Gaia is Ascending; What does that mean?

First off, Gaia is getting more powerful and can mess with beings that mess with Her. Gaia likes beings that recycle, do not litter and are not resource hogs (of all kinds). This includes $Billionaires that abuse the great wealth that has been bestowed on them. Gaia loves the idea of cleaning up all of the plastic in Her Oceans.


All resources are a form of energy and when we are allowed to accumulate, there are responsibilities that go along with that gift.  This is especially true about money and wealth.

All of us are able to receive money energy to live; some more than others. For most of us, this is a form of income in and income out; we do not have a choice, we must spend it relatively quickly. Most of us do not have a fat bank account.

Some of us, the “Fat Cats”, are allowed to accumulate money/wealth; the  ruling families and $Billionaires. But this is a gift from the ruling power. For the past 8.6 thousand years, Darkness/Left-Spin has had 80% of the power and Darkness has rewarded it’s adherents with great wealth and associated power.

Most of the $Billionaires are among the Darkest-of-the-Dark, but some of them are among the Lightest-of-the-Light. This has only been true in the last 50 years, or so, as we approached entering Aquarian Energy with it’s 80% Right-Spin energy, female domination and the freedom to go your own way.

Sometime this summer, the gift of accumulating wealth/money will be withdrawn from all of the Dark $Millionaires and $Billionaires and their reservoir of wealth will suddenly become like a sieve (unable to hold wealth). This is being done by the increasing power of Light/Right-Spin; it will become 80% on August 15th.

Strong Right-Spinners are already starting to receive the gift of accumulation and their financial situation will be improved dramatically.

Getting back to Gaia’s Ascension:

I have written about Pangea, also called Continental Drift, where the Earth was small, like a Cue Ball, and all of the continents were right next to each other.  Over time, the Earth expanded as it’s energy was increased. It went from Cue Ball to Hard Ball to Soft Ball to Soccer/Foot Ball to Basket Ball (where we are now) and the continents got further and further away from each other (more water in between). Gaia is now getting ready to expand in a new way; She is Ascending and will suddenly grow bigger and bigger. Her next size will be like a Beach Ball or an Exercise Ball (the one you sit on). Eventually, Gaia will be like a 6 foot-2 meter size ball.

Each time Gaia expands, it creates great disturbances on the surface and among Her people, plants and animals; this is why we have no record of the many civilizations that have existed on this planet. Think Tsunamis and Subsidences like those I have written about in various Earth Changes posts. Use the search bar; it works well.

The Trigger Events will happen before Gaia’s next expansion; we will all be warned in advance.


Love, Light and Laughter,


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