Do you know about the Michael Experiment?

Most of us in the West have heard about Archangel Lucifer and his rebellion; he took one-third of the host of heaven and left.  Lucifer was a prima donna who thought so highly of himself that he wanted to be the Co-God; kind of like Hillary.

There was a huge problem; mankind was not progressing back to the One.  Spirit had allocated equal amounts of freedom (Light) and fear (Darkness) and everything-everywhere was in a kind of stalemate.  Lucifer proposed a different approach to God; he would take one-third of the many planets with people and one-third of the Angels and he would change the focus to 80 percent  Darkness and, only 20 percent Light. This translates experientially as 80% intelligence and 20% emotion or 80% technology and 20″% Love. Spirit agreed to this experiment and allowed Lucifer to proceed.

At about the same time, Michael proposed an opposite experiment where the focus was 80% Love and 20% Fear. He got the go-ahead and took the other third of planets and angels . That is the Michael Experiment.

This left Spirit with the remaining third as the “control” in the experiment; it remained at 50% Love and Fear. OK. If you divide a circle into thirds, they all touch each other on two-sides; Lucifer’s Experiment touched Spirit on the left and Michael’s on the right.  That means that Michael’s and Lucifer’s Territories touched each other. Now, expand the thirds into one-third of a sphere, but the same principle applies.

What does this mean for us, on Planet Earth? We are the only planet in all of existence that is on the border between Lucifer’s and Michael”s Experiments. Elsewhere on this site, I provide information on the Great Year where our solar system orbits a giant, dark star called Alcyone and it takes 25,920 to complete one orbit. Divide that by 12 to get 2,160 years for each age, or House of the Zodiac.

The insight that I just got is that this Great Year orbit is mostly in Michael’s territory and is only in Lucifer’s during the ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces; this is, essentially, the last 6,360 years of our history. Is it any wonder that all of our institutions are so fear, force and control oriented?

Here’s another insight; Lucifer is focused on intellect and technology as the way forward; not love and freedom. Is it any wonder that our world is transfixed by technology and the incredibly rapid advance of technology?

OK. Now that we have left Pisces and entered Aquarius what is happening? It has taken 14 months to get far away enough from Lucifer’s influence, but finally, we are under the full influence of the Michael Territory (80% Love and Freedom: 20% Fear and Force).

In the past, when we left Pisces, we rejected technology and embraced the new ways of Light. We remember this as the “Golden” Age. This time around, Light put a lot of focus and energy into the technologies that we being developed like the Internet, smart phones, computers and networking everywhere. These have been embraced by everyone to improve communications between people and their governments.  This time around, all technology will not be rejected; some will be seen as valuable and will be retained; this is part of the shift from Light to Aqua and Darkness to Turquoise.

So…will advanced technology be part of our future? Yes, but only if it has a key component that can only be described as Majik that uses the Light technology only available in Michael’s territory.  All purely mechanical and chemical processes will fall away as Majikal processes (spells) will be far easier and much more effective. These spells are also much nicer to our environment; Gaia will be much happier.

The good news is that Spirit had enough information from both Michael’s and Lucifer’s Experiments that She/He was able to make a decision.  Henceforth, the multi-verse will use a ratio of two-thirds  Love and Freedom (now, Aqua) and one-third Fear and Force (now, Turquoise); both Michael’s and Lucifer’s Experiments are over and all planets and angels have been returned to Spirit. Earth and it’s peoples had a huge role in helping Spirit to arrive at this monumental decision; we are a very special place with many advanced being players.

Love, Light and Laughter,  Merln

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