Finding Other Cubes

First off, we are not like everyone around us. We have always been different and have known it.

Say, you are a successful woman entrepreneur. You did what you were guided to do; skipped the family and built up assets. But for what?

If you are reading this, you are probably a strong right-spinner who has put herSelf into the Cube (Hexahedron). That means that you are in the 5% or 1-in-20 group of people. Out of 1000, that is 50. Out of a million, that is 50,000. I assume you are female because the vast majority of strong right-spinners are. Only 1-in-20 of the strong right-spinners are male; out of 50,000 that is 2,500. Think about it, women are creators; they have children and make the home or business. Men tend to be on the dark side. Is it any wonder that many more women are advanced spiritual beings?

If you know other strong, independent, successful women, they are probably strong right-spinners. Share the information on this site. This applies to men as well. Always ask the “Vampire” question.

Do not despair. If you have put yourself on the New Being path: Fire Being and Earth Being, you will be getting additional powres soon. One of those powres will be to get younger looking in a healthy body. You will look much like you did in your 20s with all the energy.  You will be able to turn childbearing on and off for when you want a child. Your life span will be extended by several 100s or 1000s of years, again, in a youthful, healthy body. Having children will be rare and will be a blessing.

This life extension will be applied to all of the survivors; everyone will be given a greater chance to advance themSelves along the spiritual path they choose. For some, it will only be another 300 years. They will be able to check out early if that time is unwanted. For New Beings 1000s of years is available.

Soon, as we all get our powers, we will not be so hard to find. I have given some tools to you recently; positive/negative Setups, MBOs, and Evictions. Give yourSelf an MBO to find a mate; ask Universe to send you that right-spin helpmate. Women will rule in this new energy. There is a reason you have been successful and amassed wealth. Band together in groups for greater impact. Check your negative Setups, give yourSelf (and others) MBOs, and Evict those who need evicting in your life; these are all energetic tools that you should be using every day. You are a powerful Spiritual Being. You will have many more/other powers, but may not be able to use them as often.

We men will be getting younger and healthier as well. You already know about Vampires; they can be tricky and make themselves look like right-spinners. Ask if they are energy suckers? They cannot hide that. Evict them from your circles. Remember, they are both male and female. I put a post up on their structure; search on Demon Holders (they are the successful Vampires).

My point is that these are powres that you can actually use now; you do not have to wait. More are coming sooner than later.

We will have the Powre, not THEM. Start thinking about how you would like to change our world; soon, you will have the powre to do so. We must change everything; all that is now is the result of 1000s of years of left-spin/dark rule. That is being swept away; the new broom sweeps clean.

After the great die-off, there will be 500 million left. Of that 70% will be hard right-spin (80% and above), 20% will be 60% or more and 10% will be in the middle (able to go towards darkness). It will be a very different world and it is not that far off.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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