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Many people have experienced what is called a “Yeast” infection; particularly women. It is caused by a “bacteria” named Candida.

What a second! Is yeast a bacteria or a fungus? Interesting question. Many of us have watched or heard about a series of films/movies called Transformer; Candida is a transformer. It can be a bacteria or a yeast fungi or a spore. To avoid being killed by anti-biotics, it changes itself into yeast or a spore that looks a lot like a deep brown tan/spots on our skin.

I am writing about this as I have experience with it; it is very difficult to get rid of and is present, to some degree, in all of us. Candida loves sugar; that is all it lives on. So, if you switch away from eating foods high in glucose (carbohydrates), that will help you in your fight with Candida.

OK. Back to energetic healing. The Human body is a marvellous machine; it has many defenses and grows back in many areas. What I have resently discovered is that we can turn on defenses that are off or make those defenses more powerful; what a concept?

In my previous post, I wrote about categories of defense for virusus and bacteria which we all know about. Then there is Parasites and Spore/Fungus/Fungi. I write today to add another category: Yeast. You can say, it is a Fungus, but what if it is an in-between and is safe from treatments for both bacteria and spore/fungus? I have a separate category for fungus and spore; they are two different beasties. So, now add Yeast.

Do the same thing. Find out what your defense settings are and increase them as needed.  One of the ways to improve this process is to take some kind of medication or food that helps with the issue and then, make the adjustments to your defenses. We have been given so many things to help us when we have a cold or the flu or a headache; all I am saying here is that we should use them to boost our energetic efforts.  One of the foods that Candida does not like is sour kraut and pickles or the category of fermented foods in general.

The trouble with getting information from Spiritual sources is drilling down to specific answers to specific needs. Just like the Internet, if you ask a general question, you will get many general answers.  What I am saying is that you can tell your body to be “Healthy” all the time, but I do not think it works that way. It tries to be healthy, but sometimes it needs guidance from us. It is very good at telling us where it needs help; there’s pain or a rash or something to get our attention. We tend to seek outside help when that happens; we go to the ER or the Pharmacy to get medical help or medicines. Yes, do that, but use that as a boost for the Energetic changes you can make.

Not sure how it will work; it depends on the blocks that are in place. That is a great question to ask yourSelf. Do you have any blocks that are preventing a healing? (Or money? or sex/relationship? or success?) What kind of blocks (or limits) are they? There is the simple static block and, then, there are dynamic blocks (more complex/levels). Sometimes there are both kinds that must be removed.

Use the same method to question your blocks/limits. We actually gave some of our blocks to ourSelves before we were born, but most have been picked up during this lifetime. Many are put there by our negative self-talk programming.

Again, when removing blocks/limits, do it with something you love. While you are drinking that latte or eating that croissant or ice cream, use the joy to help unblock. Same for listening to wonderful music or viewing great art. Use your joy and gratitude to power the unblocks. Or to change your defense states.

Whenever we are doing any energy work, it only comes from the Positive side. Being Negative is counter-productive.

All of us know about viruses, especially with Covid, and bacteria. Spores, Fungi and Yeast are something we do not know about. They are equally important in our bodies. We tend to think that we are mostly blood and bone and flesh, but we have a significant portion of our weight in bacteria and, yes, in spores/fungi/yeast.

Think of all the bread we have eaten; bread rises with yeast.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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