Good Things Happening – the Tyrants are Revealing themSelves

Real peaceful protests, unlike those of BLM, which were ignored, are scaring the whits out of the Tyrants worldwide. Justin Trudeau has just made Canada a dictatorship running by Marshall Law. This is a bad thing in the short run, but wonderful because all can see where these Tyrants will go. Even with totally peaceful, but massive protests, the Tyrants are now seizing bank accounts and telling the banks that it is OK and they cannot be sued. But fear, for some odd reason, is no longer working; the Truckers are giving Trudeau the finger.

Everyone is now seeing to what lengths these Tyrants will go to hold on to the power that Covid gave them; Biden, Trudeau, Macron, and others do not want the Mandates to end. That puts us back (or nearly so) to our old “normal;” can’t have that as it is too much freedom. What’s next on THEIR agenda? Simple, take everyone’s car away from them. Make the cost of energy so high that people will stop driving their cars. They want us all to move to electric cars; less range and hours to recharge. That means more control over everyone. Do you think everything coming out of the Climate Control lobbies is all about saving the planet? Nonsense, it is all about control.

Now, they are trotting out the Ocean rising BS again. It did not happen before, so now they are claiming it will happen by 2050. The Plandemic, Global Warming, the Electric Vehicle (EV), and Road Safety (we must reduce traffic deaths) are all part of the Great Reset. It is all about controlling the masses. They will try to take out cars away next. What will that do? Force us back into the cities and mass transit again. They want to make us move to EVs that only go 300 miles; can you get in your car and travel 1000 or 2000 miles with an EV? Yes, but you must spend hours recharging it along the way. Will you be tracked? Can they turn off your EV remotely?

The Tyrants are still in charge in some places. Camada. France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel come to mind, but massive protests have broken out in all of them. The lamestream media have done everything they can to denigrate the Canadian Freedom Convoy, but instead of shutting it down, people everywhere are being buoyed up.

THEY wanted us to fight a new War in Europe (you know Ukraine). The Elites have been using wars to control us for EVER.  For whatever reason, perhaps the energy shifts, Russia has blinked; Putin and oligarchs did not get a high enough offer.

Perhaps, the Russians know that too much Russian blood would be spilled. Demographically, Russia does not have enough young people to keep things going (as they are now) for much longer than 10 years. This is true for much of Europe as well. Putin is a tyrant; this is, perhaps, his last hurrah. Is this failure? Will he survive his climbdown?

As I have written before, all of those tanks and air defense weapons make Russia lots in arms sales to the world. What happens if those tanks are stopped with anti-tank missiles and the Russian aircraft with Stinger missiles (again) and the air defense missiles with US Stealth aircraft? A disaster for Russia on several fronts. Will the Russian borders become less secure?

The Russian military is still fighting World War 2; it is largely focused on many tanks, artillery,  armored personnel carriers, and, hopefully, enough air defenses to protect them from the air. What if this doesn’t work???

Yes, what about nuclear weapons? Guess what pilgrim? A- and H-bombs ceased to work about 30 years ago. Why? Unknown. Spirit just turned them off. Has anyone tested one of these weapons in an airburst/Mushroom Cloud in the past 30 years? Why did the United States and Russia close their nuclear weapon building sites 30 years ago? Does Israel, Iran, China, North Korea,  India, or Pakistan have nuclear weapons? NO, they all claim to have these weapons, but all tested them underground. That is easy, just build a large space underground and fill it with 20 or 30 thousand tons of TNT. Make it go boom and wait for the small Mushroom Cloud. Unless you are massively fearful, these claims do not pass the giggle test. Remember, fear, force, and control was in charge of our world until this year.

Why do you think the US Military spent huge sums on GPS satellites and precision-guided munitions/smart bombs? Their nuclear weapons no longer worked; they had to come up with a better way to win wars. Look at how well they did in the Gulf Wars? Their smart weapons keep getting smarter and smarter and the Russians/Chinese have not kept up.

What about hypersonic missiles? An ICBM is already hypersonic. Most of them have individually targetted re-entry vehicles (normally 3) that normally follow a predictable path. None of these are nuclear weapons, even from submarines.  But, they are good-sized bombs that can be dropped anywhere very accurately. Now, they will be made much less predictable and harder to shoot down.

Again, the Elites always want us to be afraid and have kept the nuclear war end-of-the-world alive for control purposes. Russa, the US, France, and the UK have gone along; why not, the world was sure of them. But, all of the rest wanted to join the nuclear club to become bigger bullies on the world stage. Yes, this includes China. They do not even have a significant civil nuclear power industry; their French reactor just leaked and had to be shut down/fixed.

What I am trying to say is that Fear, Force, and Control no longer rules our world. The Tyrants do not realize it yet, but they are losing/have lost their power. Same for the Elites; they cannot figure out what has changed. Their game plan which has worked for so long is no longer working. THEY have been in charge for 10,800 years; a very long time. Many of them come from the same families down through the centuries; they cannot believe that is all coming to an end.

We are all going through many changes. Most will be for the better, but some will not be received well.

Technology, Majik, and/or Neutral will be coming to the rescue for many. Have trust that everything will work out in the end.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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