What the future of Government looks like

Darkness/Turquoise is in retreat. Look at Australia, the takers have been cut off at the knees. Everyone still has a vote, but now, if you have a college degree, or have been in the military, or own land, or employ people or are a senior citizen, you get an extra vote for each of those achievements.

What does this mean? If you are a Maker, you can have up to six votes.  What about the Takers? If you are on Government assistance, you lose your vote.  I am not sure what that means, but I think if you are on welfare or live in public housing, you do not get to vote.  This makes a huge amount of sense, unchecked, the Takers will always vote to take more.

This is what is wrong with the Western Europe Socialist countries and the United States; the Takers have taken over. We need to have the Australian Revolution everywhere in the world.

Fortunately, this is what is already happening as part of the Aqua Energy take-over.  Not only are common sense changes like changing the voting structure being put in place, but the Drug Laws are being relaxed everywhere.  One of the main thrusts of Darkness was to limit access to any substance that made people happy and less fearful like alcohol and weed; the Dark types are moaning and groaning about the legalization of Marijuana, but it is happening and their controls on alcohol will be relaxed as well.  Aqua is bringing more personal freedom and choice and self-responsibility; if you want to kill yourself with drugs, that’s ok.

The whole notion of limiting people in the name of safety and security is going away.

The whole notion of locking criminals up to keep people safe from them or to rehabilitate them is going away. Justice is coming back and it will be swift and much more severe. If people deserve to be snuffed, they will be.

The people who prey on other people are all of the Darkside (fear, force and control) and they will no longer be tolerated.

There is a God after all!

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