Trigger Events Fast Approaching

I have written about the Trigger Events; Montserrat and Vesuvius erupting, giant earthquakes in Mexico and California and the collapse of the Three Gorges Dam which causes the general collapse of China.

What do these events trigger? The expansion of the Earth into a larger sphere; one that is 40,000 miles around instead of the current 25,000 miles around. How does this work? The land mass does not expand, but the water expands greatly.  This has already happened at least three times in the Earth’s past; we went from a sphere with little water/oceans where all the continents fit closely together (we call this Pangea). We have expanded to the point where the continents are quite far apart now.  Get ready, it is going to happen again and the continents will be even further apart.

OK. But, you say that the water will expand. Yes, about twice the volume we have now. This is true for both salt and fresh water. The impact will be limited in the oceans of the world as the planet itself is expanding, but enclosed fresh water, as in the Great Lakes, will have to go somewhere, suddenly.

In addition to all of the flooding, there will be massive earthquakes, volcanic activity and tsunamis that come with the sudden expansion. This will be a worldwide phenomenon and vast numbers of people will be leaving/extinguished suddenly.

When China, nearly all of it, collapses, that event will provide the energy for the Planet to expand. Actually, it will be a combination of all of the Trigger Events that provides the necessary Expansion Energy, but the Chinese Event will be the primary driver.

What about the water in our bodies? If that expands, we will all explode. True, but the blood, somehow, prevents the expansion within our bodies. Having said that, after the expansion, drinking the new, expanded water will force changes within our bodies to accommodate it. This is also true for our animals and fish and seafood.

We only have written History for about 5,000 years; maybe events like this one have destroyed all the records of our past. My Spirit Guide tells me that our civilization will not be destroyed this time, but it will be challenged.

This is a once in 13,000 years event and comes with the take-over of Light. This does not always happen with a take-over of Light, but is happening now. This is apparently necessary as part of the Cleansing of Darkness and the Dark Peoples of all races.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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