shield”??? Can we use Start with 1 or more plus signs (or negative) to bring outside energy to us. Remember t o use “Apply.” Use Start and Close,. We all want to use Open and Close and Stop and Start; use the 5Letter power words. Block and limit are two more, very powerful words along with apply. If you want to lift a limit or block, try raise (ing) it.

We are all taught all our lives to give our power away to others. Especially in health matters. We have got to go to the ER, or the Doctor or the Pharmacy to get drugs. It made sense, these nasties were coming at us from the outside. Surely, we could get something from the outside to help/defend us.

That is why they think we will accept “forever” lockdowns. We have actually been trained to do so all of our lives.

Free yourSelves from within.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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