Changes happening Faster, much Faster

The Russians have committed their entire Army to Ukraine. They are almost out of ammunition of all kinds, especially artillery shells and missiles. They do not have adequate communications to command their forces. Their logistics have been broken down; they do not have enough trucks and their trains are being targeted in both Russia and Ukraine. Their command and control nodes are also being destroyed. They are desperate and losing and they don’t know why. It’s all about the energy shift.

The Russians are attacking once again but will fail badly. They do not have enough artillery shells to advance; that is the only way they can. These are dumb shells, not the hi-tech shells the Ukrainians are shooting back. The Ukrainians will roll back the Russians in Kherson first, then Kherson Oblast, then Crimea. The Donbas will collapse; no fuel, food, or ammunition; Russians will walk back to Russia as they did to Belarus earlier. This will happen in August and September.

Putin will be gone soon and the second breakup of Russia will occur. This will extend to Belarus and Kaliningrad as well. The Russians will be driven out of Moldova, the Baltic States, and Kazakstan. But, the Russians will fight! What with? They have stripped all of their forces of ammunition; even Belarus was forced to hand it over.

That would be a giant change. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the gas started flowing again quickly? It will, but the amounts and locations have already been complicated; Germany will also collapse economically. This is required before the breakup there; could happen before 2023. Fast changes coming.

Wow. Will the EU survive? Nope. The EU is a dark, collectivist attempt to create another Soviet Union in Europe (EUSSR); it was to be the German Fouth Reich. Wuth the UK gone and doing well, the Italians will leave very quickly and ignore all the delay tactics. France will have no choice but to follow. That will leave the Dutch and Germans holding the empty Euro bag. Buy gold and silver.

China is collapsing in so many ways right now. The Covid lockdowns for 100s of millions, the ports shut; no imports or exports, the real estate/banking/bond market, stock market, local government bankruptcies, the collapse of the energy grid, not enough people (1 Child), and the depletion of foreign reserves (dollars) to buy any food, fuel, oil, gas,  iron ore, etc. The Chinese people are rising up to crush the CCP. This too will likely happen before 2023. China generates 85% of its electricity using coal; the Green Movement did not care.

What about the Greenies in Europe? They were utterly stupid; Germany spent trillions on wind and solar and the alternative only provide 3% of Germany’s electrical power needs. The rest came from coal and natural gas. They shut down all the nuclear; oh yes, for the environment even though no carbon dioxide was produced. These people are fucking idiots. Those who claim 10% are using creative accounting. Solar and wind depend on geography; Germany does not have enough sun or wind. France is better, but not much. Spain has the Sun, but they are not connected to the Northern grid. The Greenies will collapse everywhere in Europe this winter.

I have written about the coming Mini Ice Age. It will begin to hit us this winter; it will be unusually cold early and last far into Spring. Buy extra sweaters,  and other warm layers now. Yes, long-lasting food as well. The entire world will experience an energy crisis; many of the old will perish from the cold. Think about a tent within a tent and group warmth; this is indoors. Drape blankets on the tents. Use air pads to insulate from the floor/ground. I live in the Caribbean; it’s warm all the time.

The UN and the EU are creatures of the WEF or One Worlders. Their agenda has become so obvious that the sheeple are even waking up. Look at what they are trying to do to the farmers; must eliminate nitrogen pollution; nitrogen makes up 70% of the air we all breathe. This is utter bullshit; it is all about control of the masses; take their food away and they will comply. Why are all the food processing plants going up in flames everywhere? The WEF has been telling us for decades what they wanted to do: Covid was all part of their plan. Rule by Technocrat dictate.

Lastly, try to remember Most Beneficial Option or MBO; you can cast that spell for yourSelves or others. Ask if you have Negative Setups coming and stop them (or lessen or delay). It will be easier to be a Light/Right-spin creator soon; we will have 80% of the powre in our world. Use EVICT as a spell against the Dark Assholes; turn it over to Universe as to how and when.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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